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2020.08.04 20:25 Greejatus #GEXIV [National] Greejatus hosts a mid election rally for LPUK volunteers.

It has been a good year for the LPUK.
In Wales, we see the balance of power firmly controlled by the Libertarians, a strong as iron ‘Contract to the People’, thrusting the power into the hands of the Welsh People, has delivered a larger than ever victory to the party. In Scotland, that success is magnified only by the good being done with it. Lord Grantham, our Scottish Leader, has returned the Party to Government, ensuring that there is a pragmatic, responsible hand on the tiller once more.
Yet we have much more to do.
In Westminster, the party surges in the polls, and we are well on the way to eclipsing the hard-left Labour party, as their crusade to decimate this nation’s finances, and turn the clock back to the seventies, flounders thanks to the excellent work of you, the members of this great party.
We have been busy in Westminster, with the strong agenda of the LPUK being pushed on all fronts. On the ground, however, is where this fight will be won.
Never was this seen more clearly than on the front lines during the devolved election campaign. We saw campaigners hitting the streets in force, and it was there that the people of this nation, engaged with the process of politics. Our local representatives, you, the members, have your finger directly on the pulse of local matters. And in turn, that informed the great movement taking place across the nation, shaping policy, and shaping the future of Wales, and of Scotland.
These things cost money and the donations that you, our members, gave generously to the LPUK, ensured that the message was delivered across the nation, to target voters, in key areas, to net the solid victory you secured.
And we need to do it again.
There is a general election underway, and we have a duty to ensure that the LPUK is at the forefront of that election. Across the country, people have begun to see the huge benefits of the LPUK being in government, and now we have a duty to ensure that their trust, their faith, is rewarded.
I want to talk to you now about why I know this to be of such importance.
Why it matters that the LPUK secure an increased mandate at the this election, and are placed once more into a position where this country can benefit from the huge wealth of political experience we bring to the table.
Yes, we support low taxes.
Yes, we support British Business.
Yes, we support job creation.
Yes, we support empowering local communities.
But there is so much more to it than that. We look at Scotland, where Lord Grantham has been working to keep checks on the Scottish Conservatives, partnering with the right to keep the radical hard left out of power, a radical hard left that would seek to do away with the Union, and - heaven help us - sweep away the Monarchy in the same gesture.
We look to Wales where the LPC under Cuth have ensured that taxes are kept low, that jobs are created and homes built, and once more, the Union protected.
And we look further still.
We see in the House of Commons, our defence spokesperson ThreeCommas has been a champion of the rights and protections of Veterans, and the armed forces, ensuring that they have the funding and support they need to protect those, who protected us.
Our Leader, Friedmanite19 has championed the Direct Democracy bill into Parliament, supporting local communities in deciding the future and direction of their areas. Delivering power, to the people.
The Lord Blaenavon has put legislation forward to continue the fight against antisemitism, by pushing for a bill that would make it illegal for Councils to boycott Israel.
There are countless examples of members of the LPUK, across the Nation, standing up, and fighting for what is just, what is right, and what we know to be true.
And we have more to do, and that is why I have come here to speak to you all today, my friends and fellow members of the LPUK. There is an election underway, one that the LPUK has a duty to step forward, to stand up, and to win.
Let’s get to work, and let’s deliver a brighter future for this country.
This election is about our footsteps to Freedom as a country. It's about us protecting this country from the far left, who want to hike spending to absurd levels - and taxes with it.
We have work to do, so let's get out their and win this!
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2020.08.01 13:30 hunter15991 An Overview of Arizona Primary Races - Part 4: Legislative Districts 11-20

Welcome back to my omnibus compendium of Arizona’s upcoming primary races in the style of my 2018 summaries. The primary is set to take place August 4th – early voting ballots should have been mailed out on or around July 8th.
Arizona’s a really interesting state (I may be a hair biased), since it not only is home to 2-3 swing House seats and a high-profile Senate race, but also tenuous majorities in both state houses that could – theoretically – neuter Ducey’s trifecta this fall. And counties have their races this year as well, so I’ve highlighted some of the fireworks ongoing in Maricopa.
And this is before factoring in the fact that our state is a COVID-19 hotspot, with an unpopular Republican Governor doing almost nothing to stop it.
If you’re interested about which district you live in, check If you want to get involved with your local Democratic party, find your legislative district on the previous link (NOT CD), and then search for your LD’s name at this link. Feel free to attend meetings, they’re a great way to get involved with candidates and like-minded individuals.
If you wish to donate to a “clean elections” candidate (mentioned in the post as “clean”), you will have to live in that candidate’s legislative district to give qualifying $5 contributions (check here if anyone needs it in your area), but they are allowed to accept a limited amount of “seed money” from people outside of the district. The three CorpComm candidates can take $5’s statewide.
If you do not want to vote at the polls, you will need to request an early ballot using the website of your county’s recorder prior to July 4th. Example links for Maricopa, Pima, and Pinal. Others available if needed.
Race ratings for listed primaries will be listed as Safe/Likely/Leans/Tilt/Tossup (alternatively Solid instead of Safe if my mind blanks) and are not indicative of my own preference for that seat. I’ll denote my personal primary preferences at the end of this series, as well as the best Republican ticket for the Dems if someone here really really wants to pull a GOP ballot in the primary. I do not advise it, but since I can't stop ya, you'll get my best suggestions.
Write-in candidates have yet to file, which could give us an outside chance at getting some Libertarians on the ballot (the Greens have lost their ballot access).
If you have any questions about voting in the primary, which races are the most contested, and how to get involved with other Democrats in Arizona, feel free to PM me.
All fundraising numbers here are as of 7/18/2020 (“Q2”).
District stats are listed for the race that involved the top Democratic vote-getter in the past two midterm cycles plus the last two presidential races, taken from Daily Kos’s legislative sheet – Clinton’16, Obama’12, Sinema’18, and Garcia’14 (not his 2018 run).
Part 1: Statewide and Congressional Races
Part 2: Maricopa County Races
Update 1: Congressional and County Rating Updates
Part 3: Legislative Districts 1-10
Alright, let’s get cracking, y’all. I’m going to try to save time and characters on the safer seats when I can, although of course I’ll expound on any fun stuff that comes up.
Legislative District 11 (McSally+9.93, Trump+13.9, Douglas+16.7, Romney+19.3)
The first district in this writeup installment is LD11, a district very close geographically and politically to LD8. Unlike LD8, however, LD11 has slowly been trending towards Democrats, instead of away from them. Encompassing the southern half of Pinal (including a large chunk of Casa Grande) and bits of Pima, LD11 could swing under the right conditions, but is probably a safe seat this year. That’s disappointing, since the incumbents in the district are pretty darn nasty.
Incumbent Senator Venden “Vince” Leach ($98K COH), a sort-of Great Value Mitch McConnell, loves to spend his time filing SB1487 complaints against various liberal towns in Arizona – basically, suing cities over their attempts to go above and beyond state law when it comes to certain issues. Leach leads the SB1487 leaderboard with 4 SB1487 suits, most recently targeting Pima County over COVID-19 safety regulations that were slightly stricter than state law. Joining the suit were his House counterparts, COVID-19 conspiracy-monger Bret Roberts ($22.4K COH) and actual goddamn Oathkeeper and Charlottesville truther Mark Finchem ($27K COH).
Facing Finchem and Roberts is the Democratic House nominee for LD11, Dr. Felipe Perez ($24.2K COH). Perez has made few waves online and I haven’t seen him even in the same tier of candidates as Girard in LD8, so he’s probably not going to supercharge this district into Dem. territory. But given the spike in public approval for the healthcare industry due to COVID, he may get lucky. On the Senate side, Leach’s opponent will be one of retired public administrator Linda Patterson ($4.7K COH, Clean) and Marine drill instructor Joanna Mendoza ($14.5K COH). Anything could happen between now and August, but Mendoza currently has a significant organizational, political (endorsements) and fiscal advantage over Patterson, and will probably be the nominee come August.
A well-run race could feasibly knock out Finchem or Roberts, but I’ve yet to see that happen. Still, it’s far out enough that I’m not going to slam the door shut on a Perez win just yet.
hunter15991 Rating: GOP primary unopposed, Safe Mendoza, Perez unopposed, Safe Leach, Safe Roberts, Likely Finchem general
Legislative District 12 (McSally+17.19, Trump+24.5, Douglas+17.84, Romney+33.35)
Really not going to focus much on this district to save space, as it’s a snoozefest. House Majority Leader Warren Petersen ($84.8K COH) is running for Senate to replace outgoing Sen. Eddie Farnsworth. Petersen faces Haitian DREAMer. former teacher, and 2018 LD-12 House nominee Lynsey Robinson ($1.4K COH). Robinson’s a great person, but lost her House race against Petersen by the 1v1 equivalent of 20 points, and shows no sign of knocking him off this time around.
Petersen’s runningmates, Rep. Travis Grantham ($39K COH) and Queen Creek Councilman Jake Hoffman ($107.7K COH) are unopposed in both the primary and general.
hunter15991 Rating: Primaries all unopposed, Safe Petersen general, GOP House unopposed
Legislative District 13 (McSally+21.59, Trump+26.96, Douglas+26.22, Romney+31.62)
Moving on to another Safe GOP district with not much activity – LD13! Stretching from the whiter Yuma neighborhoods all the way to Phoenix exurbs in Maricopa County (and the mirror image of LD4 to its south), LD13 routinely sends Republican slates to the legislature. This year, incumbents Sen. Sine Kerr ($58.5K COH), Rep. Tim Dunn ($60.4K COH), and Rep. Joanne Osborne ($15K COH) are all fighting to hold their seats.
Kerr is unopposed in both the primary and general, while Dunn and Osborne are in the opposite situation – they’ve got two elections between now and inauguration day. Democratic paralegal Mariana Sandoval ($3.1K COH, Clean) will put up little resistance for the GOP in the general, but the entrance of former Senator and former Speaker Pro Tem Steve Montenegro ($27.8K COH) could really shake up the LD13 House primary. Montenegro, a Salvadoran-American legislator who resigned his Senate seat to run for the CD-8 special election primary (he placed 3rd, ultimately losing to then-Sen. Debbie Lesko), was a rising star in the AZ-GOP before his resignation and contemporaneous sexting scandal. This Senate run could be a good way for him to get his foot back in the door, and since his election would single-handedly double the amount of non-white Republicans in the legislator, I would figure that some Arizona Republicans are excited that Montenegro is throwing his hat back into the ring.
I haven’t seen much about this primary online, but there’s vague general on GOP pages dinging Montenegro for his ties to a 2016 National Popular Vote bill in the legislature, which is a big purity sticking point for the further-right members of the Arizona GOP. That being said, the chatter is vague at best, and Montenegro has enough conservative cred (with endorsements from people like Joe Arpaio and former Rep. Trent Franks back during his special election run) that he will primarily face issues over the sexting scandal.
I’ll give Osborne and Dunn a slight advantage over their incumbency, financial well-being, and the issues in Montenegro’s closet, but this is a really tight race and Montenegro could very well end up back in the legislature this time next year.
hunter15991 Rating: Dem. unopposed, Kerr unopposed, Tilt Osborne, Tilt Dunn, All Safe GOP general
Legislative District 14 (McSally+23.83, Trump+26.24, Douglas+22.88, Romney+26.84)
This is yet another district where Democrats stand no real chance in competing this year, and haven’t in quite some time. Situated in SE Arizona, LD14 once incorporated some ancestrally Democratic mining towns in Greenlee and Graham County, but they’ve grown red enough in the past couple of decades that this district is now held by three GOP legislators.
Former House Speaker and current Sen. David Gowan ($60.9K COH) (who was previously in the news for trying to use a state vehicle to assist in a failed Congressional campaign) faces realtor Bob Karp ($12.9K COH, Clean) in the general, while House incumbents Rep. Gail “Tax porn to build the wall” Griffin ($50.5K COH) and Rep. Becky Nutt ($47.4K COH) face retired union activist Ronnie Maestas-Condos ($686 COH, Clean) and teacher Kim Beach-Moschetti ($13K COH, Clean). All 3 races will probably be easy GOP wins.
hunter15991 Rating: Candidates unopposed in primaries, All Safe GOP general
Legislative District 15 (McSally+8.01, Trump+16.61, Douglas+11.06, Romney+25.44)
LD15, up in Northern Scottsdale and Phoenix, is one of the final frontiers of suburban expansion for Arizona Democrats, along with the Mormon suburbs of the far East Valley (LD12, 16, and 25). A very wealthy area, LD15 has routinely been a GOP stronghold – but their hold on the area has been dissipating steadily rapidly in the Trump era. In 2018, two Dem. House candidates both managed to outperform the “single-shot” performance of a 2016 candidate, and Kristin Dybvig-Pawelko ($48.6K COH, hereafter “KDP”) improved on the district’s 2016 State Senate margin by several points despite facing a significantly more difficult opponent than the 2016 Democrat.
KDP is running again this year, as a single-shot candidate for the State House. Her opponents have yet to be set in stone, as both GOP Representatives are vacating their seats to run for higher office, and there are three GOP candidates in the August primary vying for two nominations. Veteran Steve Kaiser ($13.6K COH) and State House policy adviser Justin Wilmeth ($16K COH, $5.2K self-funded) are the nominal establishment picks for both seats, and have been endorsed by a whole host of GOP legislators. However, they face stiff competition from businessman Jarret Hamstreet ($23.2K COH, $10K self-funded), who boasts endorsements from GOP power-players like the local Chamber of Commerce and the NRA, as well as tacit support from the incumbent Senator in the district Heather Carter ($101.2K COH) (somewhat of an Arizona Lisa Murkowski). I’ve been able to find very little chatter on the race, but with Hamstreet’s significant fundraising advantage I definitely think he secures one of the two nominations this November. While the district is still quite red, KDP is no spring chicken, and facing Kasier, Hamstreet, or Wilmeth will be a lot easier than her run against Carter in 2018.
If I’m going to be honest, it is the GOP Senate primary that is almost as important as the House general election. Heather Carter has gotten on the bad side of quite a few conservative legislators during her tenure in the Senate, holding up GOP budgets with her partner in crime Paul Boyer in 2019 over a stalled child sexual assault statute of limitations bill and this year over an amendment to give additional funding to firefighters for PPE and to students for tuition support.
That amendment failed 15-15 thanks to one Kate Brophy McGee - more on her later.
Carter’s actual attempts at moderation (as opposed to McGee’s performative bullshit) has inspired current State Rep. Nancy Barto ($9.9K COH) to challenge her for the Senate. Barto has the support of both Kaiser and Wilmeth (as well as most of the GOP establishment) but has been routinely lagging behind Carter in fundraising (both in terms of current COH and overall amount raised). Carter has been bringing in more “moderate” and pro-public education GOP volunteers from all over Phoenix and is sure to put up a fight in August. As it stands, I think she narrowly pulls it off. There is no Democratic Senate opponent in the general, so winning the primary automatically wins the seat.
If you’ve got GOP friends in AZ who just can’t bare phonebanking for Democratic candidates but complain about the state of the Republican party, send them her way.
Carter has beliefs. Barto has none.
Slate totals:
  • CarteHamstreet: $124.4K
  • KDP: $48.6K
  • Barto coalition (KaiseWilmeth/Barto): $40.5K
hunter15991 Rating: Dem. unopposed, Tilt Carter, Lean Hamstreet, Tilt Kaiser, GOP Sen. unopposed in general, Likely Hamstreet, 2nd GOP unopposed
Legislative District 16 (McSally+17.58, Trump+28.37, Douglas+17, Romney+28.11)
LD16, out on the border between Pinal and Maricopa County, is probably the reddest district in Arizona that could still be relatively considered “suburban”. The only Democratic candidate is write-in House candidate Rev. Helen Hunter ($783 COH), and while her background is stellar (incl. past work with the NAACP, Mesa PD’s Use of Force Committee, and other community involvement), there isn’t even a guarantee she’ll make it onto the November ballot.
Meanwhile, Rep. Kelly Townsend ($15.5K COH) has tired of the State House (just like she tired of her furry fursona, and is running unopposed for State Senate.
The real drama, therefore, is in the GOP State House primary to win Townsend’s old seat. Incumbent Rep. John Fillmore ($12.9K COH) is running for another term, and seems set to win one of the two nominations. Townsend’s former seat is contested by respiratory therapist Liza Godzich ($14.6K COH) (who wins the “most moderate” title by default by virtue of taking COVID kinda seriously), CorpComm policy advisor Jacqueline Parker ($16.4K COH), and school choice activist/general lunatic Forest Moriarty ($17.7K COH).
Moriarty has the valuable Townsend endorsement, but has not been able to consolidate support easily elsewhere – Parker’s CorpComm ties let her bring quite a few assets of her own to bear, as well as endorsements from Congressman Andy Biggs and the NRA.
This election will be a test of Townsend’s downballot coattails, as well as those of the school choice movement in AZ parlaying any support they may have into legislative results. Success for Moriarty here could go as far as inspiring Townsend to run for Governor. We’ll see if it comes to that.
hunter15991 Rating: No Dem. filed (pending write-in), Townsend unopposed, Lean Fillmore, Tossup ParkeMoriarty, GOP unopposed in general
Legislative District 17 (Sinema+3.53, Trump+4.09, Douglas+3.12, Romney+14.16)
One of the reasons I significantly delayed writing these writeups was because I was dreading writing about LD17. Not to doxx myself completely, but in 2018 I had far too many negative encounters with the incumbent Democratic Representative, Jennifer Pawlik ($101.3K COH) that made me routinely question my support of her. I’m still trying to heal the wounds in multiple relationships I have with friends that were caused by Pawlik’s actions.
I deeply regret ever lifting a finger to help her when I had opportunities in other districts. But because her actions never got physical, because the stakes are so high this year, and because too much unsubstantiated negative talk about a candidate can get a post deleted - I don’t wish to publicly expound on her actions (nor put words in the mouth of other people who interacted with her). Feel free to PM if interested.
Pawlik as a candidate is a grab-bag. On paper she’d be a strong option for a suburban district – a teacher and education funding activist with a prior win during the 2018 wave. However, behind the scenes she is quite a poor campaigner in ways that directly impact Democratic candidates’ odds and presences in the district, including her own - which makes me more apprehensive of her odds of re-election than her fellow Jennifer in HD18 (Rep. Jennifer Jermaine), who’s quite similar to Pawlik on the whole.
Pawlik’s Senate runningmate this year is local businessman and first-generation American Ajlan “AJ” Kurdoglu ($51.5K COH). AJ’s a good guy and more serious of a campaigner than Pawlik, and is on well enough terms with her that no inter-candidate drama will probably happen this fall (which would be a welcome change for the district). He’s been slightly outpacing her in fundraising and seems to be hitting the ground running.
The Republican incumbents in this district are Sen. JD Mesnard ($102.6K COH), who moonlights as legal counsel for an organization categorized as a hate group by the SPLC, and Jeff Wenninger ($117.8K COH), a backbench Bitcoin bro. Wenninger and Mesnard have both been in their seats for a while, and this cycle were backing Chandler Vice Mayor (and JD Mesnard’s mom) Nora Ellen for the other State House seat – Ellen lost to Pawlik in 2018.
But in a stroke of luck for Pawlik, Ellen failed to qualify for the ballot this year. However, in a similar stroke of luck for the GOP Liz Harris ($27.3K COH, $21.3K self-funded) - a local realtor (like Ellen) - did qualify. I’ve yet to discern just how close she is with Mesnard and Wenninger, and how much cash she is willing to dump into this race, but in terms of how random non-GOP establishment candidates the LD17 Republicans could have done far worse than Harris.
All the pieces in this district would point to a shift even further left than it was in 2018, and had I not known what I know about Pawlik this would be a Tilt D House/Tossup Senate. But I don’t know if she’s changed since 2018 - and if she hasn’t, there is no guarantee that she won’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
hunter15991 Rating: Primaries uncontested, Tilt Mesnard, Tossup House (Pawlik/Harris), Safe Wenninger
Legislative District 18 (Sinema+18.58, Clinton+10.39, Garcia+12.5, Romney+1.93)
Like LD10 in the previous part of my writeup, the situation in LD18 is another blast of the proverbial Gjallarhorn for the AZ-GOP’s suburban chances. Once a very competitive district (fully red as recently as 2016), LD18 is now held by 3 Democrats – Sen. Sean Bowie ($106.3K COH), Rep. Jennifer Jermaine ($65.7K COH), and Rep. Mitzi Epstein ($60.8K COH). Bowie and Epstein have carved rather moderate paths in their respective houses having been elected back when this district was more competitive, while Jermaine’s tacked a bit more to the left, and has been a prominent voice for increasing education funding (prior to running for the State House she was a public school funding activist and IIRC Moms Demand Action member) and for missing indigenous women (Jermaine is part indigenous herself).
The GOP’s troubles in this district started around the filing deadline, when one of their candidates, Alyssa Shearer, withdrew from the primary. Super anti-abortion nut Don Hawker ($619 COH) filed as a write-in candidate to replace her, but it’s uncertain if he’ll qualify for the general election. Their other House candidate, Bob Robson ($11K COH) is on paper a solid candidate (being a former Speaker Pro Tem of the state house), but lost by the equivalent of 6% to Epstein in 2016 and by 19% when he ran for Kyrene Justice of the Peace (a district that roughly matches the boundaries of LD18. Robson’s an old warhorse) - going 0 for 2 since 2014. It’s a sign of the times that he and discount Scott Roeder are the two potential House candidates for the GOP in this district.
In the Senate, the GOP doesn’t fare much better. Real estate agent Suzanne Sharer ($4.2K COH) is trying to run a semblance of a decent race against Sen. Bowie, but keeps using her campaign Twitter (@blondeandsmart – I promise you that’s a real handle) to retweet QAnon shit. Sharer is going nowhere in November. That’s if she makes it to November, given her past retweets advocating for people to drink bleach to cure COVID.
hunter15991 Rating: Primaries uncontested, All Safe Dem. general
Legislative District 19 (Sinema+44.97, Clinton+40.25, Garcia+32.38, Obama+34.3)
LD19 is a safe Democratic district in the West Valley, where all the drama is happening in the primary. Rep. Lorenzo Sierra ($9.3K COH) and Rep. Diego Espinoza ($25.2K COH) are both running for re-election, defending their seats against challenger Leezah Sun ($5.1K COH), a local activist. Sierra and Espinoza haven’t been particularly conservative in their voting records in the legislator, but have taken some flack from the more progressive wing of the party lately for outside corporate expenditures in this primary. I’m honestly unsure why these PACs are weighing in given that Sun isn’t running all that good of a campaign, but I guess better spend it here than in tighter primaries. Assistant State Minority Leader Lupe Contreras ($7.2K COH) is unopposed in his primary.
In the general, there’s one GOP candidate for both House and Senate, but both are write-ins and could possibly not qualify for the ballot. For now, Democrats are unopposed in this district in the general.
hunter15991 Contreras uncontested, Safe Sierra, Safe Espinoza, Uncontested Dem. general
Legislative District 20 (Sinema+3.7, Trump+8.01, Douglas+0.04, Romney+12.87)
LD20 is another suburban district where Democrats could see sizable gains this fall. Won by Sinema and Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes, and almost snagged by David Garcia during the 2014 Superintendent race, LD20 has been on the Arizona Democratic Party’s mind for a few cycles now. Their candidates this year are strong – 2018 Senate nominee Doug Ervin ($94.6K COH) has filed for a rematch after losing by 4 in 2018 (where an independent ex-GOP candidate took 7% - Ervin claims Quelland actually hurt him more than district Republicans), and retired teacher Judy Schweibert ($158.2K COH) is running for House. Both are running bang-up campaigns and seem set to make November a problem for local Republicans, and Ervin has eschewed the public funding he took last time in order to be able to fundraise better for the slugfest ahead.
The local GOP, however, isn’t taking this lying down. Representatives Shawnna Bolick ($161.8K COH) - who was almost bumped off the ballot for using a PO Box as her filing address - and Anthony Kern ($73.4K COH) - an ex-cop on the Brady “untrustworthy cop” list - have been building their warchests in preparation for this cycle after narrowly hanging on in 2018 (despite both Democrats in that race running with public funding). While Bolick has typically stayed out of especially heinous controversy on social media (despite once posting that all masks come from Wuhan and are thus contaminated with COVID), Kern’s time on the force seems to have stuck with him, and his Twitter feed is full of a lot of pro-cop posts and whatnot. With Schweibert running as a single-shot candidate this year I can see Kern’s tendency of accidentally discharging his foot into his mouth finally coming back to bite him.
On the Senate side the past election results are slightly more promising than the House, but the opponent is tougher as well. Sen. Paul Boyer ($50.5K COH) is probably the closest there is to a living John McCain in the Arizona Legislature (not to deify him too much – he’s still conservative), having blocked two GOP budgets in the past two years along with Sen. Heather Carter (see LD15). In 2019 this was over a child sexual assault reform bill (extending the statute of limitations), and in 2020 this was over a lack of funding to firefighters and university students in the emergency “skinny” COVID budget the legislature passed in the spring. His attempts at moderation are visible outside of that: Boyer’s abysmal Q2 fundraising – per his own words – came from not fundraising at all during the 5 month long legislative session despite campaign finance rules only banning lobbyist contributions during the session (and I guess that’s commendable self-policing), and on his website he stops just short of calling for abortion to be banned, which makes him Margaret fucking Sanger among the current AZ-GOP.
That’s not to say that people shouldn’t support Ervin with all it takes – hell, if anything he’ll need more help to oust Boyer. Ultimately I think Ervin holds a narrow lead in this race with the absence of Quelland and with far better fundraising than what the LD20 slate had last year, but the election is still quite far away. If I had to pick one Democrat to win in this district, it’d be Schweibert.
hunter15991 Rating: Primaries uncontested, Tilt Ervin, Tilt Schweibert, 2nd House uncontested
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2020.06.10 17:38 DramaticPatience0 40 Jobs in NH Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
The Home Depot Merchandising Methuen
The Home Depot Merchandising Rockport
The Home Depot Lot Associate Bow
Home Depot Customer Service/Sales West Nottingham
Home Depot Merchandising Seabrook
Home Depot Lot Associate Bow
First Student Fleet Maintenance Technician North Hampton
First Student School Bus Driver Exeter
Centra Healthcare Solutions Emergency Room Registered Nurse Haverhill
Centra Healthcare Solutions Registered Nurse Keene
Jackson Therapy Partners Registered Respiratory Therapist Travel Job in Keene, NH Keene
Santander Holdings USA Inc Personal Banking Representative, Merrimack, NH Tyngsboro
Santander Holdings USA Inc Full Time Teller, Manchester, NH Greenfield
Santander Holdings USA Inc Personal Banking Representative, Merrimack, NH West Peterborough
HCR ManorCare Inc. HCR ManorCare Inc.: Rn case manager - home health and hospice Brookline
Walmart CDL-A Truck Driver - Walmart Transportation Claremont
HCR ManorCare HCR ManorCare: Licensed practical nurse LPN Bedford
HCR ManorCare HCR ManorCare: Licensed practical nurse - LPN Bedford
Amazon Amazon warehouse assistant full time and part time shifts available Bedford
Amazon Amazon warehouse assistant earn or more Bedford
HCR ManorCare HCR ManorCare: Registered nurse - rn Bedford
HCR ManorCare Inc. HCR ManorCare Inc.: Licensed practical nurse - LPN Bedford
HCR ManorCare Inc. HCR ManorCare Inc.: Licensed practical nurse LPN Bedford
Amazon Amazon warehouse assistant full time Bedford
FedEx Ground PH US FedEx Ground PH US: Package handler- warehouse Berlin
Host Healthcare RN Nurse Manager job in Berlin, NH Berlin
Trustaff Travel Nursing Travel LTC job in Claremont, NH Claremont
United Parcel Service United Parcel Service: Package delivery driver Concord
Navy Purchasing, Supply and Logistics Derry
Regis Corporation Hair Stylist / Colorist Gorham
United Parcel Service United Parcel Service: Package handler part time Grantham
United Parcel Service United Parcel Service: Package handler - part-time Grantham
Navy Purchasing, Supply and Logistics Keene
The MENTOR Network The MENTOR Network: Licensed vocational nurse LVN for adult day program Keene
Trustaff Travel Nursing Travel LTC job in Keene, NH Keene
Amazon Workforce Staffing Amazon Workforce Staffing: Amazon fresh warehouse team Manchester
Amazon Workforce Staffing Amazon Workforce Staffing: Amazon order picker Manchester
Amazon Workforce Staffing Amazon Workforce Staffing: Amazon pickepacker Manchester
Fidelity Investments Fidelity Investments: Customer relationship advocate - merrimack, nh Merrimack
Great Clips Great Clips: Assistant salon manager friendly hills marketplace Tamworth
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nh. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.04.07 21:35 Beren- Q1 2020 Letters & Reports

Investment Firm Date Posted
A Primer on Reading Annual Reports April 7
Absolute Return Partners April 7
Bankruptcy Law Primer April 7
Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report April 7
Crescat Capital - Blood in the Streets April 7
Fundsmith April 7
Glasshouse Research - Cubic Corp April 7
Grants - Grand Tour of Junk April 7
Hindenburg Research - HF Foods April 7
Horizon Kinetics - March 20 April 7
Horizon Kinetics - March 25 April 7
Howard Marks Memo - March 3 April 7
Howard Marks Memo - March 19 April 7
Howard Marks Memo - March 31 April 7
J Capital - GDS Holdings April 7
James Montier - Fear and Psychology of Bear Markets April 7
Jamie Dimon April 7
JDP Capital April 7
JPMorgan - Guide to the Markets April 7
Oaktree Capital - Assessing Relative Credit April 7
Oaktree Capital - Risks and Opportunities in EM April 7
O'Shaughnessey Asset Management April 7
Pershing Square Capital - Annual Letter April 7
Pershing Square Capital - CDS Trade April 7
Sequoia Fund April 7
Spruce Point Capital - WD-40 April 7
Wedgewood Partners April 7
Wolfpack Research - IQIYI April 7
Akre Focus Fund April 8
Alliance Bernstein Long Cap April 8
Bill Nygren Commentary April 8
Howard Marks Memo - April 7 April 8
Vltava Fund April 8
Vulcan Value Partners April 8
Bluehawk Investors April 9
Boston Omaha April 9
Driehaus Life Sciences April 9
Riverpark Floating CMBS April 9
Riverpark Large Growth April 9
Riverpark Long Short Opportunity April 9
Schiehallion Fund April 9
Thornburg Global Opportunities April 9
Brown Advisory April 10
GMO White Paper April 10
Mawer April 10
Newfound Research April 10
Templeton and Phillips April 10
Universa Investments April 10
FPA Crescent Fund Transcript April 11
Third Avenue Value Fund April 11
Desert Lion Capital April 12
Massif Capital April 12
Muddy Waters - eHealth April 12
Turtle Creek April 12
UBS 2020 Real Estate Report April 12
Crescat Capital April 15
Howard Marks Memo - April 14 April 15
Longleaf Partners April 15
Madison Investors Fund April 15
Pabrai Funds April 15
St. James Investment Company April 15
Antipodes April 17
Artisan Mid Cap April 17
Baron Funds April 17
Cooper Investors April 17
David Herro April 17
Ensemble Fund April 17
Jeff Bezos Annual Letter April 17
KKR Global Macro Insights April 17
Robotti April 17
Summer Value Partners April 17
Third Point Capital April 17
Tweedy Browne April 17
Whitebrook Capital April 17
Harding Loevner April 18
Kuleana Capital April 18
Mairs & Power April 18
McKinsey - The Future of Travel April 18
RPIA April 18
Silver Ring Partners April 18
Third Point Capital April 18
Upslope Capital April 18
Rhizome Partners April 20
White Crane Capital April 20
Canterbury Tollgate April 21
Elliot Management - Perspectives April 21
O'Shaughnessy Asset Management April 21
Baron Funds April 21
Diamond Hill April 23
Evermore Global Value April 23
Giverny Capital April 23
Kerrisdale Capital - Short Thesis on Mirati Therapeutics April 23
Maran Capital April 23
Wolfpack Research - Short Thesis on Inspire Medical Systems April 23
Ewing Morris April 24
Hoisington April 24
Horizon Kinetics April 24
Merrill Lynch Capital Markets Outlook April 24
RGA Advisors April 24
Gardner, Russo & Gardner April 26
Greenhaven Road Capital April 26
Polen Focus Growth April 26
Polen Global Growth April 26
Steel City Capital April 26
Guggenheim CIO Outlook April 28
Hindenburg Research - Short Thesis on New Pacific Metals April 28
Laughing Water Capital April 28
Miller Deep Value April 28
Miller Income Strategy April 28
Miller Opportunity Equity April 28
Newfound Research April 28
Quintessential Capital - Short Thesis on Akazoo April 28
RF Capital April 28
White Diamond Research - Short Thesis on BioSig April 28
Open Square Capital April 29
TCI Fund - Letter to Wirecard April 29
Alluvial Capital April 30
Arquitos Capital April 30
Bessemer - State of the Cloud Industry April 30
Broyhill April 30
Alta Fox May 2
Boyar Value May 2
SRK Capital May 2
Distillate Capital May 3
First Eagle Fund of America May 3
First Eagle High Income May 3
First Eagle Income Builder May 3
First Eagle Value May 3
Wolf Hill Capital May 3
Angelo Gordon May 5
Citron - Short Thesis on Inovio May 5
Convexity Maven May 5
Graham & Doddsville - Spring 2020 May 5
Grizzly Reports - Short Thesis on WUBA May 5
Tao Value May 5
Universa on Tail Hedging May 5
Health Invest Partner May 7
Amalthea Capital May 10
Amana Mutual Funds May 10
Andvari Associates May 10
Alphyn Capital May 10
Blue Tower Asset Management May 10
Hayden Capital May 10
Horos Asset Management May 10
LRT Capital May 10
Palm Valley Capital May 10
Paul Tudor Jones May 10
Sextant Mutual Funds May 10
Steel City May 10
Third Avenue Real Estate May 10
Third Avenue Small Cap May 10
Tidefall Capital May 10
Touchstone Funds May 10
Bernzott Capital Advisors May 11
Compound Everyday Capital May 11
Comus Invest May 11
Greenwood Investors May 11
Guggenheim Investments May 14
Elliot Management - Alexion May 14
HG Capital Trust May 14
Huffman Prairie May 14
Independent Franchise Partners - Kirin May 14
Tao Value - Strategy May 14
Value Investor Insight - Bill Nygren May 14
Credit Suisse - Global Money Notes May 15
Howard Marks Memo - Uncertainty May 15
Logica Funds - Talking Your Book About Value May 15
Mittleman Brothers May 15
Top Retail Brands May 15
Donville & Kent May 16
Goehring & Rozencwajg May 16
Apollo Asia Fund May 18
Bonitas Research - Short Thesis on Pets at Home May 18
Culper Research - Update on Catasys May 18
Hindenburg Research - Short Thesis on China Metals Resource Utilization May 18
Lightsail Capital May 18
Muddy Waters - Update on Burford Capital May 18
Spruce Point Capital - Short Thesis on Forescout Technologies May 18
Verdad - High Yield May 18
KKR Global Macro Trends May 20
Lightsail Capital May 20
FPA Crescent Fund May 20
Aoris May 22
Giverny Capital Asset Management May 22
Bireme Capital May 25
Greenhaven Road Partners Fund May 25
Hindenburg Research - Short Thesis on Sorrento Therapeutics May 26
Land & Buildings - Short Thesis on Empire State Realty Trust May 26
Muddy Waters - Short Thesis on GSX May 26
Viceroy Research - Short Thesis on Sorrento Therapeutics May 26
JLL - US Office Outlook May 27
Massif Capital - Long Thesis on Bakkafrost May 27
Bonhoeffer Fund May 29
Howard Marks Memo - Uncertainty II May 29
Muddy Waters - Update on GSX May 29
Citron Research - Long Thesis on RH June 1
CloudyThunder Research - Short Thesis on Tianneng Power June 1
Horseman Capital June 1
JCapital Research - Short Thesis on NovaGold June 1
Asset Value Investors - Fujitec June 7
GMO June 7
Grizzly Research - Report on GSX Techedu June 7
Michael Mauboussin Report June 7
Culper Research - Short Thesis on VBI Vaccines June 9
Grizzly Research - Short Thesis on Hebron Technology June 9
Muddy Waters - Short Thesis on EHTH June 9
OSS Research - Short Thesis on Tactile Systems June 9
JPMorgan Guide to Alternatives June 11
Michael Mauboussin - The Math of Value and Growth June 11
Morgan Stanley - Gaming & Lodging Primer June 11
Old West June 14
Arisaig June 15
A Guide to Social Media in China June 18
Brookfield Asset Management June 18
First Eagle June 18
Pender Funds June 18
Peter Lynch Collection 1993 to 1999 June 18
Prescience Point Capital - Short Thesis on Enphase Energy June 18
Pzena - Extreme Discounts in Oil Services June 18
Alta Fox - Evolution Gaming Thesis June 19
Alta Fox - Letter to Collectors Universe June 19
Crescat Capital June 19
Howard Marks Memo - June 18 June 19
J.P. Morgan CIO Survey 2020 June 19
Cambridge Associates - Managing Portfolios Through Downturns July 1
Citron Research - Sonos July 1
JCapital Research - Ideanomics July 1
JCapital Research - WiseTech Software July 1
Logica Funds - Talking Your Book About Value III July 1
Interviews & Lectures Date Posted
Bill Ackman - Bloomberg April 7
Bill Ackman - CNBC April 7
Jim Chanos April 7
Murray Stahl April 7
Oaktree Capital - Emerging Markets April 7
Oaktree Capital - Relative Value April 7
Steve Bregman April 7
Fundsmith Annual Meeting April 8
Grant Williams 2020 Series April 9
Barry Diller April 17
Willow Oak Value Hour April 17
Ray Dalio - Bloomberg April 18
Invest Like the Best - Dan Rasmussen April 18
Invest Like the Best - Gavin Baker April 18
Masters in Business - James Montier April 18
Carl Icahn - Bloomberg April 26
Greg Maffei - CNBC April 26
A Shift in Investment Strategies Post Coronavirus April 28
Bill Ackman - Farnam Podcast April 29
Jim Chanos on Financial Fraud May 3
Sam Zell - Bloomberg May 5
David Tepper - CNBC May 15
Stanley Druckenmiller - ECNY May 15
Howard Marks - Bloomberg May 18
Jerome Powell - 60 Minutes May 18
Chris Bloomstran May 20
Gavin Baker - CSIMA May 20
Howard Marks - CFA May 20
CFA Institute Virtual Conference May 25
Jorge Paulo Lemann May 26
Invest Like The Best - Jeremy Grantham June 11
Peter Kolchinsky and Kush Parmar on Biotech Investing June 18
Horizon Kinetics - Economically Resilient Business Models June 18
Bruce Flatt June 19
Bill Ackman July 1
Jim Chanos July 1
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2020.02.12 14:03 autotldr James Murdoch Plans Big Bets on Sustainable Businesses

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 77%. (I'm a bot)
The investments are also an inevitable reminder that Mr. Murdoch and his wife, Kathryn, are outliers in the Murdoch fold.
Last month, James and Kathryn Murdoch pointedly criticized the Murdoch family's media companies in light of the Australian wildfires.
The public declaration was especially notable because Mr. Murdoch, who gave up his role as chief executive of 21st Century Fox in the sale to Disney, remains on the board of News Corp.In an interview, Mr. Murdoch declined to comment on the disagreement with his family's business.
Mr. Murdoch says climate investments will be a focus of his new investment firm, Lupa Systems, which has also put money into the digital media company Vice and the comic book publisher Artists, Writers and Artisans.
The third investment comes out of Mr. Murdoch's participation in the Climate Finance Partnership, a new venture organized by BlackRock to invest in projects like low-emission transportation and renewable energy equipment in emerging markets.
The $5 million investment - made through Mr. Murdoch and Kathryn Murdoch's Quadrivium Foundation - joins partners like the French and German governments and the foundations started by Jeremy Grantham, a founder of the asset-management firm GMO, and William Hewlett, the co-founder of Hewlett-Packard.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Murdoch#1 investment#2 climate#3 family#4 new#5
Post found in /Economics.
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2020.01.22 12:03 autotldr BlackRock, partners eye initial $500 million for climate fund

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 49%. (I'm a bot)
LONDON - A BlackRock-backed group aims to raise an initial $500 million for a private equity fund that will invest in climate change-linked infrastructure upgrades in emerging markets.
The group will provide the first $100 million of funding for the Climate Finance Partnership, which was set up in 2018 along with France, Germany and the Hewlett and Grantham charitable foundations, it said in a statement on Wednesday.
The funding will go toward a first-loss tranche that will absorb any initial losses, a safety net for other institutional investors that BlackRock expects to help it raise at least another $400 million.
As with the CFP fund, the coalition of private and public sector organizations will also provide a first-loss layer for those investing in the project, which will provide exposure to six funds managed by asset manager Bamboo Partners.
In a recent annual letter to the thousands of companies in which BlackRock holds stakes, Chief Executive Officer Larry Fink said the need to act on climate was "Particularly urgent" given many cities were not built to withstand "The new climate reality".
France and Germany will both invest $30 million of the initial funding, while the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust have pledged $10 million and $7.5 million, respectively.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: fund#1 million#2 climate#3 invest#4 BlackRock#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2020.01.04 12:23 Beren- Q4 2019 Letters & Reports

Investment Firm Date Posted
Earnest Capital Memo January 4
JPM Guide to the Markets January 4
Morgan Stanley 2020 Outlook January 6
Woodlock House January 7
Vltava Fund January 7
2Point2 Capital January 8
East72 Capital January 8
WCM Global Growth January 8
Akre Focus Fund January 10
MPE Capital January 10
Datt Capital January 10
DMX Capital January 11
EGP Capital January 11
Edgebrook Capital January 12
Sandon Capital January 12
Greenwood Investors January 13
Howard Marks Memo January 13
Lindsell Train January 13
RV Capital January 13
Vilas Fund January 13
Wedgewood Partners January 13
Andaz Private January 15
Saber Capital January 15
Sumzero 2020 January 15
Upslope Capital - Focus Financial Short Thesis January 15
Blackrock January 16
Cooper Investors January 16
L1 Capital January 16
MOI Global Best Ideas 2020 January 16
Prescience Point - Medallia Short Thesis January 16
Research Affiliates January 16
JPM Global Alternatives Outlook January 17
Massif Capital January 17
Spree Capital January 17
TGV - Rubicon Fund January 17
Bill Miller January 20
Bill Nygren Commentary January 20
Fundsmith January 20
Salt Light Capital January 20
KKR Global Macro Trends 2020 January 21
SageOne Investment Advisors January 21
Donville Kent January 22
Ensemble Fund January 22
Greenlight Capital January 22
Polen Capital Focus Growth January 22
Apollo Asia Fund January 23
HGC Management January 23
Palm Harbour Capital January 23
Silver Ring Value Partners January 23
Silver Ring Value Partners - Owens-Illinois January 23
White Crane Capital January 23
Wolfhill Capital January 23
Alluvial Capital January 24
Artko Capital January 24
David Herro January 24
Ewing Morris January 24
Ewing Morris - Dark Horse Fund January 24
Greenwood Investors January 24
Sequoia Fund January 24
First Eagle Value Fund January 25
Summers Value Partners January 25
Long Cast Advisors January 26
Mott Capital January 26
TGV - Partners Fund January 26
Artemis Capital January 27
Whitebrook Capital January 27
Arquitos Capital January 28
Curreen Capital January 28
Euclidean Technologies January 28
Euler Hermes on Retail January 28
Forager Funds January 28
FPA Capital Fund January 28
Maran Capital January 28
Stanphyl Capital January 28
Starboard Letter to GCP January 28
Starvine Capital January 28
Turtle Creek January 28
Weitz Fund January 28
Kerrisdale Capital - Principia Biopharma January 29
RGA Investment Advisors January 29
VGI Partners January 29
Boyar's Value January 30
Crescat Capital January 30
Gator Capital January 30
Horizon Kinetics January 30
Martin Capital Management January 30
RLT Capital January 30
Ben Evans - Tech in 2020 January 31
Fairholme Funds January 31
Third Point Capital January 31
1 Main Capital February 3
Alphyn Capital February 3
Lyrical Asset Management February 3
Tweedy Browne February 3
Absolute Return Partners February 4
Argosy Investors February 4
Credit Suisse 2020 Global Outlook February 4
Goehring & Rozencwajg February 4
Huffman Prairie February 4
Perpetual Global Innovation February 4
Alta Fox Capital February 6
Bluetower Asset Management February 6
Bumbershoot Holdings February 6
Laughing Water Capital February 6
Pershing Square Annual Presentation February 6
Compound VC February 7
FPA Crescent Fund February 10
IP Capital February 10
Starboard Letter to Ebay February 10
TGV Truffle Fund February 10
Tyro Capital February 10
Admiral Capital February 11
Horizon Capital - Asia Fund February 11
Verdad Capital - Crisis Investing February 11
Bonhoeffer Fund February 13
GMO February 14
Jeremy Grantham February 14
Kerrisdale Capital - Short Thesis on Match Group/IAC February 14
Aturna Capital February 15
AVI Japan Opportunity Trust February 15
Greenhaven Road Capital February 15
Hayden Capital February 15
TGV Intrinsic Fund February 15
Coho Capital February 18
Askeladden Capital February 19
Broyhill Asset Management February 19
Horos AM February 19
Spruce Point Capital - Dropbox February 19
Agman Capital February 20
Berkshire Hathaway February 23
Bilgari Holdings February 23
Saga Partners February 23
Semper Augustus February 23
Markel February 24
McKinsey - Connected World February 27
McKinsey - Future of Asia February 27
Mckinsey - Private Markets February 27
Tao Value February 27
Leitner Letter March 1
Bain Global Private Equity March 2
JCap - Short Thesis on WiseTech March 2
Absolute Return Partners - March March 3
Howard Marks Memo - Nobody Knows II March 3
Fairfax India March 7
RIT Capital March 7
Special Opportunities Fund March 7
Bonitas Research - Jinko Solar March 10
Desert Lion Capital March 10
RF Capital March 10
Saber Capital - Markets in Panic March 10
Social Capital March 10
Fairfax Financial March 12
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2020.01.03 11:57 Roobsi Partner received two speeding tickets in a couple of days on a previously clear licence; what to expect?

My partner was caught going ~62 on the A1 in a variable speed limit zone near Grantham that was apparently under a temporary limit of 50. She's been driving for about 2.5 years with no issues so far.
She got one ticket for the 26th and another just arrived from the 29th. In both cases she was driving late and didn't see the variable limit signage. On the return leg, during daylight, she kept the limit.
I appreciate that ignorance of the limit is not an excuse. I was wondering two things:
1) is she likely to be offered a speeding awareness course for one or both offences, or neither
2) is there anything to be gained from booking a court appearance, apologising and explaining that it was an honest mistake with the variable limit and she believed she was within the usual limit of 70?
Thanks in advance
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2019.10.09 14:10 CountBrandenburg Oral Statement from the Minister of State for Exiting the European Union

Mr Speaker,
I would like to update the house as to progress with regards to talks with the European Union. The Government has achieved excellent progress thus far, and has concluded the chapters outlining the broad functioning of the trade liberalisation regime that we and the European Union shall agree to share.
At the core of our proposals to the European Union is the “Negative List” principle. This is a basic assumption of zero impediments to trade to start from. This means that rather than picking industries to allow access to, we instead start by having a principle of access to all industries, and then working backward to find any areas where liberalisation is not possible.
We believe that the best way to move forward would be to depoliticise the process of trade barriers, having a neutral, mutually operated body. As such, we have proposed just that, to create a Trade Facilitation Body that will regularly review the markets and regulatory policy of both parties. Under this proposal, except in exceptional circumstances, no new barriers to trade will be implemented except where the body recommends them, and they must be proportionate to the issue causing them.
This means that where any barriers to trade are imposed, they must be both politically neutral and intended as a proportionate response to a clearly defined issue, not merely as an arbitrary restriction on trade.
We have also laid provisions to ensure the principle of national treatment is extended to goods flowing between the United Kingdom and the European Union, and that no arbitrary restrictions on import or export shall be applied to said goods.
We are delighted to report that our European partners have responded favourably, and while the principle that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed does of course apply, we both consider these sections adequate for the final agreement.
I would like to pay tribute to my Right Honourable Friends the International Trade Secretary. From here we will go on, and continue to be bold in securing an agreement with the European Union.
I commend this Statement to the House.
Delivered by The Rt Hon. The Baron Grantham KP KCB MVO CBE PC QC AM MSP, Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Justice and Attorney General of England and Wales, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain and Minister of State for Exiting the European Union.
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2019.08.22 23:29 kludgeocracy [Policy Proposal] Cap and Trade

Policy Proposal: Cap and trade

Cap and trade, as it’s commonly known, is a scheme for putting a price on pollution. While this can be used for many types of pollution, the kind of pollution we are most concerned about today is carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

The greenhouse effect and current emissions

The greenhouse effect is a mechanism by which gases in the atmosphere cause a planet to warm to a higher temperature than it would otherwise be. Incident, high-frequency radiation from the sun enters the Earth’s atmosphere where about 30% is reflected and the remainder is absorbed and turned into heat. The surface temperature of the Earth is much cooler than the sun, so it’s thermal radiation is much longer wavelength (4-100um). Since carbon dioxide is transparent to the high-frequency incoming radiation but is much more opaque to the far-infrared radiation, it absorbs a large fraction of outgoing radiation, causing the planet’s temperature to rise.
Radiative forcing broken down by greenhouse gases [1]
Greenhouse gas emissions to date:
Projections for greenhouse gas emissions under various scenarios

Projections for warming:

The IPCC defines various various scenarios for future greenhouse gas projections known as RCP (Representative Concentration Pathways) which define various scenarios for the evolution atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. The RCP number is connected to he radiative forcing created by the greenhouse gas concentration (in W/m2). Basically, to keep warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, we have a carbon budget of around 3000GT. The RCPs are summarized below:
Note: these estimates come from a 2012 paper, so emissions reductions must be somewhat sharper than described.
Scenario[2] Degrees Warming (C) by 2100 (relative to pre-industrial) Degrees Warming (C) by 2300 Rough idea of emissions path
RCP2.6 1.4 1.1 Peak between 2010-2020, significant decline afterward
RCP4.5 2.5 2.8 Flat until 2050, sharp decline afterwards
RCP6.0 3.0 4.1 Peak 2080, followed by decline
RCP8.5 4.7 8+ Emissions peak around 2100, stay high
The various emissions pathways are shown in this figure, as well as the correspondence between degrees of warming and cumulative greenhouse gas emissions.

Costs of climate change

While people usually think of rising temperature and sea levels as the main impact of climate change, the impacts are extremely widespread, including changes in rainfall patterns and the availability of fresh water [3], ocean acidification, floods, droughts and heat waves.
In economic terms, the costs are enormous. Exact estimates vary widely depending on the assumptions made. Nonetheless, if the world warms by the 2.5-3C implied by current national commitments (note that no country is currently on track to meet it commitments), the impact would be 5%-20% [4][5][6][7] reduction in economic output by 2100 (compared to scenario where temperature did not change from now). Exceeding 4C could result in a loss of more than 30% [6].
Of course, some of this warming is already locked in by current emissions. So how much of the cost can we avoid by taking actions anyway? The good news is that limiting warming to 1.5C rather than 3.6C (baseline) would avoid 90% of the economic costs. [7]
Incidentally, the reduction of emissions typically means the reduction of related smog. This has a considerable economic benefit as well, estimated around 0.5-0.6% of world GDP and 150million fewer premature deaths over the next century. [8]

Carbon Pricing

Economists are hugely in favour of putting a price on carbon [9] Not only do economists believe that putting a price on greenhouse gases is an effective way to reduce emissions, they believe that it is the most efficient way to do so. [10][11][12]
In simple terms, if the price of of emitting greenhouse gases is expensive, it will be done for only the most economically important activities. The higher the price, the more important the activity must be.
Furthermore, carbon pricing is capturing an important truth about the world. Each ton of greenhouse gases emitted causes real damage to the planet by destabilizing the climate. This affects not only the natural ecosystems, but causes has real economic costs. These costs should be reflected in the price of emissions (which is currently free), as they are an externality.
Finally, there is strong empirical evidence that carbon pricing is an effective policy to reduce emissions. [13][14][15]

Cap and trade

Cap and trade systems are simple. Each year, the government determines the amount of emissions that it will tolerate. It then issues permits for these emissions which can be purchased by companies which would like to create emissions during the limited time period. The bidding for the permits is competitive and they are tradeable, so the market will establish a price for the permits. This means that firms which want to create emissions carbon must pay more or less the market price. Since there are limited number of permits available, this system guarantees the country will hit the emissions target - the quantity is fixed while it is the price that floats. Note, while many existing cap-and-trade systems give many of the permits away to industry for free, this is not necessary or desirable and is not part of this proposal.
Points in favour

Existing Implementations

European Union

Proposed targets

These targets would keep global warming to 1.5C by 2100, with a slightly overshoot mid-century
Why 1.5C? The IPCC has a chapter explaining the change from the traditional 2C target to 1.5C. Basically, the science has changed - many of the impacts which were expected to occur around 2C are now expected to occur closer to 1.5C.[16][17]
These targets are based on the AIM/GCE 2.0 model, following the SSP2-19 emissions pathway[18]. The assumption the targets are based on is that every country would follow the same emissions pathway.
SSP2 is the middle-of-the-road projection by the IPCC. It makes assumptions like global population peaking at 9.5B, medium levels of technological growth and economic development and so forth. The IPCC considers five scenarios for economic and social development, and which one we choose considerably affects the the emissions pathway. [19]
US emissions were 6,456 MMT C02e in 2017 [20] and on a slight decline. Note the presence of large negative emissions post 2050
Year Pathway US Emissions (C02e)
2020 1.0 6,400
2030 0.46 2,944
2040 0.19 1,216
2050 0.010 64
2060 -0.11 -704
2070 -0.16 -1024
2080 -0.18 -1152
2090 -0.22 -1216
2100 -0.24 -1344

International cooperation and trade

Climate change is a well known collective action problem. This means that if one country takes action to reduce emissions, the result may simply be a transfer of production and associated emissions to other countries. Therefore, an important aspect of any climate policy is how to engage with other countries on the issue of emissions. As a first step, the US should immediately rejoin the Paris climate agreement and participate in further agreements. Over time, the goal should be to create a set of global emissions targets which prevent catastrophic climate change, as well as international mechanisms to enforce these targets. Furthermore, emissions should become a prominent and mandatory subject in all trade agreements. In order to gain access to US markets, trading partners would be required to have an equivalent emissions reduction strategy and successfully meet targets. Imports from countries which do not have an equivalent emissions reduction regime would be required to pay for the embedded emissions associated with the products, just like domestically produced products. This is usually referred to as a carbon tariff or a carbon border adjustment. Evaluating the emissions associated with an imported product is presently technically difficult, so it is likely that crude approximations[21] would have to applied. As emissions accounting improves, more precise estimates would become available. Similarly, exports to non-compliant countries would receive a subsidy, to offset the cost of the carbon permits and remain competitive. For better or worse, UNFCC guidelines attribute emissions to production, not consumption. It is estimated that about 25% of world emissions are for traded products, with US consumption emissions about 13% higher than production emissions[22].


This proposal would ensure that US emissions reduce to a level consistent with avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. It does so through setting an emissions cap and forcing polluters to bid for permits. While this proposal envisions reductions taking place primarily through the policy of carbon pricing, it is perfectly compatible with alternative approaches such a regulation or investment-led reductions should they prove more politically viable. Climate change poses one of the most serious threats to human civilization and flourishing today, and should receive high priority in the presidential platform of /badeconomics.


[1] IPCC, 2013: Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [Stocker, T.F., D. Qin, G.-K. Plattner, M. Tignor, S.K. Allen, J. Boschung, A. Nauels, Y. Xia, V. Bex and P.M. Midgley (eds.)]. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom and New York, NY, USA, 1535
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[6] M. Burke, W. M. Davis, and N. S. Diffenbaugh, “Large potential reduction in economic damages under UN mitigation targets,” Nature, vol. 557, no. 7706, pp. 549–553, May 2018.
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[9] “Economists’ Statement Climate Leadership Council.” [Online]
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[16] F. Pretis, M. Schwarz, K. Tang, K. Haustein, and M. R. Allen, “Uncertain impacts on economic growth when stabilizing global temperatures at 1.5°C or 2°C warming,” Philos. Trans. R. Soc. A Math. Phys. Eng. Sci., vol. 376, no. 2119, p. 20160460, May 2018.
[17] IPCC, “Impacts of 1.5°C of Global Warming on Natural and Human Systems,” Glob. Warm. 1.5°C. An IPCC Spec. Rep. impacts Glob. Warm. 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels Relat. Glob. Greenh. gas Emiss. pathways, Context Strength. Glob. response to Threat Clim. Chang., pp. 175–311, 2018.
[18] [“IAMC 1.5°C Scenario Explorer hosted by IIASA.”](http://”
[19] B. C. O’Neill et al., “The roads ahead: Narratives for shared socioeconomic pathways describing world futures in the 21st century,” Glob. Environ. Chang., vol. 42, pp. 169–180, Jan. 2017.
[20] “Greenhouse Gas Inventory Data Explorer US EPA.”
[21] Morris, A. C. (2018). Making Border Carbon Adjustments Work in Law and Practice
[22] “International Carbon Flows”
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2019.08.07 13:03 CountBrandenburg #GEXII [Shropshire and Staffordshire] Trust in me; a train for justice at Lichfield Cathedral!

Trust in me, in justice Lead not awry, promises You can sleep safe and sound Knowing reform’s abound
Damien arrives at Lichfield, heading towards Lichfield Cathedral where he plans to give a speech on Classical Liberal Justice policy. Lichfield Cathedral has three spires, which Damien wishes to highlight as three important parts of the justice policy pioneered by Baron Grantham. Arriving at the cathedral a few visitors come to greet Damien, having heard that he had some fun in store for this time.
“Okay guys, we’re going to form a human train and go up and down the towers. quiet cheers You can listen to me talk about justice policy then! Okay Autobots, roll…”
The tour guide arrives and stops them, saying, “You do realise tower tours are closed during renovations right? No matter you booked in for a guided tour anyway.” Of course Damien was immediately drawn to the Tour guide, a sort of vixen type, mid forties, named Amanda.
Damien now controlling his own lust, takes a breath, and begins to discuss justice policy.
“One of our key justice policies coming up is for reform to ensure that procedure is fairer on defendants. We will achieve this in two ways: the first being enshrining the right to silence into law, in its most absolute form. Adverse inference in many cases delivers little practical benefit, and does not exactly fit with the right against self incrimination and the presumption of innocence. For our system to be fair, and ensure that legal rights are universal, an absolute right to silence must be pursued.”
“Our second way is reforming Closed Material Procedure, to make it fairer on defendants. The way it is currently put into law serves to depart from an accepted view of open justice, with a regime of secrecy put in place without it being recorded. If our legal system is to be fair on everyone, it must have greater transparency and this is why I am proud to support our plans for reforming Closed Material Procedure.”
Slip into silent slumber Sail on a silver mist Slowly and surely your senses Will cease to resist
Damien continues with the train procession, and begins conversing with Amanda. Amanda is 47, recently split up with her partner, with 2 kids, 5ft 9, and they converse on her adapting to life without a partner.
Damien then goes into his second part of his speech, “This term, we introduced a bill on the use of Wild Animals in Circuses, believing that it is fundamentally wrong for non native animals to be used solely for entertainment. We should not view animals as simply property. We are glad that this bill has passed in the commons, and that it will enjoy its journey through the Lords too I expect. But we can go further. Animals, as I say, are not simply our possessions. Often they are our friends, our closest companions, and for a lot of us, part of our family. Law must represent that sentiment. We must seek to reform animal cruelty laws to go along with the fact animals are integral parts of families and that its only right there are protections in place for them. “
Just relax, be at rest Like a bird in a nest Trust in me, just in me Shut your eyes and trust in me
Damien continues his conversation with Amanda, discovering that she finds the idea of a human train for campaigning very interesting and admits she shares the same fascination in trains that he does. With that Damien prepares to give his last part of the speech.
“We at the Classical Liberals are been on extending opportunity. Opportunity can only occur in a truly rehabilitative justice system, and we are pleased that our Educational Rehabilitation (Prisons) Act has passed. Now it is our job, with Baron Grantham leading the way, to extend that opportunity and legislate for greater commercial opportunities. We should not isolate members from wider society and it is key in rehabilitation efforts that they get the help they need to become valued members of society.”
Trust in me, just in me Shut your eyes and trust in me
Having taken a detour for a while and arrived at Lichfield Tower, he thanks the visitors for accompanying him. Amanda hung around afterwards to talk with him and pointed out that having an adaption of Trust in me from the Jungle book isn’t a particularly enthusiastic way to engage people. She then confesses that even if she might be interested in a relationship again at some point, she just isn’t ready yet and advises Damien to search elsewhere.
Slightly heartbroken, Damien heads off on his campaign trail once more.
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2019.07.29 09:57 TexasDD The Wire - Anniversary Rewatch and Discussion - Season 1 Episode 9 - “Game Day”

The Wire - Anniversary Rewatch and Discussion - Season 1 Episode 9 - “Game Day”
Original air date: August 4, 2002
Written by: David Simon, Ed Burns, David H Melnick (teleplay), Shamit Choksey (teleplay)
Directed by: Milcho Manchevski
Opening title card: "Maybe we won." - Herc
Episode 9 poll
Episode 8 Poll Results - 19 votes
Rate the episode on a scale of 1-10 10 - 4 vote 9 - 4 votes 8 - 3 votes 7 - 1 vote
What was your favorite scene
Wee Bay and Stinkum trying to take down Scar, but having Omar turn the tables on them. - 5 Stringer taking a macroeconomics class, and taking that lesson to the printing shop. - 4 McNutly picking up Bunk, who had burned his clothes in the bathtub of his one-night stand. - 4 Wallace helping the kid with his homework, and talking with Poot. - 3 Prez telling Herc and Carver they need to get on the rooftops, then Kima telling them the same thing. - 2 Daniels, McNulty, Kima, and Carver dealing with Day Day, Burrell, and Major Reed from IID. - 2 Mikey and Sean McNulty tailing Stringer Bell at the market. - 1 Bey, Stinkum, and some other guy raiding Omar's flat, while Omar watches from across the street. - 1 The party celebrating Stinkum's promotion. - 1 McNulty and Kima meeting with Judge Phelan, and Phelan calling Burrell. - 1
Most memorable line/lines
"Hey, yo, lesson here, Bey. You come at the king, you best not miss." - 6 "You follow the drugs, you get a drug case. You start following the money, you don't know where you're going." - 5 "Got hair, got fibers, and got pussy on it..." - 4 "Count be wrong, they fuck you up." - 3 "The fucking family McNulty. Jesus." - 2 "It takes guts wearing pink shirt on the BPD Homicide unit." "Yes, it does." - 1 "And you, you're in people's shit where you're not supposed to be." - 1 "Who's your Daddy now?" - 1 "Yeah. Bitch slap the side partner for dipping into my private stock, then take missy home and fuck her 'til she smiles." - 1 "Fuck you, Jimmy." - 1 "I fucked up, didn't I?" "Well, a little." - 1 "Kima, you know, interrogation is more art than science." - 1 "Trace lab ain't gonna have shit on the Bunk." - 1 "Hey, Jimmy. You know something? You're no good for people, man." - 1 "Give me that pussy and now you gonna take my shoes. That ain't right, shit." - 1
Best Performance
Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar Little) - 5 Wendell Pierce (Det. William “Bunk” Moreland) - 5 Dominic West (Det. James “Jimmy” McNulty) - 2 Idris Elba (Russell “Stringer” Bell) - 2 Clarke Peters (Det. Lester Freamon) - 2 Michael B. Jordan (Wallace) - 2 Lance Reddick (Lt. Cedric Daniels) - 1 Sonja Sohn (Det. Shakima “Kima” Greggs) - 1 Larry Gilliard (D’Angelo Barksdale) - 1 Andre Royo (Reginald “Bubbles” Cousin’s) - 1 Wendy Grantham (Shardene Innes) - 1
(Anyone not listed got zero votes)
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2018.08.31 06:31 SirAlexH Doctor Who Extended Universe Releases - September 2018


The Main Range 242. The Dispossessed Mark Morris The next adventure featuring Seven, Ace and Mel. It features psychic villains and choices that could shake the TARDIS team forever and err...yeah. Gonna be honest, the description is rather vague (intentionally so). Seems cool though!
The Early Adventures 5.1 The Dalek Occupation of Winter David K. Barnes The first 4 episodes of the hypothetical 16-episode series, this Dalek tale covers the First Doctor, Steven and Vicki. The TARDIS crew enter a city whom...well, are honestly fine with the Daleks. What a strange place.
Bernice Summerfield 6A. Bernice Summerfield: The Story So Far Volume 1 James Goss; Jacqueline Rayner; Simon Guerrier One of two boxsets to be released this month, featuring stories from across Benny’s entire history. From her youthful days to uni, to the return of Jason and the Grel and more Brax hi-jinxs he really in love?! Also please note the 1 hour documentary within is actually part of a 2-hour documentary, dedicated to celebrating Benny's life and with interviews with many people within her history.
Bernice Summerfield 6B. Bernice Summerfield: The Story So Far Volume 2 Eddie Robson; David Llewellyn; Una McCormack The second of two boxsets to be released this month, featuring stories from across Benny’s entire range. From encountering a mysterious incarnation of the Doctor (voiced by Michael Jayston), to meeting a professor who seems familiar (voiced by David Warner) and to adventuring with Ruth and the return of the Drahvins! Also please note the 1 hour documentary within is actually part of a 2-hour documentary, dedicated to celebrating Benny's life and with interviews with many people within her history.
Short Trips 8.9 A Small Semblance of Home Paul Phipps A short trip read by Carole Anne Ford and focusing on the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan. The TARDIS team find themselves in peril after the Doctor's stubborness, with Barbara in particular being the focus of the story (apparently).
The Diary of River Song The Diary of River Song Series 4 Emma Reeves; Matt Fitton; Donald McLeary; John Dorney The Fourth series of The Diary of River Song, this set features Alex Kingston and Tom Baker! River Song accidentally unleashes the pirates of the Discordia (No relation to the doctorwho/gallifrey Discord), time-altering pirates who...well basically get up to a lot of shit. How can you beat enemies that erase and circumvent all mistakes they could make? And there's a Whodunnit featuring Franz Kafka, so y'know, some good shit. Did I mention Four and River?
Novelisation Audiobooks The Dominators Mervyn Haisman; Henry Lincoln; adapted by Ian Marter This novelisation of the classic Second Doctor story featuring the terrifying, nightmare-inducing Quarks (Kawaii) is read by Michael Troughton!
Audio Original Fortunes of War Justin Richards The final in the ‘X of War’ Audio Original trilogy. This audiobook is read by the Sixth Doctor himself, Colin Baker, travelling alone, and focuses on him, Captain Mark Steadman (from Men of War) and Nurse Annie Grantham (from Horrors of War). And this is a minor detail, but it features Six in his yellow cravat which we literally never see and that makes me happy.
Short Story Collection Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived: Amazing Tales for Future Time Lords Christel Dee; Simon Guerrier A compendium with biographies and information of the many female characters throughout Doctor Who's history, from Sarah Jane to Nefertiti to Bill to, well, the Doctor herself (I think), both fictional and...well, 'real' and containing beautiful artwork for each character, illustrated by a team of all-female illustrators.
Lethbridge Stewart Lethbridge Stewart - The Laughing Gnome: The Fear of the Web Alyson Leeds The second of six Lethbridge Stewart novels within "The Laughing Gnome" arc, celebrating 50 years of the Brigadier! This story takes the Brig and Anne back to the Underground in 1969. Anne has the chance to change destiny and save her father...but how far would she go?
Lethbridge Stewart Lineage Richard Dinnick; Andrew Allen; Wink Taylor; Harry Draper; Gareth Madgwick; Andy Frankham-Allen; Chris Lynch; David A McIntee A short story anthology focusing not on Alastair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart, but his ancestors: from the Clan Stewart in Scotland to the Stewarts of Devon and Edinburgh; from historical figures to military heroes! This book is part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Brigadier.
Black Archive The Curse of Fenric Una McCormack A monograph, written by popular DW EU writer Una McCormack, discussing The Curse of Fenric. The novella is released by Obverse Books.
Doctor Who: The Complete History Doctor Who: The Complete History #78 The Complete History Team A compendium covering the production of the Twelfth Doctor stories: Sleep No More, Face the Raven and Heaven Sent.
Doctor Who: The Complete History Doctor Who: The Complete History #79 The Complete History Team A compendium covering the production of the classic Sixth Doctor stories: The Mark of the Rani, The Two Doctors, Timelash and Revelation of the Daleks.
Ahistory Ahistory: History of the Doctor Who Universe 4th Ed: Volume 1 Lars Pearson; Lance Parkin This compendium takes approximately 2000 Doctor Who stories and puts them in a single chronology, from the beginning of the universe to the end of time. Specifically, the Fourth Edition covers up to Twice Upon a Time, the New Series Adventures through to Diamond Dogs, all Big Finish stories up to The Main Range: Static, all Torchwood, Sarah Jane and Class episodes, and many spin-offs and Titan/IDW comics. Basically: it's a pretty comprehensive book.
Iris Wildthyme Wild Thymes on the 22 Steven Cole; Neil Chester; Stewart Sheargold; Kenneth McGowan; Richard Wright; Brad Wolfe; Brendan Jones; Philip Marsh; Matthew Bright; Jon Huff; Vivenne Fox; Cody Schell This short story collection follows Iris Wildthyme through her many exploits, with all the stories coming from the most influential person, the most trusted person, and her best drinking partner: Herself! These stories are told in her own words, so you know they must be true.
Faction Paradox The Book of the Peace Philip Marsh; Niki Haringsma; Jacob Black; Aditya Bidikar; Nate Bumber; Alexandra Marchon; Greg Maughan; George Mann; Philip Marsh This short story collection in the Faction Paradox universe focuses on the aftermath of The War, after the defeat of The Enemy by The Great Houses, following several subjects from across time and space.
The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor #3 - The Twelfth Doctor James Peaty The third in the miniseries of comics leading up to the Thirteenth Doctor's run and contains a serialised short story written by her very own creative team!
Titan Comics - The Thirteenth Doctor The Many Lives of Doctor Who Richard Dinnick From the 13th Doctor’s perspective, this special volume looks back at her previous selves, and to see what made her the brilliant person she is today. A compendium of short stories with utterly beautiful varieties of artwork throughout by many different artists.
DVD'S, Blu-Ray's, Soundtracks, Misc.
Classic Who Soundtracks Doctor Who: The Invasion OST Don Harper; Brian Hodgson The soundtrack to the classic Second Doctor tale, The Invasion. With a beautiful cover and augmented soundtrack (based on the 'Composers Copy'), this release has a standard CD release, as well as a vinyl LP release! The gatefold sleeve vinyl forms a collectible 8-vinyl set (alongside The Five Doctors, The Daleks and Survival). Picture of the four vinyls.
Classic Who Soundtracks Doctor Who: The Five Doctors OST Peter Howell The soundtrack to the 20th anniversary tale, The Five Doctors. With a creative and beautiful cover and featuring tracks from both the standard Five Doctors and the Special Editions of the serial, this release will be a highlight of your collection! The release has a standard CD release, as well as vinyl LP release! The gatefold vinyl forms a collectivle 8-vinyl set (alongside The Invasion, The Daleks and Survival). Picture of the four vinyls.
Doctor Who 4K UHD Releases Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time (Blu-ray, 4K UHD) Twelfth Doctor Era The Twelfth Doctor's Regeneration story, featuring Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, David Bradley and Mark Gatiss, rereleased for 4K UHD release! Is this the start of many? Who nose!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand weeeeeeeeeee're BACK for a huge, # HUGE month! Why, why is it so big? Why it's the 20th anniversary of Bernice Surprise Summerfield! River Song and Early Adventures! And there's a metaphorical fork-ton of books, we've got Classic Who soundtracks, and more!
As usual, let me know if there's anything we've missed or ommitted, specifically from Obverse Books. And again, as usual, let us know what releases you're looking forward too, what releases from the previous month you enjoyed etc etc!
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2018.08.14 16:17 ImperialCollege IAmA palm oil researcher exploring how companies’ commitments to ‘zero deforestation’ can be carried out better. AMA!

I’m Joss Lyons-White, a PhD researcher at Imperial College London’s Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment.
My research is on the relationship between palm oil and deforestation and, in particular, the role played by voluntary commitments made by companies to achieving ‘zero deforestation’.
I’ll be joined on this AMA by my co-researcher Dr Andrew Knight, senior lecturer at Imperial and a Partner Investigator at the Centre of Excellence in Environmental Decisions at The University of Queensland.
In May 2018 Andrew and I published research on the existing barriers stopping palm oil companies from implementing their zero-deforestation commitments:
Some background to our research
Lots of palm oil companies – ranging from palm oil producers and traders to consumer goods manufacturers and retailers – have adopted commitments to “zero deforestation”, or “no deforestation, no peat, no exploitation” (NDPE).
This means companies have promised to eliminate any association between deforestation and their operations. Lots of these commitments (including a collective pledge made by the Consumer Goods Forum, which represents over 400 consumer goods companies) are supposed to be implemented by 2020. However, recent reports by NGOs including Greenpeace and Global Canopy have suggested that companies are failing to implement their commitments and the 2020 deadlines are set to be missed.
About the study and next steps:
In 2016, we conducted a study that asked what barriers exist that stop palm oil companies from implementing their zero-deforestation commitments. We found that complex supply chains; a lack of consensus over what “deforestation” means; inadequate support from governments; and persisting markets for unsustainably-produced palm oil in India and China are all major barriers to commitment implementation.
Through my (Joss) PhD I am now investigating how zero-deforestation commitments can be implemented more effectively, via a study of the perspectives and attitudes that characterise the debate over ‘zero deforestation’ definitions; a study of power and relationships in palm oil supply chains; and a study of the effectiveness of boycotts as a tool for forcing companies to improve their practices.
Useful links:
We'll be back at 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT to answer your questions!
UPDATE [11AM ET / 4PM BST]: And we’re LIVE!
Here’s proof that we’re here in person to answer your questions:
UPDATE [1PM ET / 6PM BST]: Thanks very much for your great questions. We’re heading off for now but we’ll be checking back in, so please do submit any more questions you may have.
And a big thanks to IAmA for hosting this AMA!
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2018.07.22 18:59 tnyr Exclusive Case Study Analysis-Solution for all the Harvard- INSEAD- Yale- Darden Case Studies only on

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Solved Case Analysis: Gracious Eloise What Do Angels Want By Lena G. Goldberg Janet Kraus Mary Beth Findlay
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Solved Case Analysis: Harmonic Hearing Co. By Howard H. Stevenson Craig Stephenson
Solved Case Analysis: Harris Seafoods Inc. By William E. Fruhan William A. Sahlman
Solved Case Analysis: Harvard Management Co. and Inflation Protected Bonds By Luis M. Viceira
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Solved Case Analysis: HCA Inc. By Richard S. Ruback A&B&C
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2018.03.30 16:11 Gilbod Crossover Potential, Call of Cthulhu + Downtown Abbey?

It's the right time period, very popular and rife with intrigue. Has anyone done this already?
My partner is huge into Downton as are a few of my usual role-playing group either directly or via their partners. If we wanted to get them into a fun one shot I can think of many little story hooks for it.
Is the new servant a cultist worshiper?
Is the strange present from a friend to to Lord Grantham a tome of mysterious knowledge or artifact of unspeakable evil?
Has he lost the family fortune again due to pacts with unspeakable powers?
Who is terrorizing the town's people?
Thoughts? Has it been done before? What were the results?
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2018.02.10 18:24 VinceJumpmanCarter [Givony] NBA mock draft: Trae Young rising, Luka Doncic and the Nets' pick


2018 NBA mock draft - Trae Young, Luka Doncic and the Brooklyn pick

by Jonathan Givony on 2018-01-13 21:22:00 UTC (original:
Who's going No. 1, and how far has star Oklahoma guard Trae Young climbed? What prospect can the Cleveland Cavaliers -- or a potential trade partner -- land with the Brooklyn Nets pick?
We're nearly three months into the college basketball season, with the most important 10-week stretch now in front of us. The top teams are playing meaningful games against each other on a nightly basis now, which is helping us get a much better handle on who the best NBA prospects are and who might need to consider coming back for more seasoning.
Our mock draft differs in two crucial ways from our recently updated top-100 prospect rankings. It uses ESPN's BPI to project the draft order, and it's adjusted for NBA team needs accordingly. it also attempts to project which players will ultimately end up declaring and keeping their name in the draft.
With recruiting analysts widely describing the 2018 high school senior class as one of the weakest in memory, the 2019 draft is not projected to be particularly strong, nor deep, which may cause players currently in college to think long and hard about returning to school for another year.
The depth of the 2018 draft hasn't emerged at this stage either, as scouts say there is a significant drop-off in talent outside the lottery, and they are struggling to find 30 players worthy of being granted guaranteed contracts by being picked in the first round.
That will make the next 10 weeks all the more important, as the best way for under-the-radar prospects to emerge will always be by winning games and leading their teams on deep runs through postseason tournaments. With college basketball as wide open as we've seen in some time, there will likely be a significant amount of upheaval in our own rankings depending on how players finish off their seasons.

1. Sacramento Kings

Luka Doncic Real Madrid Age: 18.9 PG
Height: 6-foot-8 Weight: 228 PER: 27.5
Although the Kings have some interesting backcourt pieces, they still have a ways to go in terms of turning into a cohesive unit capable of winning games.
Doncic has the size, skill and versatility to fit in very well alongside all their young talent, and he would pair very well with an athletic shot-creator who can defend multiple positions in De'Aaron Fox. He's having a phenomenal season in Europe, posting historic numbers in the Euroleague and Spanish ACB for an 18-year-old.
Starting salary: $8,095,680

2. Atlanta Hawks

Deandre Ayton Arizona Freshman C
Height: 7-foot Weight: 243 PER: 32.8
The Hawks are not in a position to draft based on need at this stage of their rebuilding effort, and there are question marks about how well promising big man John Collins fits in alongside another center who doesn't protect the rim at an elite rate.
Nevertheless, Ayton has elevated himself into the conversation as a top-two pick with his incredible, natural physical tools and high skill-level. His rebounding and scoring prowess could be very attractive here, even if Mohamed Bamba might actually be a better fit stylistically.
Starting salary: $7,243,440

3. Phoenix Suns

Mohamed Bamba Texas Freshman C
Height: 7-foot Weight: 207 PER: 28.2
With Tyson Chandler on the wrong side of 30 and Alex Len entering unrestricted free agency, shoring up the center position looks like a natural move for the Suns here. It helps that they won't be sacrificing anything in terms of talent, as Bamba will likely get some looks in the top two as well due to his rare combination of length, shot-blocking instincts and offensive promise.
Bamba is starting to make 3-pointers more consistently (6-for-17 in his past 8 games), and his unicorn potential gives him arguably the highest upside of any player in this draft.
Starting salary: $6,504,600

4. Orlando Magic

Marvin Bagley III Duke Freshman PF/C
Height: 6-foot-11 Weight: 234 PER: 32.7
Although there are some positional concerns regarding Bagley and his fit in the modern NBA, at some point, his talent level and sheer production are likely too great to pass on.
Although the Magic could very well be in the market for a point guard, there are still question marks about whether Trae Young is worthy of being picked this high. Bagley is likely best suited for the center spot, and his scoring instincts, rebounding prowess and athleticism would make for an interesting fit alongside Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac.
Starting salary: $5,864,640

5. Chicago Bulls

Jaren Jackson Michigan State Freshman PF/C
Height: 6-foot-11 Weight: 242 PER: 28.2
At 6-foot-11, 242 pounds with a 7-foot-4 wingspan, it's very likely that Jackson sees significant minutes at center in the NBA as his promising frame fills out, rather than at the 4 like he mostly does in college at the moment. Jackson's ability to space the floor (45 percent from 3, 81 percent from the line), block shots (5.7 per-40 minutes), switch on every screen and, increasingly, put the ball on the floor from the perimeter make him an ideal fit for the modern NBA.
He would complement the promising Lauri Markkanen well in many ways and has significant upside to grow into as well, as he's the youngest player currently projected to be drafted.
Starting salary: $5,310,720

6. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Nets)

Michael Porter Jr. Missouri Freshman SF/PF
Height: 6-foot-10 Weight: 214
With an uncertain future on the horizon due to LeBron James' free agency, the Cavs will need to stockpile as much talent as they can regardless of their hopes of keeping the King at home. Michael Porter came into the season with the hope of making a run at being the No. 1 pick in the draft, but unfortunately, he hasn't been able to build his case due to a back injury.
The results of his medical examination will play a significant role in where he ultimately is drafted, but NBA teams don't appear to be overly concerned right now about the nature of the injury and his long-term prognosis.
Starting salary: $4,823,520
Cleveland will receive Brooklyn's first-round pick unprotected.

7. Philadelphia 76ers (via Lakers)

Trae Young Oklahoma Freshman **PG**
Height: 6-foot-2 Weight: 176 PER: 34.6
The Sixers are in line to draft in the top 10 due to the shrewd Michael Carter-Williams trade made by Sam Hinkie three years ago, as long as the pick doesn't fall between Nos. 2-5.
If this season has shown us anything, it's that Philadelphia is still in need of help with shot-creation and shot-making, despite the promising play of Ben Simmons at PG. Young's tremendous shooting prowess will allow him to play at different spots on the floor, even alongside Markelle Fultz.
Starting salary: $4,403,280
Philadelphia will receive L.A.'s pick if it lands at No. 1 or Nos. 6-30. Otherwise, the pick goes to Boston. BPI projects that Philly has a 78.1 percent chance of getting this pick, with a 5.0 percent chance that it ends up No. 1.

8. Dallas Mavericks

Wendell Carter Jr. Duke Freshman C
Height: 6-foot-10 Weight: 263 PER: 31.0
Carter's season got off to a slow start, but he has been Duke's best player as of late and is starting to recapture his status as a potential top-10 pick, which is where he started the season.
The Mavs could certainly use help in the frontcourt, and Carter's basketball IQ and versatility are promising in many ways.
Starting salary: $4,033,800

9. Memphis Grizzlies

Miles Bridges Michigan State Sophomore SF/PF
Height: 6-foot-6 Weight: 226 PER: 25.8
With Chandler Parsons perpetually hurt and the Grizzlies continually struggling to find firepower at the combo forward position, it could make sense for Memphis to look at Miles Bridges, who is arguably the best athlete in this draft.
He has struggled to make the full-time transition to small forward at times for Michigan State, but he undoubtedly has potential as a two-way forward who can guard all over the floor and give you enough shooting, ballhandling and passing to get by at one of the most important positions in today's NBA.
Starting salary: $3,708,120

10. New York Knicks

Collin Sexton Alabama Freshman PG
Height: 6-foot-2 Weight: 183 PER: 23.8
Frank Ntilikina has had some nice rookie moments, but the Knicks are finding out that that the long-armed, 6-foot-5 guard is seemingly better suited playing alongside a more dominant ball handler and shot creator who can take some of the scoring responsibilities off his shoulders.
Enter Sexton, who looks like a nice pairing with his tremendous aggressiveness driving the lane, taking off-the-dribble jumpers and putting defensive pressure on opposing guards. NBA teams have some concerns about Sexton's ability to stay healthy due to his reckless style of play, and he has seemingly been dinged up all season, which hasn't helped matters.
Starting salary: $3,522,480

11. Utah Jazz

Mikal Bridges Villanova Junior SF
Height: 6-foot-7 Weight: 200 PER: 27.5
Every team in the NBA is searching for depth on the wing, and the Jazz are no exception.
Bridges' ability to make shots, defend anywhere from 1-4 and play within a system make him an easy fit on almost any team's roster, even if his overall upside is limited to an extent by his lack of shot creation.
Starting salary: $3,346,560

12. Charlotte Hornets

Kevin Knox Kentucky Freshman SF/PF
Height: 6-foot-9 Weight: 205 PER: 16.4
Knox hasn't had a very efficient freshman season, partially due to his playing out of position, but there's a significant market in the NBA for combo forwards in his mold who can make an open shot, defend multiple positions and offer some offensive versatility. He's one of the youngest players in this draft, so he still has plenty of room to continue to grow. Marvin Williams is the only true power forward on Charlotte's roster, but at age 31, he doesn't appear to be part of the impending rebuilding plans.
Starting salary: $3,179,280

13. LA Clippers

Robert Williams Texas A&M Sophomore PF/C
Height: 6-foot-9 Weight: 237 PER: 25.4
Williams has had a somewhat disappointing sophomore season, partially due to his playing out of position as a power forward in traditional dual-post player lineups.
His game is tailor-made for the NBA, though, as a rim-running, pick-and-roll-finishing, shot-blockeoffensive rebounder in the Clint Capela mold. With DeAndre Jordan in the final year of his contract, the Clippers could certainly look to Williams as a potential successor.
Starting salary: $3,020,280

14. Denver Nuggets

***Troy Brown* Oregon Freshman SG**
Height: 6-foot-7 Weight: 210 PER: 19.1
The Nuggets have been cycling through options at the small forward position all season and could very well look to address that position in the draft and/or free agency this summer.
Brown's versatility as a big ball handler, defender and rebounder is intriguing in a league that is starved for wing players, but his inconsistency as a perimeter shooter has made it difficult for him to fully break out. Being the third-youngest player in this draft class means he still has time to address that.
Starting salary: $2,869,320

15. Indiana Pacers

Dzanan Musa Cedevita Age: 18.5 SF
Height: 6-foot-9 Weight: 195 PER: 20.8
Unless a major upgrade at point guard presents itself, shooting and depth at the wing/combo forward spots will likely be priorities for the Pacers this offseason, similar to most teams in the NBA.
Musa's size, scoring instincts and aggressiveness could be intriguing for the Pacers at this stage of the draft. He's one of the youngest players in this class but is already very productive in Europe playing at a fairly high level.
Starting salary: $2,725,680

16. Detroit Pistons

***Chandler Hutchison* Boise St. Senior SF**
Height: 6-foot-7 Weight: 193 PER: 25.8
The Pistons have been cycling through small forward options all season and haven't gotten great production from that position.
Hutchison has made significant strides with his game as a senior. He looks primed to take advantage of the lack of wing depth in the draft, and the NBA in general, this June. He has outstanding physical tools and is a much improved ball handler and perimeter shooter.
Starting salary: $2,589,480

17. Milwaukee Bucks

***Daniel Gafford* Arkansas Freshman C**
Height: 6-foot-11 Weight: 217 PER: 27.0
Gafford made a big jump in our most recent top-100 prospect rankings, but the glut of big men in this class makes it difficult for him to crack the lottery in this team-needs-based mock draft. The Bucks are one team that could certainly be looking to add depth at the center spot, where John Henson has been holding the fort down inconsistently and Thon Maker has yet to prove his long-term viability.
Gafford's tremendous physical tools and significant upside will likely help him hear his name called somewhere in the top 20 with a strong pre-draft process.
Starting salary: $2,460,000
Phoenix will receive Milwaukee's pick if it lands in Nos. 11-16. BPI projects that Phoenix has a 45.9 percent chance of landing this pick.

18. Portland Trail Blazers

Lonnie Walker IV Miami Freshman SG
Height: 6-foot-4 Weight: 206 PER: 17.4
Portland's wing rotation has been highly unstable all season, as the team searches for consistent 3-point shooting and defensive versatility alongside its star guards.
Walker hasn't had a very productive freshman season, but the lack of depth at the wing position has kept his name in the first-round discussion as scouts wait to see if his performance stabilizes as the year moves on. His youth, strong frame, 6-foot-10½ wingspan and ability to shoot with his feet set or off the dribble makes him a candidate to rise during the pre-draft process as teams search for upside and diamonds in the rough.
Starting salary: $2,337,000

19. New Orleans Pelicans

***Shai Gilgeous-Alexander* Kentucky Freshman PG/SG**
Height: 6-foot-6 Weight: 171 PER: 19.4
With Rajon Rondo in the last year of his deal and no clear successor behind him, it would make sense for the Pelicans to think about drafting a versatile point guard who can operate in different lineups without dominating the ball for a team whose usage is largely sucked up by DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday.
Gilgeous-Alexander has the size, length, multi-positional defensive versatility and unselfishness needed to operate as a role-player alongside stars.
Starting salary: $2,231,760

20. Washington Wizards

Bruce Brown Miami Sophomore SG
Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 200 PER: 17.6
The Wizards have been cycling through backup guards for quite some time, never quite finding the right lineup combinations to hold the fort down while All-Stars John Wall and Bradley Beal rest.
Combo guard Bruce Brown is having a disappointing sophomore year thus far, and much of his placement in this mock draft is based on the assumption that he will continue to bounce back as the season moves on. Nevertheless, he's a willing passer, lockdown defender and gritty rebounder, and he has shown enough promise with his jump shot at times to lead you to believe that he will become adequate here eventually. There's a significant market for players in his mold, provided that he finishes the season strong.
Starting salary: $2,142,360
Minnesota will receive Oklahoma City's pick if it is outside the lottery.

21. Philadelphia 76ers

***Khyri Thomas* Creighton Junior SG**
Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 210 PER: 20.9
This might feel a tad high for Thomas, whose counting numbers don't jump off the page, but there's a lot to like about his fit on the Sixers rosters, considering his highly pronounced strengths.
Thomas is one of the better defenders in college basketball, capable of guarding three positions with his 6-foot-11 wingspan. He's also a willing ball-mover, a promising spot-up shooter and exactly the type of gritty and unselfish character the NBA covets in role players. The Sixers have seen their wing depth stretched incredibly thin this season and might look to bolster their rotation with a player in Thomas' mold.
Starting salary: $2,056,680
Atlanta will receive Minnesota's pick if it is outside the lottery.

22. Phoenix Suns (via Heat)

Trevon Duval Duke Freshman PG
Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 191 PER: 16.7
The Suns are in dire need of a starting-caliber point guard after trading Eric Bledsoe to the Bucks.
Duval has had a somewhat disappointing freshman year thus far and has seen his stock drop significantly from where he started the season. The Suns could opt to take a flyer on the big, long-armed, athletic guard, hoping that a change of scenery and NBA spacing help him realize the potential he demonstrated in high school down the road. Duval's jump shot looks irrevocably broke, but he displays enough promise in other areas to warrant a flyer at this stage of the draft.
Starting salary: $1,974,480
Phoenix will receive Miami's pick if it is outside the top seven.

23. Cleveland Cavaliers

[Anfernee Simons]( **IMG Academy (HS) Age:** 18.4 *SG*
Height: 6-foot-4 Weight: 183
The Cavs could very well be preparing for life without LeBron, and with that in mind, it makes sense for them to take a swing on upside and hope talent wins out.
Simons is one of the least NBA-ready players in the draft, but he's intriguing due to his combination of youth, athleticism and shot-making prowess. He's a few years away from panning out, but at this stage of the draft, there isn't much risk.
Starting salary: $1,895,520

24. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Thunder)

***Shake Milton* SMU Junior PG/SG**
Height: 6-foot-6 Weight: 207 PER: 24.8
Minnesota's guard and wing rotation have been a work in progress since the offseason and will likely need to be shored up over the summer.
A player such as Milton, who has the size and length to defend all three backcourt spots, can operate on or off the ball and is a consistent outside shooter, could make some sense.
Starting salary: $1,819,800

25. San Antonio Spurs

***Mitchell Robinson* College: None **Freshman** C**
Height: 6-foot-11 Weight: 215
With the Spurs' incumbent big men starters both in their mid-30s and no clear-cut successor in the waiting, it might make sense for San Antonio's front office to consider drafting a project center to develop long-term.
Robinson is one of the most talented prospects in the draft physically -- with impressive length, athleticism and shot-blocking instincts -- but he is a long ways from contributing. The fact that he elected not to play college basketball this season won't help his NBA readiness, but at some point in the draft, he's worth rolling the dice on.
Starting salary: $1,746,840

26. Atlanta Hawks (via Thunder)

***De'Anthony Melton* USC Sophomore PG/SG**
Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 195
With the second of their three first-round picks, the Hawks might look to add some backcourt depth, specifically someone who can play behind or alongside incumbent starters Dennis Schroder and Kent Bazemore.
Melton looked to be on the verge of a breakout season for USC before the FBI investigation shut him down indefinitely. His defensive versatility, toughness and intangibles make him a prospect worth investing in.
Starting salary: $1,689,000

27. Boston Celtics

***Keita Bates-Diop* Ohio St. Junior PF**
Height: 6-foot-7 Weight: 235 PER: 29.9
The Celtics love long-armed, multipositional defenders who can make shots from the perimeter, and Bates-Diop has increased his stock dramatically with a breakout season.
He's been sliding among all of the frontcourt positions for surging Ohio State and looks like an ideal fit for the modern NBA if he can find a way to rev his motor into higher gear at the professional level.
Starting salary: $1,640,400
Brooklyn will receive Toronto's pick if it is outside the lottery.

28. Brooklyn Nets (via Raptors)

*Hamidou Diallo *Kentucky Sophomore SG****
Height: 6-foot-5 Weight: 188 PER: 16.1
The Nets were reportedly looking to lock down Diallo at the NBA draft early-entry withdrawal deadline last year, but they ultimately traded the pick after he elected to return to Kentucky.
Diallo's stock has stagnated somewhat as he hasn't made the type of progress scouts were hoping to see with his feel for the game or skill level. Still, he's one of the best athletes in the draft and could very well continue to improve with the right skill-development coaching, as he's very young and reportedly has a strong work ethic.
Starting salary: $1,630,320

29. Atlanta Hawks (via Rockets)

***Melvin Frazier* Tulane Junior SF**
Height: 6-foot-6 Weight: 200 PER: 25.2
The Hawks are still figuring out their wing rotation long-term and could look to bolster that spot with additional depth.
Frazier's stock has been moving in the right direction in what has been a very impressive junior season at Tulane. He's a tremendous athlete standing 6-foot-6 with a nearly 7-foot wingspan, and he's making 41 percent of his 3-pointers this season.
Starting salary: $1,618,320
Atlanta will receive Houston's pick if it is outside the top three.

*30. Golden State Warriors*

***Landry Shamet* Wichita St. Sophomore PG/SG**
Height: 6-foot-4 Weight: 188 PER: 24.2
The best 3-point shooting team in the NBA is always on the lookout for more ways to stretch the court, so in some ways Shamet is a natural fit. He's shooting 50 percent from 3 on the season, combining a potent pull-up jumper with the ability to come off screens, and he's arguably the most consistent spot-up jumper in the college game.
Shamet sees most of his minutes at point guard despite standing 6-foot-4, thanks to his terrific feel for the game and all-around creativity, but there are some question marks about his ability to create his own shot at the NBA level to continue to do so as a pro.
Starting salary: $1,606,680

Round 2

31. Kings
Brandon McCoy C Freshman UNLV
32. Hawks
Rodions Kurucs SF/PF ACB/LEB Gold Barcelona/Barcelona 2
33. Suns
Jalen Hudson SG/SF Junior Florida
34. Magic
Jevon Carter PG Senior West Virginia
35. Knicks (via Bulls)
Grayson Allen SG Senior Duke
36. 76ers (via Nets)
Chimezie Metu C Junior USC
37. Nets (via Lakers)
Devonte' Graham PG Senior Kansas
38. Mavericks
Jacob Evans SF Junior Cincinnati
39. Grizzlies
Aaron Holiday PG Junior UCLA
40. 76ers (via Knicks)
Kevin Hervey PF Senior Texas Arlington
41. Jazz
Rawle Alkins SG/SF Sophomore Arizona
42. Suns (via Hornets)
Jalen Brunson PG Junior Villanova
43. Knicks (via Clippers)
Arnoldas Kulboka SF Italy/Champions League Capo D'Orlando
44. Lakers (via Nuggets)
Bonzie Colson PF Senior Notre Dame
45. Pacers
Allonzo Trier SG Junior Arizona
46. Pistons
Amine Noua PF France/EuroCup Villeurbanne
47. Bucks
Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk SG/SF Senior Kansas
48. Nuggets (via Blazers)
Vincent Edwards SF/PF Senior Purdue
49. Bulls (via Pelicans)
Ethan Happ PF Junior Wisconsin
50. Wizards
Alize Johnson PF Senior Missouri State
51. Sixers
Ray Spalding PF Junior Louisville
52. Rockets (via Heat)

Moritz Wagner PF Junior Michigan
53. Hornets (via Cavaliers)
Matur Maker PF International Mississauga Prep
54. Thunder
Isaac Haas C Senior Purdue
55. Spurs
Karim Jallow SG/SF Germany/Germany 3 Bayern Muenchen II
56. Wolves
Maximo Fjellerup SF/PF Argentina Bahia Blanca
57. Thunder (via Celtics)
Dakota Mathias SG/SF Senior Purdue
58. Suns (via Raptors)
Milik Yarbrough SG Junior Illinois State
59. 76ers (via Rockets)
Donte Grantham SF/PF Senior Clemson
60. Nuggets (via Warriors)
Elie Okobo PG/SG France Pau-Orthez
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2018.01.10 15:29 upbstock 30% market melt up>?

Rising bond yields appeared to trigger some profit-taking on soaring stocks Wednesday, but a further Treasury selloff could end up giving equities a big boost, according to investor Bill Miller . In a CNBC interview Tuesday (, the founder of Miller Value Partners argued that a break above 2.6% for the 10-year yield could set off a "melt-up" in stocks that would rival the 2013 ramp-up. "Those 10-year yields go through 2.6% and head towards 3%, I think we could have the kind of a melt-up we had in 2013, where we had the market go up 30%," Miller said. In 2013, investors began to lose money in bonds, prompting them to take money out of bond funds and put it into equity funds, he said. Yields rise as Treasury prices fall. Read:A bloodbath for bonds? Here's the tipping point to look out for ( The yield on the 10-year Treasury note rose 6.2 basis points Tuesday to 2.542%, its highest since mid-March (, while major stock indexes notched the latest in a round of record closes. Yields continued to rise Wednesday, with the 10-year near 2.591%, while stocks were on track for a pullback ( Miller, while at Legg Mason , put together a 15-year streak in which he beat the S&P 500. Performance turned sour during the financial crisis on bets the financial and housing sectors were too beaten down. Stocks have started 2018 with a bang, building on a 2017 rally attributed to improving corporate earnings and global economic growth. In December, President Donald Trump signed a massive tax bill that slashed corporate rates into law. The S&P 500 , Dow industrials and Nasdaq Composite closed at records Tuesday. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq have closed at records every trading session of 2018. For the S&P , that matches a record to begin the year that's stood since 1964. Some investors have been warning of a melt-up--a move in which an asset rallies sharply as investors fearful of missing out on the rise stampede into the market--since last year ( Value investor Jeremy Grantham last week warned that investors should be prepared for the possibility of a melt-up ( that would confirm stocks are in a "classic bubble," leading the way to a potentially ugly selloff. Miller told CNBC that stocks could get an added boost from the cut in the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%, saying the reduction is probably only partly priced into the market.
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2018.01.05 12:11 Beren- Q4 2017 Letters and Reports

Investment Firm Date Posted
Byron Wien 2018 Suprises January 5
Ewing Morris January 5
Jeremy Grantham Memo January 5
Michael Mauboussin - How Well Do You Compare January 5
Value Investor Insight December January 5
Wiedower Capital January 5
Weitz Asset Management January 5
MPE Capital January 7
Vltava Fund January 8
Absolute Return Partners January 11
Bill Gross January Memo January 11
Carl Icahn Letter to Sandridge January 11
Vilas Capital January 11
FPA Capital Fund January 13
Wedgewood Partners January 13
Kennox Value Fund January 14
Polen Capital January 15
Greenlight Capital January 16
Wolf Hill Capital Management January 16
KKR 2018 Outlook January 17
Barron's 2018 Roundtable January 18
Horizon Kinetics Presentation January 18 January 19
Euclidean Technologies January 19
Third Avenue Real Estate Fund January 19
Third Avenue Small Cap Fund January 19
Third Avenue International Value Fund January 19
Third Avenue Value Fund January 19
Upslope Capital January 19
Artko Capital January 20
Fundsmith Fund January 21
Horizon Kinetics January 21
Tao Value January 21
Curreen Capital January 22
Sequoia Fund January 22
Ed Thorpe Interview January 23
Hypotenuse Capital January 23
Weitz Funds January 23
Forager Funds January 24
Greenwood Investors January 24
Howard Marks Memo January 24
Longleaf Partners January 24
Arquitos Capital January 25
Atlantic Investment Management January 26
Bill Miller Commentary January 26
Miller Value Partners Equity Fund January 26
Miller Value Partners Income Fund January 26
Clear Bridge Value Trust January 27
RV Capital January 27
TGV Partners Funds January 27
TGV Rubicon Fund January 27
UK Value Investor Lessons January 27
IP Capital Partners January 28
Dane Capital January 29
Pershing Square Holdings January 29
Tweedy Browne January 29
Alluvial Capital January 30
Centaur Funds January 30
FPA Crescent Fund January 30
Goehring & Rozencwajg January 31
River Park CMBS Fund January 31
River Park Fixed Income Funds January 31
River Park Growth Fund January 31
River Park Long/Short Opportunity Fund January 31
River Park Value Fund January 31
Turtle Creek Asset Management January 31
Vltava Fund January 31
Vulcan Value Partners January 31
Absolute Return Partners February 1
Fairholme FUnds February 1
Picton Mahoney February 1
Pzena Asset Management February 1
Greenhaven Road Capital February 3
Maran Capital February 3
Activist Investing Annual Review February 4
Hazelton Capital February 4
Platinum Asset Management February 4
Adestella Investment Management February 5
Barrage Capital February 5
Ewing Morris - A New Take on Fixed Income February 5
Ewing Morris - Broadview Fund February 5
Goodhaven Funds February 5
Kempen Value Fund February 5
Laughing Water Capital February 5
Blue Tower Asset Management February 7
Hayden Capital February 7
Kerrisdale Capital - Eastman Kodak February 8
Mar Vista Investment Partners February 8
Muddy Waters - IQE PLC February 8
Spruce Point Capital - Realty Income February 8
Crescat Capital February 9
Century Management February 11
IBV Capital February 11
RLT Capital February 11
Edgemoor Investment Advisors February 12
Polleit & Riechert February 12
James Montier Memo February 14
Lazard Activism Review February 14
Third Point Capital February 15
Saber Capital Management February 16
Broadrun Investment Management February 19
GMO LLC February 19
Alpine Capital Research February 20
Appleseed Fund February 20
Apollo Investment Management February 20
Aristotle Capital February 20 on Amazon February 21
Bretton Fund February 22
Clipper Fund February 22
Berkshire Hathaway February 25
Bilgari Holdings February 25
Lyrical Asset Management February 25
Overseas Asset Management February 25
Semper Augustus February 25
Sumzero Top 2018 February 26
Meson Capital February 28
Broyhill March 4
Bonhoeffer Capital March 4
Lumiere Capital March 4
RIT Capital March 4
Turtle Creek March 4
Chou America Funds March 6
Fairfax Financial March 12
Leucadia March 12
Alleghany March 14
GMO - Improving Risk Adjusted-Returns March 22
GMO - Trade Wars are Bad March 22
GMO - The Value of Short Volatility Strategies March 22
Giverny Capital March 24
Martin Capital Management March 26
Pershing Square Holdings March 27
FPA Crescent Fund April 5
Moerus Funds April 5
Splitrock Capital April 5
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Wir können Ihr Online Marketing Partner
Go1dfish undelete link
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Author: GranthamOh16
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2017.09.13 20:20 Zeproxy Q2 2017 Letters and Reports

Investment Firm Date Posted
Absolute Return Partners - July July 11
Burr Capital July 11
Ewing Morris July 11
Fairholme Fund - Conference Call July 11
Maglan Capital July 11
Mott Capital Management July 11
Oakmark Funds July 11
Ophir Asset Management July 11
Vltava Fund July 11
RV Capital July 13
KKR Mid Year Review July 13
Bank for International Settlements July 15
Greenwood Investors July 15
Jeremy Grantham Memo July 15
Kennox July 15
Spruce Point Capital Gentex Thesis July 15
Wedgewood Partners July 15
Saber Capital Memo on Moat July 16
Blue Tower Asset Management July 17
Greenlight Capital July 17
Trian Partners Letter to P&G July 17
Longleaf Partners July 18
Weitz Investments July 18
Rockefeller & Co Global Foresight July 20
Clearbridge Value July 22
Horizon Kinetics July 22
Longleaf Partners July 22
RP Investment Advisors July 22
Thornburg Value Trust July 22
TGV - Partners Fund July 23
Alluvial Capital July 24
Artko Capital July 24
Elm Ridge Capital July 25
Howard Marks Memo July 27
Magellan July 27
RV Capital July 27
Third Point Capital July 27
Vilas Capital July 27
Tweedy Browne July 28
Euclidean Capital July 29
River Park Value Fund July 29
Pzena Investment Management July 31
Tweedy Browne July 31
Hayden Capital August 1
Laughing Water Capital August 1
Meson Capital August 1
Wolf Hill Capital August 1
IP Capital Partners August 3
Mittleman Brothers August 3
Third Avenue - International August 3
Third Avenue - Real Estate August 3
Third Avenue - Small Cap August 3
Third Avenue - Value August 3
Grey Owl Capital August 4
GMO August 4
Sequoia Fund Investor Day Transcript August 4
Vulcan Value Partners August 4
Arquitos Capital August 5
Greenhaven Road Capital August 5
RTL Capital August 5
Sequioa Fund August 5
TGV - Rubicon Fund August 5
TGV - Truffle Fund August 5
CQS Insights August 6
Crescat Capital August 6
Fairholme Funds August 6
Evermore Global August 7
River Park Income Fund August 8
Up Slope Capital August 9
DCG Value Fund August 11
L1 Capital August 11
Probus Opportunities August 11
Value Partners Fund August 11
Petra Capital August 14
FPA Crescent Fund August 15
GMO White Paper August 15
Rhizome Partners August 16
Rothschild Investment Trust August 16
Counterpoint Asia Macro August 22
Saber Capital Management August 22
Singular Point August 22
Bireme Capital August 26
GMO White Paper August 26
Broadrun Capital August 28
Horizon Kinetics - PE Memo August 28
Longcast Advisors August 28
Bireme Capital August 31
Broadrun Capital August 31
Chou Funds August 31
FRMO September 1
Goehring & Rosencwajg September 1
Avenir Capital September 7
Bonhoeffer Capital September 7
Baron Funds September 12
Akre Funds September 13
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'Do You Have Sḛx On The First Date?'  Street ... - YouTube Bryan Grantham Is the Managing Partner at Mojave Capital Affiliate Programs or Partnership Downton Abbey Downstairs: The Real-life Partners Revealed ... Husband Realized His Wife Is Cheating Rather Than Revenge ... Anita Grantham: 30 Women to Watch EANGUS Legislative Update AUG 2019 Hugh Bonneville & Elizabeth McGovern Exclusive Interview - Downton Abbey Online Learning: Clean Power Program

Grantham Partners – Official Website

  1. 'Do You Have Sḛx On The First Date?' Street ... - YouTube
  2. Bryan Grantham Is the Managing Partner at Mojave Capital
  3. Affiliate Programs or Partnership
  4. Downton Abbey Downstairs: The Real-life Partners Revealed ...
  5. Husband Realized His Wife Is Cheating Rather Than Revenge ...
  6. Anita Grantham: 30 Women to Watch
  7. EANGUS Legislative Update AUG 2019
  8. Hugh Bonneville & Elizabeth McGovern Exclusive Interview - Downton Abbey
  9. Online Learning: Clean Power Program

Bryan Grantham is the Managing Partner at Mojave Capital – A commercial mortgage broker / Private lender that specializes in providing a variety of commercial loans for real estate investors ... Are you also waiting for Downton Abbey movie 2019? These characters aren't as popular as the Crawley family but they're definitely an important part of the D... Learn how to attract people into your life with The T8 System: Wanna learn how to make 6 figure... The Grantham Institute, working alongside the Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), have produced three online courses about the shift to a low-carbon energy system. The courses, which ... Videocast sponsored by Platinum Partner - Grantham University Legislative Director Daniel Elkins highlights the EANGUS National Conference, gives a legislative update regarding Student Veterans ... Congratulations to Anita Grantham, Chief People Officer at Pluralsight - she has been selected as one of the 2017 30 Wome... Sophie Rae Coop interviews Downton Abbey actors Hugh Bonneville & Elizabeth McGovern, otherwise known as Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham and Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham, for the sixth and ... CHOOSE PARTNERS…NOT PROGRAMS Most affiliate programs today are FREE to sign up. This means “saturation”. Everyone who is going to sign up…already has. Because of technology, free stuff ... Subscribe to our channel: Image Credits :