Syracuse speed dating

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Have bad analogies been tried with gpt-3? (Some examples)

2020.09.15 22:33 TheDividendReport Have bad analogies been tried with gpt-3? (Some examples)

She caught your eye like one of those pointy hook latches that used to dangle from screen doors and would fly up whenever you banged the door open again. (R. M., Fairfax Station)
The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn't. (R. B., Springfield)
McBride fell 12 stories, hitting the pavement like a Hefty Bag filled with vegetable soup. (P. S., Silver Spring)
From the attic came an unearthly howl. The whole scene had an eerie, surreal quality, like when you're on vacation in another city and "Jeopardy" comes on at 7 p.m. instead of 7:30. (R. A., Washington)
Her hair glistened in the rain like nose hair after a sneeze. (C. S., Woodbridge)
Her eyes were like two brown circles with big black dots in the center. (R. B., Springfield)
Bob was as perplexed as a hacker who means to access\aaakk/[email protected] but gets T:\flw.quidaaakk/[email protected] by mistake (K. K., Landover Hills)
Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever. (Unknown)
He was as tall as a six-foot-three-inch tree. (J. B., Chevy Chase)
The hailstones leaped from the pavement, just like maggots when you fry them in hot grease. (G. F. Hevel, Silver Spring)
Her date was pleasant enough, but she knew that if her life was a movie this guy would be buried in the credits as something like "Second Tall Man." (R. B., Springfield)
Long separated by cruel fate, the star-crossed lovers raced across the grassy trains, one having left Cleveland at 6:36 p.m. traveling at 55 mph, the other from Topeka at 4:19 p.m. at a speed of 35 mph. (J. H., Arlington)
The politician was gone but unnoticed, like the period after the Dr. on a Dr Pepper can. (W. G., Madison, Ala.)
They lived in a typical suburban neighborhood with picket fences that resembled Nancy Kerrigan's teeth (P. K., Syracuse, N.Y.)
John and Mary had never met. They were like two hummingbirds who had also never met. (R. B., Springfield)
The thunder was ominous-sounding, much like the sound of a thin sheet of metal being shaken backstage during the storm scene in a play. (B. F., Alexandria)
His thoughts tumbled in his head, making and breaking alliances like underpants in a dryer without Cling Free. (C. S., Woodbridge)
The red brick wall was the color of a brick-red Crayola crayon.
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2020.09.05 16:28 nuinbostonthrowaway NUin Boston experience

I'm really scared about getting expelled, especially after those 11 kids got expelled. I'm not going to be going to any other floors or partying. I'm not being stupid. But the rules are unclear. They keep adding rules -- not being in the hallways, not being in the common area outside our room, the stairway, etc. WHY DO WE EVEN HAVE A COMMON SPACE THAT WE AREN'T ALLOWED TO USE? If you don't want people sitting in the comfortable chairs, cover them up or put up a sign. Some RAs are saying you can go up/down the stairway while others are not. The hotel staff says we don't even have a stairway lol. We aren't allowed to sit in the lobby, but every time I see people in the lobby they're sitting there. I don't have an issue with this. I just want the administration to give us a firm set of guidelines.
Just a bit of background. I have been completely quarantined at home since March, like most of you. One of my family members is immuno compromised so I consider myself trying to be more careful than most. I skipped meeting up with friends, going to my graduation where everyone was going to wear masks, etc. I’ve been trying to be careful.
Honestly, the administration clearly said not to go into other rooms so I don't feel too bad for those kids that were suspended/expelled. But the rumors going around are that they didn't even have alcohol and that they were just sitting around. Another rumor I heard was that they were wearing masks but I don’t know how true that actually is. But one person said they brought in a pong table or something and someone saw it on a snapchat story. IDK it's just common sense not to do that. Like 11 people is crazy for one room.
Also we have a gym but we also don’t. Only 16 people or something are allowed key cards. IDK if those people are keeping those key cards or returning them or what because they never have any. I might just be trying at busy times. We should really have a time table and just be able to sign up for certain times. It would be cool if they did Zoom workouts that we could do in the rooms or something.
I'm just not sure where the lines are drawn. I really wanna make friends but it's really challenging. The wait times for the elevators can be anywhere from 5 minutes-30 minutes. When classes start up this is going to become a major issue. Honestly half the time that's when I meet people because we aren't allowed to congregate elsewhere. We have one room with 16 people allowed in for the entire 1000 or something people in the building. In the original guidelines that they sent us, they said we would get one warning about not wearing a mask. Then they would give us a mask to wear. Now I think if they caught someone without a mask heading to class, we would get immediately expelled and sent to prison. Not clear. I 100% support wearing a mask. I don’t think even the RAs (or ICs or whatever they are called) know what’s going on. Some of the RAs are even talking about setting up events, but realistically they will never get approval for those events. Stop getting our hopes up.
I'm also scared about eating in the wrong place. Every time I go to IV I always see people eating without masks in large circles. Is this wrong? Honestly, I just bring my food back to my hotel room because I don't wanna get in trouble for eating in the wrong area. I don't even know how to use the train yet so I walk 25 minutes to campus then bring my food back another 25 minutes. You can meet a fair few number of people walking there/back.
The hotel is really nice. The desks they give us in our rooms are okay. Some people get smaller square desks while others get circular desks. Only one dresser in the room so we had to figure out other ways to store clothes. The shower is incredible though. Really nice. The toilet is the loudest toilet I have ever heard. We can’t put up ANYTHING in the rooms/walls. Some people see this as a big deal, but I don’t really care.
Apparently people are having room checks. I heard one floor smelled bad so they did some room checks. I don’t know what those consist of. We aren’t allowed coffee makers/water heaters/microwaves/exercise equipment so they probably just go in and take those.
Another thing I’m scared about is the washing machines. Are we allowed to stay in the washroom while our clothes are drying/being washed? I haven’t been in there yet, but wouldn’t that have the same issues as hanging out in the hallway? Do I just have to leave my laundry unattended? We have 0 guidelines about this and I don’t wanna get in trouble.
Personally, my roommate hasn't even been around much. He has already given up on making friends for the entire semester. I heard from another kid that he is going completely virtual because it was impossible for him to make friends. A lot of people are just hanging out with their roommates all the time. Eventually, probably, they are going to get sick of each other.
The virtual classes are also screwed up. Apparently we didn't have to do the I Am Here thing, but nobody actually told us until recently. And some of the software just doesn't work properly. It seems like they're piecing it together as they go along. People are even saying that their teachers aren't even from Northeastern. That Northeastern just hired them this year because of covid. I don't know how true that is because my teachers have taught at NEU before. I feel like every teacher is trying to use a different platform, which all cost money and require different hurdles to learn. It feels redundant to come to school a week early when they have all these restrictions.
Also nobody knows how to use the online club information. We have a website but nobody knows how to use it. Everyone I talk to doesn't know it exists. BTW half the talks that Northeastern sent us didn't even work properly. We had to go through a weird external link. So nobody actually saw them. All the clubs basically just say they can't do anything.
Are we allowed to meet up outside? Could I get 11 people to meet up in the greenery outside the public library? Would that count as a public gathering? This isn't clear. The administration keeps saying to go outside, but we don't know anyone else. How are we supposed to Zoom call people we don't know? If I wanted to meet people on Zoom I'd just go on Tinder or something. IDK.
There are tons of activities the administration could do within guidelines and they aren't doing it. Like Zoom meet and greets. IDK. Anything. The app they sent us, that nobody uses, and nobody knows about, seems useless. How does a 25 person Boston tour fit within covid guidelines? The rules are just inconsistent. We could have Zoom yoga, or Zoom speed dating. I don’t know. We had like one meeting with our room floor that was canceled. Then we had a call by the dean of something that was just a big warning about the kids on the 19th floor. I want to get to know the people on my floor, but we can’t knock on any doors or go near anyone. I just want to make some friends.
Would going to the museum of science be a violation of safety protocol? I went on the train once with a random kid and that seemed very unsafe according to the covid guidelines given to us. The hotel staff doesn’t even wear masks all the time, which is just ironic. I saw one guy pulling his mask off and he was giving out food to people.
I have some friends at BU, BC, Syracuse, and down in Texas. At BU it's pretty much the same, but BU Freshman are partying. Honestly that's just stupid and they shouldn't be doing that. At BC people are allowed in rooms--only like 1-2 people though. Syracuse had a large person gathering and only 11 people were expelled/suspended, which seems kinda crazy. At least we know we're better off than Syracuse. In Texas they are doing nothing for covid. My friend seems to think it’s fine… but it’s really not. But what can you do?
Sorry to be a debbie downer, but if BC/BU closes down, we probably are too. Because we are all in the same city so if one school goes down, all of us will. I might just be trying to convince myself that we should have less rules like BC/BU, but I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel like the Freshman or Senior year I envisioned. High school really sucked until senior year, but then we lost the finale of the best year. Now Freshman year seems to already be ruined. I know if I go into everything with this mindset, it will probably end up that way.
This is really just a rant and I'm sorry to go rambling off on so many different tangents.
I'll take any questions if you want to ask them.
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2020.08.26 21:04 Watchdogs66 Our "Drive to 245": The Twenty-Fourth Step

The Drive To 245: Deprive the GOP In 25
In 2014 and with 234 House seats, the NRCC launched the “Drive to 245” campaign for the 2014 midterms, which focused on securing 245 seats for the 114th Congress. At the close of the midterms, they ended up picking up 13 seats, putting their new majority to 247 seats, 2 seats above the goal. For the majority of this election cycle, we had at least 234 House seats to start with, until a turncoat in disguise switched to the GOP in December 2019 (get fucked Jeff Van Drew) and we lost one of our districts in a May 2020 special election (get your act together Christy Smith). Despite these setbacks, getting to 245 seats in the next election is possible for us to achieve, if we are smart about it.
In late November 2018, I began by compiling an initial list of 25 potential districts that could give us the necessary gains for us to make the necessary net gain of 10 seats to fulfill our “Drive to 245” campaign goal. I then outlined the state representatives and state senators that we have on our side that live within (or at least represent a good portion of) the identified districts in the second step, which was split into parts one and two. These local officials are often our first line of offense when it comes to selecting appropriate candidates to flip GOP congressional districts, as these people often start out with significant amounts of name recognition (at least compared to most political novices), developed campaign infrastructures, and established donor networks to draw on. In the third step, I explored four different ways that these state representatives and state senators can help promising candidates build a solid platform to flip these 25 districts, even if we are not able to recruit any of these seasoned individuals themselves. I then proceeded to identify every individual local county Democratic organization within in each of these 25 districts to determine how much of a viable network exists towards flipping any of these districts, and whether any of them appear to be fledgling and underfunded, which was split into parts one, two, and three. I then proceeded to draw up rough battle plans to recruit the best candidates that are suitable towards making the necessary gains for the proposed 245 House seats, which I covered in parts one, two, and three. Since then, I updated my list of 25 districts to better reflect the developments that have occurred since November 2018, as well as the candidates from our end that have filed in those districts. After that, I covered updated game plans for the updated 25 districts, which was again split into parts one, two, and three. Another comprehensive update to the list was conducted in early July to account for the GOP retirements, lack of Democratic candidate recruitment for several districts, and other remarkable events that have occurred, all of which have been documented in said update. From there, more detailed plans were made that illustrated the overall status of the Democratic campaigns for each of these districts, which can be found in parts one, two, three, and four. These plans also highlighted which candidates appeared to have the most organized campaigns for each district, and which ones out of these strongest candidates needed the most assistance in terms of fundraising. Donation plans were also made that could sufficiently help out these struggling candidates, if every active user of this subreddit took part. After that, I provided a detailed plan for defending our 5 most endangered Democratic incumbents for this cycle. I next discussed the different methods that volunteers can help out a campaign, and what good campaigns should provide in such activities to optimize their voter outreach effectiveness, both of which can be found in parts one and two. In October 2019, I then provided another comprehensive review of the 25 districts that are the most likely to flip blue and the ideal strategies to accomplish that goal, which can be found in parts one, two, three, and four. After that, I provided an update on the overall status of our top 5 most endangered incumbents, and posted a rescue plan to help out the least financially stable campaigns, both of which can be found in this post. My next step provided day-by-day calendars highlighting volunteer events within the targeted 25 districts that helped participants develop vital Democratic infrastructure in those areas. These calendars, which ran from October 31 to January 15, can be found in parts one, two, three, and four. In late January, I gave a third update on the top 5 incumbents to defend this cycle. At the start of February 2020, I gave a fresh analysis of the 25 districts with the best chances of going blue, which are provided in parts one, two, three, and four. I then jumped to a day-by-day calendar of volunteer events of congressional campaigns operating throughout the 25 districts, which was originally planned to be released in four parts. However, the quickly deteriorating COVID-19 situation has forced this series to be suspended halfway through this step. The two calendars provided in this step, which ran from February 7 to March 19, can be found here and here. In April 2020, I provided an updated study of the 25 districts with the highest chances of flipping as well as the optimal strategies for each of these districts, which was delivered in parts one, two, three, and four. Later in May 2020, I provided another update on the top 5 incumbents to defend this cycle and their performances. I subsequently proceeded in June 2020 to provide a list of the competitive state house and state senate districts that overlapped one of the 30 congressional districts that this series targeted or defended, which was delivered in parts one, two, three, and four. Starting in late July 2020, I provided an updated perspective of the 25 districts with the highest chances of flipping as well as the optimal strategies for each of these districts, all of which were provided in parts one, two, three, and four. Shortly thereafter in August 2020, I provided a fresh update on the campaign status of the top 5 incumbents to defend this cycle. From there, I supplied a fresh view on the status of our campaigns in competitive state house and state senate districts that overlapped one of the 30 congressional districts that was targeted or defended by this series, which was given in parts one, two, three, and four.
This step will cover the vote-by-mail formats for each district targeted or defended by this series and also cover the necessary steps that our campaigns should follow to have their supporters’ votes properly counted. Due to the fact that most voters have the ability to participate in vote by mail format, a congressional campaign needs to properly adjust their messaging and get out the vote efforts to accommodate its state’s vote by mail schedule. In particular, each congressional campaign needs to devote most of their time contacting their supporters to turn in their ballots starting from the first day that their state sends out their ballots. Almost all of said campaign’s outreach efforts need to be completed by that day, since many voters will have already made up their minds by then and submitted their choices to the drop off boxes. A campaign that fails to take these steps in a timely manner will not be able to get the required amount of Democratic ballots returned to achieve victory in November. The CA-25 May special election is an example of how crucial these efforts are in congressional campaigns. In a post-mortem report of her campaign, I noted that Christy Smith’s CA-25 campaign did not receive significant GOTV support until the special election's final weeks. I also noted that the groups which are the most effective at getting out the vote should have started on April 13, the first day that the ballots were mailed out for that district. This contributed to the result that a significant amount of Democratic ballots were not returned and thus became a considerable factor behind our 9.8 point loss in the special election.
With the importance of adjusting to the vote-by-mail formats highlighted, this step will now present a calendar highlighting the important dates for the congressional campaigns operating within the 30 districts discussed by this series to follow. Each campaign has a different set of important dates, so this calendar should be thoroughly read to avoid any confusion.
There will also be a summary section at the end of this post to provide an update on the House campaigns that donations have the most impact on. If you have money to spare for increasing our House majority, I highly suggest taking a look at this section.
August 31: Pennsylvania requires an application for those wishing to vote by mail. Fortunately, no excuse is required for an application to be processed. Christina Finello and Eugene DePasquale’s campaigns should start contacting their supporters with instructions for filling out such applications, as the entire application process should be given a two-week period to ensure proper processing.
September 5: Georgia, Michigan, Texas, Virginia, Indiana, and Oklahoma require an application for those wishing to vote by mail. For Georgia, Michigan, Virginia, and Oklahoma, no excuse is required for an application to be processed. For Texas and Indiana, an excuse other than COVID-19 is unfortunately required. A photo ID is also necessary in Texas and Oklahoma for the application to be processed. Campaigns for Lucy McBath, Carolyn Bourdeaux, Hillary Scholten, Jon Hoadley, Bryant Cameron Webb, and Kendra Horn should start contacting their supporters with instructions for filling out such applications, as the entire application process should be given a two-week period to ensure proper processing. Mike Siegel, Wendy Davis, Sri Preston Kulkarni, Gina Ortiz Jones, Candace Valenzuela, Donna Imam, and Christina Hale’s campaigns should also start contacting eligible absentee voters for absentee applications as well. Finally, Mike Siegel, Wendy Davis, Sri Preston Kulkarni, Gina Ortiz Jones, Candace Valenzuela, Donna Imam, and Kendra Horn’s campaigns should inform mail voters about the photo ID requirement.
September 10: Illinois and Florida require an application for those wishing to vote by mail. Fortunately, no excuse is required for an application to be processed. A photo ID is also necessary in Florida for the application to be processed. Betsy Dirksen Londrigan, Alan Michael Cohn, and Margaret Good’s campaigns should start contacting their supporters with instructions for filling out such applications, as the entire application process should be given a two-week period to ensure proper processing. Alan Michael Cohn and Margaret Good’s campaigns should also inform mail voters about the photo ID requirement.
September 14: Pennsylvania begins mailing out ballots on that day. Christina Finello and Eugene DePasquale’s campaigns should start contacting their supporters to fill their ballots and submit them from this day forward. Every single outside group needs to converge on PA-01 and PA-10 (which are the districts that they are running in) to get these two campaigns over the finish line.
September 15: Ohio and Nebraska require an application for those wishing to vote by mail. Fortunately, no excuse is required for an application to be processed. Kate Schroder and Kara Eastman’s campaigns should start contacting their supporters with instructions for filling out such applications, as the entire application process should be given a two-week period to ensure proper processing.
September 18: New York requires an application for those wishing to vote by mail. Fortunately, no excuse is required for an application to be processed if COVID-19 fears are cited. Nancy Goroff, Jacqueline Gordon, Anthony Brindisi, and Dana Balter’s campaigns should start contacting their supporters with instructions for filling out such applications, as the entire application process should be given a two-week period to ensure proper processing.
September 19: This is basically the series’ D-Day, as Georgia, Michigan, Texas, Virginia, Indiana, New Jersey, and Oklahoma begin mailing out ballots on that day. Campaigns for Lucy McBath, Carolyn Bourdeaux, Hillary Scholten, Jon Hoadley, Bryant Cameron Webb, Amy Kennedy, and Kendra Horn should start contacting their supporters to fill their ballots and submit them from this day forward. Mike Siegel, Wendy Davis, Sri Preston Kulkarni, Gina Ortiz Jones, Candace Valezuela, Donna Imam, and Christina Hale’s campaigns should also do the same for their supporters who were eligible to receive an absentee ballot. Outside groups should also begin operating in GA-06, GA-07, MI-03, MI-06, TX-10, TX-21, TX-22, TX-23, TX-24, TX-31, VA-05, IN-05, NJ-02, and OK-05, which are the districts that said campaigns are working in. Given that there are plenty of districts for groups to choose from, there is no excuse for any allied GOTV organization not to start taking action from this day forward.
September 20: South Carolina requires an application for those wishing to vote by mail. Unfortunately, an excuse other than COVID-19 is unfortunately required. What is worse is that all absentee ballots must be signed by a witness signature. Joe Cunningham’s campaign should start contacting eligible absentee voters for absentee applications, as the entire application process should be given a two-week period to ensure proper processing.
September 24: Illinois and Florida begin mailing out ballots on that day. Campaigns for Betsy Dirksen Londrigan, Alan Michael Cohn, and Margaret Elizabeth Rowell Good should start contacting their supporters to fill out their ballots and submit them from this day forward. Outside GOTV groups should also participate in IL-13, FL-15, and FL-16, which are the districts that the three campaigns are working to flip.
September 25: Montana requires an application for those wishing to vote by mail. Fortunately, no excuse is required for an application to be processed. Kathleen Williams’ campaign should start contacting supporters with instructions for filling out such applications, as the entire application process should be given a two-week period to ensure proper processing.
September 29: Ohio and Nebraska start mailing out their ballots on that day. Kate Schroder and Kara Eastman’s campaigns should begin contacting their supporters to fill out their ballots and submit them from this day forward. Outside GOTV groups also need to turn their attention to OH-01 and NE-02 (which are the districts that they are running in) to get these two campaigns over the finish line.
October 2: New York begins mailing out ballots on that day. Campaigns for Nancy Goroff, Jacqueline Gordon, Anthony Brindisi, and Dana Balter should start contacting their supporters to fill out their ballots and submit them from this day forward. Allied GOTV groups should also begin operating in NY-01, NY-02, NY-22, and NY-24 (the four New York districts that these campaigns are running in) to maximize our chances of victory there.
October 3: California begins mailing out ballots on that day. Phil Arballo’s campaign should start contacting supporters to fill out their ballots and return them from this day forward. Our national GOTV groups should also turn their attention in CA-22 in order to get the most out of kicking out Devin Nunes in that district.
October 4: South Carolina begins mailing out absentee ballots on that day. Joe Cunningham’s campaign should start contacting supporters to fill out their absentee ballots (if they were eligible to receive one) and return them from this day forward. Democratic GOTV groups should also begin turning their attention to SC-01 to achieve the best chances of holding this district.
October 9: Montana begins mailing out ballots on that day. Kathleen Williams’ campaign should begin contacting supporters to fill out and return their ballots, starting from this day. GOTV groups should start operating hard in Montana, as MT-AL is a district that needs every single Democratic effort working on it in order to have a decent chance of flipping.
October 12: Colorado begins mailing out ballots on that day. Diane Mitsch Bush’s campaign should begin contacting supporters to fill out and return their ballots, starting from this day. Allied GOTV groups should start operating in CO-03 to maximize our chances of flipping this district.
October 13: Utah begins mailing out ballots on that day. Ben McAdams’ campaign should begin contacting supporters to fill out and return their ballots, starting from this day. Democratic GOTV group need to begin their efforts in UT-04 for us to get over the finish line in this district.
And now we come to another update of the list of Democratic campaigns to donate to at this point. In the eighteenth through twenty-first steps, I highlighted certain districts where donations would be the most effective for maximizing our post-2020 majority. Since then, the Democratic nominees for all of the districts targeted by this series have been selected. However, there are still quite a few districts that currently warrant our attention. The key districts listed below will be thus be split into two tiers. The primary difference between these two tiers is that donations should only be made to the campaigns operating in Tier 2 districts if the quarterly recommended amounts have been made to every single Tier 1 district at first. This requirement is to ensure that every Democratic nominee will have a sufficient amount of campaign funds to run a competitive campaign. For Tier 1 districts, there will also be a suggested donation amount for those of us with $100 to donate, which has been a commonly cited available amount to donate to competitive races this cycle. The races that I have selected will have a donation link to the Democratic nominee for anyone wishing to provide financial assistance to these campaigns.
The updated list of races to donate to, by order of priority:
Tier 1:
TX-31. The Democratic nominee, Donna Imam, is definitely having serious fundraising difficulties, as she is currently the only nominee in this series that has not even broken the $500,000 fundraising mark at this point. According to the Q2 fundraising reports, Donna Imam has only raised $249,274, while her GOP opponent, John Carter, has raised $1,568,704. There’s also the fact that she spent most of her resources to resolve a rather lengthy runoff. Now this district is rated Likely Republican and is considered to be a reach. However, MJ Hegar’s infrastructure built from her 2018 run will definitely be up and running because of her current Senate run. If Donna Imam received enough donations to have her break the $1 million fundraising mark by the end of September, then I think she can improve MJ Hegar’s 2018 margins.
Suggested Donation Amount: $35 $43 Recommended Quarterly Amount: $691 $841 Donna Imam’s Campaign Website: Donna Imam’s Donation Page:
PA-01. The Democratic nominee, Christina Finello, is still highly strapped for cash due to the Democratic primary stumbles earlier this cycle. Christina Finello has only raised $501,826, while her GOP opponent, Brian Fitzpatrick, has raised $2,741,797, according to the Q2 reports. Although the fundraising gap, is slightly smaller, it is still massive in a race that is rated Lean Republican. So donations there have a huge impact in getting Christina Finello’s campaign there up to speed and will improve our chances of flipping Pennsylvania back to blue in November.
Suggested Donation Amount: $27 $28 Recommended Quarterly Amount: $523 $536 Christina Finello’s Campaign Website: Christina Finello’s Donation Page:
FL-15. This race has certainly picked up quite a lot of attention in the last couple of weeks. The Democratic nominee, Alan Michael Cohn, has raised a total of $579,811 in his pre-primary report, who is facing Scott Franklin, who is slightly leading him in fundraising with a pre-primary fundraising total of $587,441. The GOP electorate is somewhat divided after the district’s incumbent, Ross Spano, lost his primary to Scott Franklin. The small fundraising gap between Alan Michael Cohn and Scott Franklin can be easily closed if enough donations promptly went to Alan Michael Cohn’s campaign. This in turn would allow Alan Michael Cohn to have a strong chance of flipping this currently Lean Republican race in November.
Suggested Donation Amount: $24 $29 Recommended Quarterly Amount: $470 $573 Alan Michael Cohn’s Campaign Website: Alan Michael Cohn’s Donation Page:
TX-10. The Democratic nominee, Mike Siegel, is another candidate that is falling behind in fundraising, with Mike Siegel only raising $886,374 to the GOP incumbent Michael McCaul’s $2,460,465 in the Q2 reports. There is also the fact that Mike Siegel recently came out of a lengthy runoff and is thus short on resources in this Lean Republican race. Right now, I believe that this particular race is underrated, and if more donations head towards Mike Siegel’s campaign, he has a good chance of flipping the district in his second try. I especially recommend this race to progressive Democrats, as they are certainly going to like the platform that he has outlined in his website.
Suggested Donation Amount: $14 Recommended Quarterly Amount: $266 MOVED TO TIER 2 LIST- DONATE THE RECOMMENDED QUARTERLY AMOUNTS TO THE ABOVE THREE CAMPAIGNS FIRST Mike Siegel’s Campaign Website: Mike Siegel’s Donation Page:
Tier 2:
MI-03. So now we have reached the races where only the rich mortals should pay attention to at this moment. It will be assumed that anyone considering these Tier 2 races have already made the recommended quarterly amounts to the above three campaigns. Anyone else should just skip to the end of this step to keep things simple. The presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Scholten, is not in the best position in this Lean Republican race. Her GOP opponent in this open seat race is Peter Meijer, who has outraised Hillary Scholten so far in the pre-primary reports, $1,507,966 to $1,044,918. We thus need to help Hillary Scholten close the fundraising gap between herself and Peter Meijer in the next several months. Boosting up Democratic turnout in this district also improves our chances of winning the Presidential and Senate races in Michigan by improving the infrastructure in a traditionally conservative area. This means that donating to Hillary Scholten’s campaign is a good choice in terms of providing efficient benefits up and down the ballot.
Hillary Scholten’s Campaign Website: Hillary Scholten’s Donation Page:
CO-03. As I noted earlier in this post, this race currently has a Lean Republican status and is moving in our favor because of GOP nominee Lauren Boebert’s horrendous nature and her successful primary challenge of the GOP incumbent, Scott Tipton. The Democratic nominee, Diane Mitsch Bush, is outraising Lauren Boebert, $1,100,636 to $151,975, according to the Q2 fundraising reports. Boosting up Democratic turnout in this district also improves our chances of winning the Senate race in Colorado by improving the weak infrastructure located in traditionally conservative areas within the district. So donating to Diane Mitsch Bush is another one of the smarter choices in terms of supplying benefits to races up the ballot. REMOVED FROM TIER 2 LIST
Diane Mitsch Bush’s Campaign Website: Diane Mitsch Bush’s Donation Page:
NY-24. Like most of the above districts, this is a Lean Republican race with serious potential to flip in November. The Democratic nominee, Dana Balter, continues to be outraised by her GOP opponent, John Katko, $1,106,706 to $2,361,413, according to the Q2 reports. Voter persuasion is going to be very important in Dana Balter’s campaign, as thousands of the district’s voters are currently inclined to split their tickets between Joe Biden and John Katko. Dana Balter’s primary objective is to develop her voter outreach in Auburn, Syracuse, and Skaneateles in order to persuade these types of voters to choose Dana Balter this time around. Providing Dana Balter with donations would help her accomplish this goal before the GOP’s attack ads make this impossible to achieve.
Dana Balter’s Campaign Website: Dana Balter’s Donation Page:
TX-24. This particular district will be nationalized to hell and back and is front and center in the efforts of progressive groups to flip red districts rather than just being relegated to deep blue districts. According to the Q2 reports, the Democratic nominee, Candace Valenzuela, is being slightly outraised by the GOP candidate, Beth Van Duyne, in this open seat race that is currently rated as a Tossup, $1,112,226 to $1,431,965. The bulk of the local and national progressive groups are backing Candace Valenzuela in an effort to juice up Democratic turnout in this district. To do this, Candace Valenzuela’s campaign will need to close the fundraising gap to recover from the lengthy runoff that took place earlier this year. It would thus be advantageous for a fresh round of donations to head her way over the next several months, particularly those from progressive Democrats. REMOVED FROM TIER 2 LIST
Candace Valenzuela’s Campaign Website: Candace Valenzuela’s Donation Page:
And thus we come the end of this step. When we come back to this series after the Q3 fundraising reports for every candidate are released on October 15, 2020, a comprehensive review will take place to gauge the progress of the Democratic candidates running in the target districts. So stay tuned! Any corrections or comments are welcome.
IMPORTANT EDIT: After reviewing the July ActBlue fundraising data for several of the districts in question, I would like to announce the following changes to the Tier 1 and Tier 2 donation lists:
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2020.08.19 18:36 Next_Rush_3365 Got a speeding ticket in Syracuse but I’m from CT

What’s up guys! So I got a speeding ticket in Syracuse and I want to plead not guilty. Will they send me a court date without letting me write my reason explaining my side? Or should I just fill out a reduction form which allows me to at least get a lowered fine from the DA? Won’t that be better but still follow my license which is the only sucky part?? Let me know I greatly appreciate it!
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2020.05.17 16:27 Remexa Weekly train fact #6

There is actually no major agreement among railway historians and railfans on what locomotive was the first to reach 100 mph, although there are 3 major claims. One American, and two British.
The earliest known claim was that of the NYC and HRRR Empire State Express 999, which supposedly broke the record on May 10th, 1893, reaching 112.5 mph.
The second claim was that of GWR 3440 City of Truro, who’s claim is dated May 9th, 1904 for 102.3 mph.
The third and also the first verified claim is that of LNER 4472 Flying Scotsman, which reached the speed of 100 mph on November 30th, 1934.
You can still see all three locomotives today, although in varying states of originality. The Empire State Express 999 is currently located in the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois. Having been retired in 1953, and having gone through a large rebuild around the turn of the century to make it more suitable for switching work.
The 3440 City of Truro and 4472 Flying Scotsman are both owned by the National Railway Museum in York, England. The Flying Scotsman has gone through many rebuilds and redesigns since it’s construction in 1923.
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2020.04.26 16:23 Fart_Leviathan The r/formula1 Lockdown Quiz Results

Hey everybody,
First off, I have to apologise for taking so long to finally get back to you all with the results, I was unexpectedly swamped with work all the way through the week and had no time to make this post. Everyone will receive their scores in pm over the next few days.
Now, on to the actual quiz. The response was amazing, far more answered than I originally expected and a lot of those were extremely knowledgeable.
At the end, it wasn't the closest and we had a clear winner, but the top 3 all got at least 20 points out of the maximum of 25! If you've completed the quiz, I don't need to tell you how much of an achievement that is.
Without any further ado, congratulations to the winner of the quiz, u/BottasWMR with an amazing 23 points! He managed to answer 22 questions for full marks and a further 2 for half marks, leaving only one fully wrong answer in his sheet. Huge congratulations! If you wish to have Quiz Master, 2020 Apocalypse Quiz Winner or something similar in your flair, contact filipjj or jeppe :)
Not too far behind, at 21 points is u/LiamFN and completing the podium with 20 is u/Miwna. Congratulations to them as well!
The top 10 I feel deserve a shout out here with a full leaderboard:
  1. BottasWMR - 23 points
  2. LiamFN - 21 points
  3. Miwna - 20 points
  4. u/TomTwice & u/Badithan1 -18 points
  5. u/karx99 , u/Gabbynaru & u/CHR1597 - 17 points
  6. u/cumulonimbus09 - 16 points
  7. u/TheStateofIt & u/harrycss - 15,5 points
But now on to the most anticipated part, the questions and the answers!
Just a simple Monaco got you full marks. But specifically, Monaco from 1955 to 1972 at just 3.145kms, something that wasn't answered by anyone, even the most meticulous missing that the 1950 version was wider at St Devote and therefore officially longer! Proving very popular as a wrong answer was Zeltweg, a track shorter than all current venues, but marginally longer than pre-1972 Monaco.
Note: Since the wording was "F1 World Championship", to filter out Italian Championship venue Vallelunga and NC-race venue Roskildering, I've accepted Long Beach in 2 cases, as that is the shortest track after the official name of the championship was changed in 1981.
Too slow is the answer. Even if the truth is closer to dangerous driving, that was the official call. I accepted everything that made a reference to him being slow.
Markus Winkelrock of course. Incorrect spellings, Winkelrock or Winkelhock all got points if it is obviously referring to this guy.
That's Niki Lauda of course in 1973. Not much else to say. Graham Hill was a surprisingly popular wrong answer.
That would be Mika Häkkinen. Lots of funky spelling on this one, but still accepted every version.
The question almost everyone got correct, it was a young Daniel Ricciardo from his Formula BMW days. Most wrong answers here were obvious jokes. Looking at you "Young Andy Samberg" throwing away a top 50 score :D
They led a lap was the answer, as it never happened to the team again. Every version was accepted if it made reference to the fact.
John Watson and Fernando Alonso. In addition to his well-known record-holding win from 22nd in 1983 Detroit, Wattie took the 1982 edition of the same race from 17th. Alonso's two came from the controversial 2008 Singapore GP from 15th and the 2012 European GP from 11th.
And we have the first errata'd question. The answer I was looking for is AVUS, where the raging lead battle saw Brooks, Gurney, P.Hill and Gregory swap the top position 22 times. Since I was late adding that for the quiz I'm not including the Indy 500s a lot of people answered with the 1960 Indy 500, which I've accepted as well. Half marks went to people only saying "Germany", but not the track.
Farina in 1952 or Ronnie Peterson in 1971, 2nd place. Answering just one of them was enough for the point. Alternatively, Richie Ginther in 1963, who tied for 2nd (no tiebreaker until the 80's) that year got you full marks and a frown.
A surprisingly tough question only very few could answer. It is racing legend Charles Pic who never retired as a consequence of a crash or spin in his 39 races.
He is testing the Alfa Romeo 177, the car they returned with the first time. This question is the source of most half points, as I gave half for saying Alfa Romeo only.
Wreaths were last given out to the podium in 1985, but the final race in Australia (amongst others) omitted to do so, so the correct answer is the podium of the 1985 South African GP, Mansell, Rosberg and Prost
This one was a bit strange and it's on me. I was thinking of the P207 which was too wide to fit in the container and thus couldn't be put on the transport airplane. I accepted every variation that alluded to it being too wide or too large. BUT some of you may say it wasn't their last car that is both true and untrue. As all of those who did their research and looked into the P230 saw it was first plagued by suspension issues, then legal issues… which literally ruled the car did not belong to BRM. Anyway, I gave full marks to everyone who said rocker arms, legal issues or even bankruptcy, because again, this is on my wording being weak.
They got a dead heat! It happened in the non-championship Syracuse GP. That was the only answer I accepted.
I know it sounds vague, but reading that he was thwarted by a man who laid down on the track in front of him that could have ended up in him being ran over at speed, it is obviously going to be that incident. Full marks went to everyone who got that it was a man on the track, protester, track invader, whatever. My sources actually said mental patient. I gave half marks to those who said he had a lap of 35 minutes in Spa, since it is also an interesting answer.
They couldn't get ready in time and had to use a test mule which was still only coated in primer paint that was an ugly light green. I accepted every answer that made reference to no time, test mule or the car being in development.
The driver who did this feat is Onofre Marimón. He started in 28th in the 1954 British GP and crossed the line 6th after only a lap. That's 22 places in one, single tour. Literally unachievable for most recent drivers. I got a lot of smart guesses with the Nordscheleife, Jim Clark and Winkelhock being common themes, but this was one of the most difficult questions, with only 1% of the responses being correct. For future reference, Winkelhock crossed the line in 10th after lap 1, so his score would only be 12.
It was a picture of Helmuth Koinigg, an up and coming driver who tragically lost his life in Watkins Glen 1974.
I didn't actually expect to get correct answers on this one, but there were 3 (plus two). As I expected a lot of you answered Lotus in 1968 or Gunston in 1968, of which the latter was the first to start a race sponsored, but not the first to try. That would be Geki in the 1965 Italian GP. Salami Rondanini was the sponsor and he was made to take the logos off after practice. Since I forgot to say championship race or anything of that kind, I accepted the 1958 Race of Two Worlds/El Dorado Ice Cream as a correct answer in 2 cases. Nobody came up with it, but I would have given points to 1951 Indy 500/Central Excavating for the same reason.
Even harder than anything before, only one and a half points given out and only one response had the correct answer, Surtees. When the UK first tried to make their lives harder, John Watson's otherwise unsponsored car had "Keep Britain in Europe" on the sides for the 1975 Spanish GP.
Just like what a lot of you expected, there was a twist. Why else would have this been a final section question? Pre-qualifying for the 1978 German GP was organised to take place during a tire test at the end of June, almost 2 months before the race itself and ahead of the 2 races preceding the German GP. So Arnoux having already failed to qualify for Germany made the 1978 French GP the next weekend. I gave full marks without the year, which probably got a couple of you lucky breaks. Since none of those answers came from people over 6 points, it didn't affect anything.
One of my favorite stories, in the 1954 Cornwall MRC race Gould retired, loaded up his cars and managed to reverse into a gantry that collapsed onto the circuit. I accepted all answers that made a reference to crashing into a gantry or bridge.
The hardest question and the only one remaining unanswered. It was Olivier Grouillard. He had a DNQ in Monaco in 1990 and 1991, a DNQ in Indy in 1993 and finally one in Le Mans in 1997. But here's the catch, after failing to qualify his SARD (Toyota) he was recruited to be the third driver in Courage's Andretti car, so on most results pages he appears only as a non-finisher. I gave half marks for Stefan Johansson. He has conventional DNQs in Monaco and Le Mans, while in Indy he has a contentious case. He qualified for the 1995 running, but only with his third car after failing to get both his primary car and his backup up to speed. He therefore both qualified and withdrew unqualified cars. I don't count it, but worth half a point.
A lot of you thought this was impossible, but quite a lot managed to solve it. The most correct answer is May 24, 1979 - 8:00 to 8:30 and 9:15 to 9:45. I accepted every answer that put it between 8:00 and 9:59. But just how? Well, the picture shows Gianfranco Brancatelli driving a Merzario, something that only happened in 1979 Monaco after Art injuring his hand and needing a substitute. Brancatelli did not manage to get out of pre-qualification, which in these days was the very first event of the weekend. Therefore the picture could not have been taken at any other occasion, only the pre-qualifying for the 1979 Monaco GP. The only remaining question was when did that take place. First practice was from 10, so it had to be earlier. Alternatively, you could try and find the race program which had the full correct answer. I feel sorry for all those who said 10 am, and missed it by this much, but no half points this time.
Staaaats! Correct answers per question
Average of correct answers per section
Random facts :)
Whew, so that's all. As I've said at the start, I'll pm everyone your scores, just be a bit more patient please.
Thanks a lot for playing and stay safe people!
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2020.01.26 23:47 edipil EU4 Saturdays - Return to Majors

START DATE:Saturday, February 8
WHEN: 3pm Eastern Standard Time (8pm UTC)
HOW LONG: 3 hours
REQUIRED: Discord (Must be on voice to hear of rehosts, gm rulings, and other important things... plus all those delicious salty goon rage tears.)
One last campaign before this big game update coming at some point this year. This time we get back to good old mp basics. No restrictions on nation picks other than the typical geographic restrictions to Europe, North Africa, and Middle East.
We will once again be playing with the victory points sytem I created for the previous campaign, with a few revisions. You can view further down in the post the full details of the edipil-points system. There will be no reliance on victory cards and instead your points will be tallied based off of being the top dog in stats and achieving various in game objectives.
All players are welcome and we will try to play on speed 3 as often as possible but will play on speed 2 for particularly intense wars between players or if someone is lagging a bit behind. We will do rehosts if need be and pause only for hotjoins. You are welcome to join the game any time after the first session if you are unable to make it for the start.
The winning nation will be determined as the player with the most victory points by the end of the game. Below are the 5 categories of Victory Points. MILITARY
You will get 5 points for each of these cities that you control at the end of the game, see below a map marking the cities and a list of each one with the province ID (New World VCs are okay to be controlled by a subject but Old World VCs must be controlled directly by the player)
Africa/Middle East
New World
*NOTE: Any score objective that requires control means owning the province and having a core. The province being occupied by the enemy does not cancel out your points from having control.
Here is a region map for clarification on pick restrictions right now.
Everything east/south of the red line is off limits.
EDIT: Africa is open as well now for nation picks
Here are my pics as an example:
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2019.12.03 05:45 Po_Biotic Squall

McKenzie "Kenz" Straton, Squall

"Fly true, follow your path, and make a lasting impression. That is the way of life for both an arrow and humanity."
Theme Song: Hiroyuki Sawano - gREat:Collapse
Date of Birth: December 2nd 1997 - 18
Appearance: McKenzie stands 6'3 and 180 pounds with a lean and muscular build. His long years spent outdoors shows from his tanned skin, battle scars, and calloused hands. He has medium length brown hand which he wears with a bandanna to keep it out of his eyes.
McKenzie is a free spirit who likes to roam, learn, and pick up new interests. However, he also roots himself to a place he can call home, and he protects this home and his fellow community members fiercely.
McKenzie was born in a parallel Earth. His father had a strong distrust of technology so he and McKenzie were wanderers who stayed away from large centers of civilization. Though the boy had a strong sense of curiosity about the technology his father despised. When McKenzie was 16, his father was killed in an ambush, leaving McKenzie on his own. So the boy set out to find his mother who he hardly remembered. Along the way, he met various individually who taught him that technology was the great evil he was taught growing up.
Before McKenzie could find his mother, he got caught in a battle between mages and ended up getting caught up in a sealing spell that backfired, sending him hurtling to another Earth.
He realized his chances of returning homes were slim and he had nothing in that world to begin with, so he wasn't too upset about settling down on this new Earth. He found a small community in upstate New York who welcomed him and over the next year he slowly got acclimated to his new life.
Base of Operations: McKenzie lives in a small cabin built on the outskirts of Syracuse near Lake Ontario.
Registration Status: Registered, Tier 2 license.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Tier: Megahuman
Creep Intentions: May creep over time.


McKenzie is a near master archer, having trained daily from a young age in order to become a warrior. He is skilled in the outdoors, defending himself with a knife, tracking targets, moving about silently, and analyzing technology. He is above average with blacksmithing and carpentry. He is capable of repairing or recreating his bow and is a skilled horseback rider.
McKen is fast at learning new languages, able to become conversational in a matter of months if he dedicates himself. Apart from his own native languages, he speaks English and Spanish, and is learning Japanese.


McKenzie owns a recurve bow and will carry 35 arrows in a quiver. He also tends to carry a slingshot with several dozen pellets. These projectiles are made of Titanium Carbide and Titanium Nitrate
He also will carry a hunting knife, flint and steel, rope, and other outdoors supplies.
He owns $85,000 worth of gold, silver, and platinum.


Believed to be an exceptionally skilled mage in his world, McKenzie, in fact, has no magical power whatsoever. His abilities come from the bloodline of his father, a divinely imbued innate power based down genetically.
Blessing of the Southern Wind
  • Wind Wall:
    • Turns the air in McKenzie's vicinity into a solid which shields him from damage. This wall can take up to 1 MJ from all sources before breaking. It can be summoned as a skintight shield or project as a 2.5x2.5 meter barrier in front of McKenzie. It can also be broken with 30 tons of force.
    • This wall can be resummoned or the current wall refreshed every second. The wall is effectively 5 inches thick, 50 kg, and can protect from -25-450o F before letting heat slip through.
  • Maelstrom:
    • Creates a 135 mph tornado within 75 meters of McKenzie's position. Max diameter of 15 meters. This tornado is able to move at 35 mph. The tornado takes 3 seconds to spin up and can be maintained for no more than 8 minutes per hour.
  • Disturbance:
    • Can sense changes in the air around him, including pressure, flow, and temperature, within 25 meters around himself.
  • Vacuum:
    • In an area of 125 cubic meters with the largest possible dimension being 10 meters, McKenzie forcefully removes the air from it at a rate of 15 cubic meters per second. New air does not naturally enter the area until McKenzie undoes the technique. Range of 50 meters.
Swift are Those Who Challenge the Gale
  • This provides McKenzie with an innate ability to fly by creating gas inside his body and propelling it through his sweat pores. It also raises his natural reaction time.
  • It gives him a combat speed of 135 mph and a travel speed of 90 mph.
  • Additionally, it provides him resistant to in-tier shockwaves and high-speed air currents up to hurricane force winds.
Tempest Aether
  • Projectiles or Strikes by McKenzie are naturally enhanced in strength by the air his body generates.
  • Projectiles are increased up to 150,000 Joules and have their speed increased to mach 2.2 if already slower. These objects do not create a sonic boom and make no extra noise. Physical stikes do not receive this speed benefit.
  • This power is taxing on McKenzie. He can fire 10 full strength shots per second or more proportionally weaker ones.
Hunter's Boone
  • McKenzie has eyesight which is 10 times sharper than humans, and he reacts 10 times faster than peak humans.
  • He has minorly enhanced muscle control which helps him steady his aim and keep balanced.
  • McKenzie can see in near pitch darkness, can see heat emitted from objects and is also capable of perceiving air currents with ease.


  • Made a shot on a stationary target 2 miles away but it took him time to line up.
  • Easily fired 15 arrows in a second.
  • Took on a group of five men in a crowded room on his own.
  • Destroyed a house with Maelstrom
  • Easily made shots at targets 150 meters away while moving near his top speed.
  • McKenzie's arrows pierce twice as well as a .338 Lapua round. (10 kJ/mm2)
  • Used Malestrom to curve an arrow and landed it on a car size target.
  • Can easily three fire arrows at once and accurately hit them within 50 meters.
  • Past 450 meters, McKenzie's ability to view air currents becomes ineffective.
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2019.12.01 19:23 VCUBNFO Thoughts on burying highways in RVA?

I saw an article today about how some cities are burying highways.
I was interested in what y’all’s thoughts on burying highways might be.
I put the article below if you’re interested
Sorry for the formatting, I’m on mobile.
On South Union Street, workers are putting the finishing touches on a new luxury apartment building. Nearby, a museum plans an expansion and new parking garage.
Not long ago, the land where all this construction is taking place was the Inner Loop, a six-lane sunken highway surrounding downtown. In 2014, the city embarked on a plan to bury part of the highway under a mountain of dirt and build a new neighborhood on top of it.
The result: $229 million in new investment, including 519 homes and 45,000 square feet of commercial space. Removing that section of highway has been so successful, officials say, they are now considering burying more of it.
In Rochester and several other American cities, some of the biggest highway infrastructure projects under consideration involve demolition rather than construction. Removals are being considered for stretches of highway in Detroit, Tampa, Fla., Baltimore and elsewhere. They are following in the footsteps of cities such as Portland, Ore., Milwaukee and Chattanooga, Tenn., all of which have removed highways.
The highways mostly date from the 1950s and 1960s, a time when urban planners envisioned a network of high-speed roads whisking people from suburban homes to downtown jobs. Many are part of the Interstate highway system, which was under construction in those years and today connects cities across the U.S. with nearly 47,000 miles of road.
In the process, highway builders swept aside established urban neighborhoods, many of which were predominantly African-American. Businesses soon followed their customers to the suburbs, leaving buildings abandoned.
The roads “cut out a huge part of the fabric of the city and they also encouraged the use of cars so they led to even more blight by requiring more space for parking,” said Norman Garrick, an engineering professor at the University of Connecticut.
Today, the trend is reversing. Revitalized city centers are drawing new residents and businesses. Some cities now see the highways as ugly concrete monoliths that divide neighborhoods and hinder efforts to create pedestrian-friendly spaces. The roads are also getting old. Maintaining them would cost more than officials are willing to spend.
New York state has been particularly active in removing outdated highways. Highway removals are under way in Niagara Falls and the Bronx, and future projects are being discussed in Syracuse and Buffalo.
In Rochester, a thriving downtown grew desolate following the completion of the Inner Loop in the 1960s, on land that had once held almost 1,300 homes, recalled Lovely Warren, the city’s mayor. “If you wanted to come down here it was to go to court or to transfer on the bus,” she said.
In many cities the racial makeup of the neighborhoods determined where the highways would go.
“The freeways were put in to divide the black neighborhoods from the white neighborhoods or they were put straight through the center of the black neighborhoods and basically destroyed them,” Mr. Garrick said.
Knitting the neighborhoods back together poses its own challenges. In Rochester, the remaining section of the Inner Loop separates an affluent area of new townhouses from a lower-income neighborhood dotted with vacant lots.
For decades, the highway has served as a moat, keeping the two sides apart. Talk of removing it has sparked gentrification concerns.
“It’s not an evil thing, gentrification, but unless you’re prepared it can have a detrimental effect on the neighborhood,” said Tony Clyde Wilson, steward board president of the New Bethel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, which sits right next to the Inner Loop.
A group of residents on both sides of the highway has been trying to bridge the gap.
“You’re creating a new neighborhood that hasn’t existed in over 50 years,” said Shawn Dunwoody, an organizer. “We want people invested in shaping that area and making it happen.”
Highway teardowns could soon get some help from the federal government. In July, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee adopted a $287 billion transportation bill that creates a $120 million program to help fund highway removals.
Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D., Md.), who helped create the program, said he was motivated by Baltimore’s so-called Highway To Nowhere, a one-mile six-lane stretch originally intended to connect to Interstate 70 before it was abandoned.
“It’s like a big gash through West Baltimore,” Mr. Van Hollen said.
Officials considering ripping out downtown highways have had to convince residents that they won’t be stuck in endless traffic jams. Studies, including one by Mr. Garrick, have found that removing major roads didn’t noticeably worsen congestion because traffic spread across the existing street grid.
For cities, removing highways brings with it a significant prize: The ability to reclaim acres of developable land. Milwaukee gained almost 30 acres of prime downtown real estate after it demolished the Park East Freeway in 2002 and 2003. Since then, the area has seen about $1 billion in private investment, the city estimates.
“We’ve showed that when you take the highway out of the city it gets better. It’s that simple,” said Peter Park, who served as Milwaukee’s planning director at the time.
That experience has emboldened other big cities.
In Detroit, officials are considering removing Interstate 375, which paved over established black neighborhoods in the city’s core.
In Tampa, planners are studying removing a stretch of Interstate 275 that cut through the historic Tampa Heights neighborhood.
Beth Alden, president of the Hillsborough County planning organization, said officials were responding to requests from residents.
“They’ve asked do we have to have a Great Wall of Tampa? What if there were something better there?” she said.
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2019.12.01 05:31 THRILLHOIAF [COMETS HARVEST] Utica Comets (12-7-1-0) vs. Toronto Marlies (14-2-2-1)


Good Afternoon Canuck Nation, it's time for another weekend double-header on the road. Today (and tomorrow) the Comets faceoff against North Division-leading, Toronto Marlies.
The Marlies haven't missed a beat since losing Sheldon Keefe to call-up. Since November 20th, the Marlies have rattled off four-straight wins, on top of the existing three-game win streak they had while Keefe was behind the bench. *busts out calculator* that's SEVEN wins straight!
This weekend marks the Marlies first of four triple-header weekends that they'll have to endure this season. By comparison, the Comets have just one triple-header on the docket this season. Last year, the Comets had five triple-header weekends.
I semi got my wish last Wednesday when I'd hoped the Marlies would come into this Saturday's matchup, tired from their road game against Rochester. While the Marlies won, it was still an overtime game that didn't end until 9:36 pm last night. Maybe they hit a lil' traffic on the way home, ensuring a late return home before today's afternoon action!
What I'm getting at is the Comets will need every advantage they can get to come away from this weekend with any points whatsoever. This past Wednesday's game against the Syracuse Crunch was easily the Comet's best-composed effort to-date. The D-corps were playing responsibly, the forward groups were aggressive on pucks in the neutral zone, and they didn't allow their opponents 50+ odd-man-rushes against during the game.
Comets will need to repeat Wednesday's effort and will need Mikey DP to stay on top of his game.
All that preamble out of the way lets take a look at the starting lineup and see what if any changes got made to Wednesday's winning combination.
Baertschi (#47) Malone (#17) Boucher (#24)
Roussel (#62) Camper (#19) Lind (#13)
Gadjovich (#21) Perron (#27) Bailey (#95)
Bancks (#34) Jasek (#9) Stevenson (#26)
Sautner (#6) Chatfield (#5)
Brisebois (#55) Rafferty (#25)
Blujus (#8) Eliot (#52)
Michael Di Pietro
It looks like the only change to Saturday's lineup is the substitution of Lukas Jasek back into the lineup after missing Wednesday's action due to injury. Tanner Sorenson was good, but in previous instances, Bancks and Jasek have been a formidable offense-denial line; tonight could be a good defensive effort from the Comets bottom-six.
Also surprising is Michael Di Pietro getting the first start on the weekend. Thought maybe Cull would put his star goaltender in the closer position, as he's shined for this team in those weekend closing efforts.
In three games as the closer for weekend double-headers this season, Di Pietro is undefeated with one win, one OT win, and one SO win. During those three closing games, MDP has an incredible 107 saves on 112 shots against, good for a 0.955 save %, and a 1.60 goals-against-average. Fingers crossed, he has a solid showing against a tough Marlies lineup while they're marginally fresher.
Injury Report -- --
Olli Juolevi (not the knee) Vincent Arseneau Wacey Hamilton
Healthy Scratches -- -- -- --
Richard Bachman Stefan LeBlanc Josh Teves Justin Taylor Tanner Sorenson

1st period

Comets in Blue

The score at the end of the 1st period: 2-1 Marlies

Not the worst period I've seen from the Comets, they certainly had their chances throughout the first, but let the Marlies set up passing plays way too often in their end. Marlies outshot the Comets thirteen to eight over the opening twenty. Boucher, Lind, Roussel, and Camper are looking dynamic whenever they're on the ice. I think Boucher might be one of the few Comets players who nearly manages a positive CORSI while on the penalty kill.

2nd Period


The Score at the end of the 2nd period: 2-2 Tie

A gutsy effort in the second period from the boys in blue, as they close out the second period having killed off six straight minutes of shorthanded time. Amazingly, despite the extended powerplay time for the Marlies, the Comets held them to just five shots total, according to the AHL game-center. That shot-total might change when I do my tracking comb-through later. Nonetheless, impressive period from the Comets penalty-killers on that one, even if there were a couple, "yikes moments" sprinkled throughout the PK. Before that, Kole Lind and his linemates were looking sharp in creating offense. Defense is regressing to those earlier tendencies that were giving their opponents multiple shorthanded opportunities. Fortunately, the Marlies passing has not been sharp tonight.

3rd period

Gutsy effort by the Comets to come back from two one-goal deficits, and to tie it up late with an even-strength goal. Great effort from the team in the third period as they dominated the Marlies with possession. Shots in the final frame favored the Comets eight to six.

Final Score: 4-3 Utica Comets



Period Team Goalscorer Primary assist helper type
1st TOR Tanner MacMaster Pontus Aberg Egor Korshkov 5v5
1st UTI Sven Baertschi Kole Lind Reid Boucher PPG
1st TOR Kenny Agostino Jeremy Bracco Rasmus Sandin PPG
2nd UTI Justin Bailey Sven Baertschi Brogan Rafferty PPG
3rd UTI Kole Lind Carter Camper Antoine Roussel 5v5
3rd TOR Darren Archibald Tim Liljegren Nicholas Baptiste PPG
3rd UTI Reid Boucher Guillaume Brisebois Brogan Rafferty 5v5



Comets Three Stars

The Comets Trajectory?
The Comets are back in action tomorrow when they engage in the rematch. Hopefully, the Comets win, but more importantly, hopefully, I get the recap out in a much timelier fashion!
As always, if you want to read up on this Comets Harvest or the 2018-19 Farmies editions, you can find them all at my Comets Harvest Blog here
If you want more Comets coverage from yours truly, you can now find MORE of my writing at
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“I said I am a Warlock! What did I stutter?”
“Miss Tolgolalopus, you always stutter? You stammer, you have a lisp, you have one wandering eye over there and a lazy eye over here, you have buckteeth and greasy hair, and you are uncouth, unkempt, ignorant and barefoot. You are a progressive slut and a whore, I read in the bathroom that your coochy and your hoochie both stink and you are terrible at sex. I now know firsthand that there is no depravity you will not sink to.”
“Don’t hold back on my account, you’s seem to be on a roll.” You adjust the frozen bag f vegetables under your butt for more comfort.
“Now on top of all of this you are telling me that seriously, though cognoscente of the laws of GOD you have actually made a pact with the devil?”
“And I am going to raise the dead, tonight.” You smile broad flashing your buck teeth.
“Alright, let’s get you to that library then. What is so important about the library at school? Don’t you have your own magic books?”
“I mostly use Dungeons and Dragons stuff, the old school books, very accurate.” You wink, “However the school library has the original lay out of the cemetery in town and in town there was a notorious witch who moved up her from Salem, just before the rest of them got strung up.”
“That sounds ghoulish, you are going to raise her up?”
“It is a he, yes. He is going to be my lover and my mentor and teach me all sorts of new powers.”
“Sounds like you have it all figured out.”
“It is because I am a genius.” You shrug, “The problem is a witch hunter also followed him up here and I certainly DON’T want to raise him up!”
“No… no you wouldn’t want to do that.” Mrs. Grabcrotch agrees, “Let me get you there then I will drop you off and go park.”
“You’s so nice!”
She gives you a curious look, “You realize I am posting that horse video with you on line.”
“I know right! I am going to be so famous! That is what we warlocks want! Money, POWER and FAME!”
(Go to 66)
You stare at all three possible rides, you have ridden in trucks, numerous times, you wouldn’t be caught dead in a Prius, “That leaves you’s!” you point at the biker chick in the leather shorts, “Is there a seatbelt on this thing?”
“Yeah… me, hold on tight.” The woman smiles with a wink and taking your hand and helps you over the side. Your tight dress is nylon and stretches comfortably enough for you to straddle her when she is in place.
The truck honks its horn and peels off, “FUCKING WHORES!” they shout tossing a beer out the window but it misses you. The lesbian in the Prius frowns at you and gets back in her car, “Your loss girl I could have ‘woke’ you!” blasting her noise and peels off as much as a Prius can peel off, more like hum away angrily.
You squeeze the thin woman tight and pull her close as she kicks the bike on and eases back on to the road, “I never asked you where you were going.” She shouts over her shoulder, the bikes roar and the wind making it difficult to hear without shouting.
“To the cemetery.”
“The cemetery?”
Do you tell her that you are a WARLOCK and that you plan to raise the dead tonight? (Go to 132)
Do you pretend you did not hear her? (Go to 127)
Do you lie? (Go to 113)
“Walking is the best sure fire way to get there!” you turn and set off, just enough off the road so that if someone stops you can run for it, but not so far as to make your passage difficult. There are gullies, ditches, fences and other obstacles that you would like to avoid if possible.
The officer’s cum dries in the wind and you are able to rub the crusties off your face and neck. You brush the cum flakes from your shoulders and climb through one of the farm fences along the road. Crossing this field will take half the remaining distance to the graveyard away but it runs 3 major risks to consider:
Few bulls were as feared as Bushwhack, called Busch by his current owner who bought the 1,900-pound charbray from the rodeo where he was so much a nasty son of a bitch that he terrified even the most seasoned riders. He has two signature moves which earned him his hellacious reputation, first he would explode out of the gate then with a sinister throw back he would launch his body up and whip his head using his skull and horns as weapons. He had broken many of the cowboy’s faces before finally being ridden after 167 bouts, then he was sold. Until he was ridden the longest a rider could stay on him was 3.3 seconds before going to the emergency room with something or many things broken.
Now to add to the mystique of his evil aura, his left horn is broken, leaving his right long and sharp, also he was born with the abnormal deformity of an extremely large floppy right ear. His eyes are large and crazed and he is very aggressive. There are warning signs posted all over the field where he is kept. If you decide to climb the fence you will actually use one of the warning signs to keep you out to get over the razor wire that keeps the crazy bull in.
If you do not cut through the field and decide to stick to the road the only danger you might get is trying to slip in front of Aunt Peppermint’s house. She is not really your aunt but she is plumb crazy just like her bull and she has red hair and freckles just like the cartoon character she is named after.
What do you do?
Keep walking on the road (Go to 115)
Cut across the field? (Go to 138)
The book cracks open about midway to the middle where your long thumb nail has divided it. You flatten the pages to review the name, “Luke” it is difficult to read but you see the date of his burial “1702” and then there is some blurred old print and handwriting referencing the: “preliminary 1692 hearings which were conducted in several towns in the colonies, among which Salem (Town), Salem Village, Ipswich, the village of Andover.”
You know the most infamous trials were conducted by the Court of Oyer and Terminer in 1692 in Salem Town, and scanning the page you see that John came from that trial. “Very good!” before you can turn the page the door swings open and you look up to see 2 Ogdensburg police officers enter the library. Miss Goon points right at you, “That is the little scamp there.”
“Miss Goon, that is rude O’ you’s!”
“You would know rude.” The officer leaning on the librarian’s desk says with a sneer as the other officer comes to your table, “Miss Tolgolalopus, would you please come with us?”
“Waah! I wanna call my mom?”
“You are over 18 Hannah we don’t have to let you do that, besides you know as well as I do that she would never answer your call, come on get up.”
“Are you’s gonna cuff me?”
“Are you gonna run?”
“I might.”
“Just get up Hannah.”
You rise to your feet and stand about eye level with their badges, “Wait you’s guys don’t have jurisdiction out here in Brier Hill!”
“It’s an un-incorporated Hamlet.”
“Yes but…”
“Don’t try to think about it Hannah you know as well as I do you are too dumb for that.”
“Move it.” The other cop shoves your shoulder and you are taken out into the hallway then down the stairs and out into the parking lot where their squad car waits.
“Don’t you’s got to tell me what I did?”
“Why don’t you tell us, if you are honest we might let you off.” They open the back door to the car.
“Well, could you’s give me a clue as to what day or time it was? Maybe who was involved, you’s know, narrow it down a little, I am a busy girl, and I tend to do a lot of shit?”
“Alright Hannah it involves you and some dogs.” The officer leans into the backseat with you and shows you some pictures on his police tablet.
“Oooh you’s got porn on your work computer, you’s in big doo doo now ha! Ha! Ha!”
“Look closer Hannah! That is you and a dog.”
“Bestiality, even more trouble.”
“You Hannah…”
The other officer gets into the driver seat and starts the squad car, “You are the one in trouble Hannah.”
“Yes Miss Tolgolalopus, in the Penal Law. Chapter 40. Of the Consolidated Laws. Part Three. Specific Offenses. Title H. Offenses against the person involving sexual conduct, restraint and intimidation. Article 130. Sex Offenses, respectfully sub article 130.20 Sexual misconduct specifically.” The officer says flatly as he closes the back door and enters the front of the car, continuing: “A person is guilty of sexual misconduct when he or she engages in sexual intercourse, oral sexual conduct or anal sexual conduct with an animal or a dead human body.”
“Yeah but you’s know animal sex stuff is only a ‘Sexual Misconduct’ and that is ONLY a class A misdemeanor!”
“Hannah, a Class “A” misdemeanor means you can be sentence to a year in jail or three years probation. In addition, you’ll be fined about $2,000 as due to these pictures it could be proved that you had intent to gain from this sexual act.”
“No shit?”
“No shit Miss Tolgolalopus, the distribution of bestial pornography is chargeable!”
“I didn’t distribute anything.”
“Really? How do we have these pictures?”
“Well? Look at the pictures, do you’s see a camera or phone in my hand?” you cross your fingers hoping there was none.
“No, I don’t” the officer shakes his head.
“See! Someone else needs to be charged for that!”
“Well who took these pictures?”
“I donno I have a lot of pictures taken of me.”
“Having sex with animals?”
“Is there a date on the picture?”
The police car pulls out of the parking lot and turns towards Canton.
“Oh brother! BUCKETS!”
“Did you have something else planned for today?”
“What are you psychic? Of course I did! This really throws a wrench in my plans too!”
“Well that is a shame!”
The sound of the unimproved road gives way to smooth pavement and the trees pass by peaceably.
“Your mom is going to really kill you over this one.”
“That’s where I luck out; you’s know my mom doesn’t care.”
“Well I wish there was something we could do Hannah, you seem like a good kid.”
“What are you stupid?”
“What was that?”
Do you say “Nothing, never mind.”? (Go to 61)
Do you make an indecent proposition? (Go to 120)
“A WARLOCK does not get power and fame and glory by hard work! A warlock gets POWER and GLORY and FAME by making OTHER people do the hard work!” you tell yourself wiping some of the cum from your face. There was a curious glob which had oozed from your inside right tear duct where it had gathered from your nose and cheek and now rolled down your chin which you let go for mere curiosity. With your gait the stream lengthened and swayed to the left and to the right and you were curious if it would land on your breast or fall harmlessly away from you as you stepped. The sound of a car behind you makes you step to the side of the shoulder and you stick out your thumb to hitch a ride.
“FUCK YOU HANNAH YOU WHORE!” the male voice shouts. A horn blows just as the car passes, “OUT OF THE ROAD SKANK!”
“Just like a Baptist!” you mutter, “How do you get a Baptist to drink all your beer? Tell him where it is… how you gets him to stop, tell his congregation where he is.”
A truck comes from the other direction and blows past with a black man driving and a blond that you think could be your mother. “I hope she doesn’t recognize me!”
“SLUT!” the woman yells.
There is a while with no traffic and the cum had fallen to your breast and now oozes into your cleavage. Meanwhile another stream has started from your left cheek and chin but the experiment had become a bore whether it would fall on your breast or not so you stop for a second to pull your dress up over year head and wipe your face off.
There is a squeal, there is a screech and there is a horn blast, three vehicles stopped, a truck with 2 camouflage dressed bearded men, a Ford Prius, with a buzzed cut woman and a motorcycle with a blonde woman in leather shorts.
They all are offering your rides as blushing, you lower your dress and pull it down snug with a tug over your firm body.
Do you go with the 2 bearded men in their truck? (Go to 121)
Do you ride with the butch-cut lesbian in the Ford Prius? (Go to 73)
Do you go with the leather-clad bimbo? (Go to 109)
“Why what?” you ask, yelling in her ear over the roar of the motorcycle and the wind rushing past your ears, whipping your hair all over the place as you race down route 37.
“Why the cemetery what is going on there?”
“Oh my grandma died and I wanted to see her grave!” that was a partial truth, one of your grandmother’s died and you do like to see the grave, to gloat over it, taunt her and occasionally piss on the darn thing when you are feeling bold enough.
“Oh that is so sad!” she yells back over her shoulder.
“Yes.” You hold on to her tight as she shifts gears and, downshifting makes the turn on to Sand Street Road, “This was a good choice!” you tell yourself. The wind feels great, the air is refreshing and you didn’t have to use any energies walking this far, not to mention you completely avoided whatever horrors might have awaited you had you walked.
Full of yourself and your amazing sense of direction and purpose you nearly miss where you wanted her to stop and drop you off, “Oh right here pahleeze!”
“Here?” she slows the bike and kicking it in neutral costs to a stop near a shaded oak tree. “But the grave yard is up there by that spooky run down house.”
“Yes…” you climb off the bike, “But all the noise near the cemetery is not polite.”
“Oh yeah!” the blond bimbo laughs, “I guess you wouldn’t want to wake the dead, oh my did you lose your shoes back there?”
“I don’t wear shoes.” You shrug, “You’s should try it, it is a liberating boon!”
“Maybe… nice meeting you, what is your name?”
“Hannah Bamma Tolgolalopus.”
Her smile fades, “You are real?”
“In the flesh.”
“All that stuff written about you in the bathrooms?”
“Oh spot on!” you slick your hair back out of your face by licking your fingers, “I’s popular don’t you’s think?”
“Oh fucking great now I have to wash my seat!” she kick starts the bike, “Fucking whore!” and peels out kicking dust and pebbles all over you.
“Bye!” you wave, “Thanks for the ride!”
You turn your back on her, “I love making new friends… they are all means to an end!” letting lose an evil smile you stomp over to the grass and dig around beneath the oak tree for the box, the cloth, the candles and oh yes, the shovel which you had tucked up in one of the branches.
Now you will have to work your memory, If you:
Seduced the Van Guy, you can chose to have him come to help you (Go to 169)
Seduced the Principal, he can come and help you (Go to 156)
Seduced the coach, he can come and help you (Go to 168)
Seduced Mrs. Grabcrotch, she can come and help you (Go to 167)
Seduced the Janitor, he can come to help you (Go to 142)
However if you arranged to meet Silent Steve, then he will meet you with flowers thinking it is a date (Go to 144)
If you have successfully seduced all of them and enlisted Silent Steve’s help, then (Go to 148)
“What did you think I said?” you back track do to the severe look in her eye.
“You just said that you were a Warlock!”
“Who me? Ha! Ha, ha… Mrs. Grabcrotch, I always stutter! You’s must have miss understood my lisp! You’s know I got this wandering eye over here and this lazy eye over here, I got these buckteeth and greasy hair, and you’s know I be uncouth, unkempt, oh so ignorant and I am so poor that I am barefoot all the time because my feets are too big for shoes!” you shrug, “I am just a progressive slut and a whore! You’s can confirm it by reading ANY bathroom wall from Syracuse to Messena! My coochy is dank and my hoochie is loose and ready but I am terrible at sex. That is why I am always up for a ‘practice’ and now you’s know firsthand that there is not nothing I will say ‘no’ to, right?”
Mrs. Grabcrotch gives you a long sidelong glance. It unnerves you and you feel the need to demonstrate one of your WARLOCK powers to protect yourself. It is the art of FAST TALK, you basically ask nonsensical questions rapidly until the target or mark is confused, distracted, or irritated enough to leave you alone. “So Mrs. Grabcrotch, maybe you’s can tell me why do they cotton swab the guy's arm with rubbing alcohol before a lethal injection? Why do 24 hour, 7 days a week (Including holidays!) Super Markets have locks on their door? Why do Aliens abduct Humans if we are an inferior race? Why does boiling water make potatoes soft, but eggs hard? If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation? When sign makers go on strike, is anything written on their signs? Would a fly without wings be called a walk? Who makes sandwiches at a feminist rally? Do blind people feel 'Love at first sight'? Why is the meaning of life hard to find when you have a dictionary? Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist, but a person who drives a race car not called a racist? Why do we park in a driveway and drive on the parkway? Why is the word "abbreviation" so long? Why is there no "w" in "one", but there is a "w" in "two"? How do you know when you have run out of invisible ink? Why did kamikazes wear helmets? Can you stake a vampire with an artificial heart? How long is a piece of string? Now that Microsoft is so big, should it be called Macrosoft? You know that little indestructible black box that is used on planes? Why can't they make the whole plane out of the same substance? Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food? Why isn't phonetic spelled the way it sounds? Why is the word dictionary in the dictionary? Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour? Why is the third hand on the watch called a second hand? Why is it that night falls but day breaks? Why is it that only adults have difficulty with childproof bottles? Why is it that rain drops but snow falls? Why is it you must wait until night to call it a day? Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons? Why is the alphabet in that order? Is it because of that song?” (BREATH) “Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker? If you're in a vehicle going the speed of light, what happens when you turn on the headlights? In court, why do they ask if you swear to tell the truth? If you're planning on lying, do they really think you'll tell them so? Instead of wasting time hunting and cooking, why don't hunters just use flame-throwers? If your car says Dodge on the front of it, do you really need a horn? If you're a kleptomaniac, is there something you can take for it?” (BREATH)“If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done? If you tell a joke in the forest, but nobody laughs, was it a bad joke? If you throw a cat out a car window is it kitty litter? Why is it called a "building" when it is already built? Why is it called lipstick if you can still move your lips? Why is it called tourist season if we can't shoot at them? Why is it considered necessary to nail down the lid of a coffin? Why is it that doctors call what they do "practice"? Why is it that famous people are always born on holidays? Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle? Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard? Why doesn't the fattest man in the world become a hockey goalie? Why don't they just make food stamps edible? Why don't you ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"? Why is "abbreviated" such a long word? Why is a boxing ring square? If you ate pasta and antipasta, would you still be hungry? If you can wave a fan, and you can wave a club, can you wave a fan club? If you can't drink and drive, why do bars have parking lots? If you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn? If you didn't get caught, did you really do it? If you take an Oriental person and spin him around several times, does he become disoriental?” (DOUBLE BREATH) “If peanut butter cookies are made from peanut butter, then what are Girl Scout cookies made out of? If rabbits' feet are so lucky, then what happened to the rabbit? If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation? If space is a vacuum, who changes the bags? If Superman is so smart why does he wear his underpants over his trousers? If swimming is good for your shape, then why do the whales look like the way they do? If the #2 pencil is the most popular, why is it still #2? If the product says "Do not use if seal is broken", how are you supposed to open it and use it? If tin whistles are made out of tin, what do they make fog horns out of? Why do we sing "Take me out to the ball game," when we are already there? Why do we wash bath towels? Aren't we clean when we use them? Why do wise guy and wise man mean entirely different things? Why do you feet smell and your nose runs? Why do you need a driver's license to buy liquor when you can't drink and drive? Why do you need an appointment to see a psychic? Why does a dishtowel get wet when it dries? Why does Goofy stand erect while Pluto remains on all fours? They're both dogs! Why does it take 15 minutes to cook minute rice? Why does the sun lighten our hair, but darken our skin? If I save time, when do I get it back? If nothing ever sticks to TEFLON, how do they make TEFLON stick to the pan?” (GULP)
“Alright Miss Tolgolalopus… let’s get you back to class then.”
(Go to 66)
You look at that tree ridden and rough terrain of the field, where you know the dangerous bull is, and probably just waiting to eat another innocent victim, “Well I am no innocent victim!” you declare to the surrounding air, “I am a WARLOCK! And there ain’t no bull that is going to stand between me and my destiny… to RAISE THE DEAD TONIGHT!
You pound your chest, “I am powerful! I am feared! I am maleficent to all mankind!”
Then you turn away from the razor fence and keep walking up rout 37, “However I am also not a complete idiot! That bull would eat me alive, not to mention that crazy hermit is somewhere in there lurking and even if I get past those two things I have to worry about being stuck with Aunt Peppermint that loco red head… no I will stick to the road!”
A car whooshes past, “WHORE!”
Another one follows blowing the horn, “Hannah you’re a skank!”
You recognize that voice, that sounded a lot like your ex boyfriend Zephyr, he was a douche bag, “And You’s a douche bag!” you yell after the car.
The red sports car screeches to a halt and you consider running for the fence but you decide to wait and see.
The door opens as you approach, it was not Zephyr, it is some tall and fat native American that you do not recognize, “Did you call me a douche bag?”
“Did you’s just call me a skank?”the wind blows your hair around you like a shroud with a quick gust.
“You are Hannah right?”
“Fair enough.” You shrug, “I thought you’s was someone else.”
The large man steps towards you. What do you do?
Wait for him to come to you? (195)
Run across the road and to the field? (187)
You stare at all three possible rides, you have ridden in trucks, numerous times, you wouldn’t be caught dead in a Prius, “That leaves you’s!” you point at the biker chick in the leather shorts, “Is there a seatbelt on this thing?”
“Yeah… me, hold on tight.” The woman smiles with a wink and taking your hand and helps you over the side. Your tight dress is nylon and stretches comfortably enough for you to straddle her when she is in place.
The truck honks its horn and peels off, “FUCKING WHORES!” they shout tossing a beer out the window but it misses you. The lesbian in the Prius frowns at you and gets back in her car, “Your loss girl I could have ‘woke’ you!” blasting her noise and peels off as much as a Prius can peel off, more like hum away angrily.
You squeeze the thin woman tight and pull her close as she kicks the bike on and eases back on to the road, “I never asked you where you were going.” She shouts over her shoulder, the bikes roar and the wind making it difficult to hear without shouting.
“To the cemetery.”
“The cemetery?”
Do you tell her that you are a WARLOCK and that you plan to raise the dead tonight? (Go to 132)
Do you pretend you did not hear her? (Go to 137)
Do you lie? (Go to 135)
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2019.11.16 05:22 THRILLHOIAF [COMETS HARVEST] Utica Comets (9-5-0-0) vs. Syracuse Crunch (7-5-2-0)


Good evening Canucks Nation! It's time for another catch-up on the Farm! Tonight the Utica Comets hit the road to take on the Syracuse Crunch.  
The Crunch are coming off a 4-3 loss to the Rochester Americans, while the Comets are coming off a nice four-day vacation. The Comets last game was a 3-1 loss to non-other than, well, the Syracuse Crunch!
As we all know, the Canucks called up Zack MacEwen and Tyler Graovac in lieu of injuries to Tyler Motte, Micheal Ferland, Jay Beagle, and Brandon Sutter. I'm sure there's more to that list that I'm forgetting.
Safe to say the Comets opening lineup is going to be put to the test tonight. Fortunately, the Comets do get some reprieve, as Reid Boucher slides back into the lineup for the first time in five games. Boucher's goalscoring has been sorely missed by the Comets over the past five games, as the Comets have managed just seven goals in the five games without Bouch.
Let's get into the starting lineup and the game itself!
Goldobin (#77) Hamilton (#36) Boucher (#24)
Bailey (#95) Jasek (#9) Lind (#13)
Malone (#17) Perron (#27) Bancks (#34)
Arseneau (#18) Taylor (#14) Stevenson (#26)
Sautner (#6) Chatfield (#5)
Brisebois (#55) Rafferty (#25)
Blujus (#8) Eliot (#52)
Zane McIntyre
Wacey Hamilton is your farm team's number one center. Let that sink in.
Josh Teves remains a healthy scratch after leading all AHL rookies in plus/minus through the first month of the season… but hey, what do I know about roster management!
Speaking of roster management!
Olli Juolevi slides out of tonight's lineup, apparently not an injury, just a precautionary "load management" thing.
Given the team just had four days off, It's bizarre to me that now Juolevi needs to be given "precautionary scratches." Not in the sense that I don't think they should be careful with his knee. Just that the Comets to-date, have not been playing Juolevi with any pretense of caution towards his recovery. Through the start of this season, Juolevi has been playing first pairing minutes, at evens, and on both the first powerplay and penalty-kill units. Did the coaching staff not think to simply, not overload him with playing time every single night? Really hope they didn't overdo it with him already. Maybe I'm reading too far into things. However, it seems weird to call this scratching, "load management" when up until now Juolevi's been given the Alex Edler duties at the AHL level. Not sure I buy the logic here.
Injury Report --
Jonah Gadjovich(upper-body) Carter Camper (upper-body)
Healthy Scratches -- --
Richard Bachman Josh Teves Stefan LeBlanc

1st period

Comets in Blue

The Score at the end of the 1st period: 1-1 Tie

An exciting period where the Comets outshoot the Crunch ten to six, but a lack of discipline gives the Crunch some badly needed momentum to close out the period. Comets are controlling play quite well after twenty minutes of action, just need to settle-down their passes in the offensive zone. Barring the blunder on the second powerplay, it was a strong period of play from Kole Lind. Boucher looks like a man trying to regain his spot at the top of the AHL's goalscoring list.

2nd Period


The Score at the end of the 2nd period: 4-2 Comets

What a crazy period of hockey as the Comets outshoot the Crunch eleven to eight, score three goals, and get themselves four powerplays! Practically all of this happened after the halfway point of the period to boot. Guys finally getting rewarded with goals after stellar play. It may be weird to say, but this team actually looks better now than they did with MacEwen, and Graovac in the lineup. The team is doing infinitely better at driving to high-danger scoring areas to create scoring chances — an area of concern that I addressed in last weekend's Harvests. I have to commend the Comet's effort levels tonight in light of the adversity they're facing. The Crunch made them look foolish on Monday, and right now, they're making the Crunch look like amateurs.

3rd period


Final Score: 5-2 Utica Comets



Period Team Goalscorer Primary assist helper type
1st Utica Reid Boucher Kole Lind -- 5v5
1st Syracuse Alex Barre-Boulet Cameron Gaunce Chris Mueller PPG
2nd Utica Kole Lind Nikolay Goldobin Brogan Rafferty PPG
2nd Syracuse Boris Katchouk Ross Colton Taylor Raddysh PPG
2nd Utica Reid Boucher Nikolay Goldobin Mitch Eliot 5v5
2nd Utica Carter Bancks Francis Perron Ashton Sautner 5v5
3rd Utica Reid Boucher -- -- EN/SH



Comets Three Stars

HM: Carter Bancks,
The Comets Trajectory?
The Comets will look to build off this impressive return to form when they play at home, tomorrow, in a pivotal match against North Division, the Rochester Americans!
As always, if you want to read up on this Comets Harvest or the 2018-19 Farmies editions, you can find them all at my Comets Harvest Blog here
If you want more Comets coverage from yours truly, you can now find MORE of my writing at
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2019.11.15 14:26 Lupinepublishers-PCR Lupine Publishers LOJ Pharmacology & Clinical Research

Lupine Publishers LOJ Pharmacology & Clinical Research
Lupine Publishers Smoke and Incendiary Weapons
The incendiary weapons were among the first that were used beside the considered personal weapons: clubs, stones, stone knives. When the human being began to dominate the fire, he managed to develop ways to use it for his benefit, both in peaceful actions (such as changing food by roasting or cooking the clay to produce pots, figurines and adobe for construction) and in other types of aggressive applications, developing methods to burn the possessions of the enemies. Of course, fire management also allowed the knowledge of the smoke, which was then used for at least two purposes: taking advantage of its toxic properties to dislodge strategic positions (or force the animals sheltered in caves to go out and be at the mercy of the hunters) or to raise screens that hid some aggressive movements to indiscreet eyes. It has been said that the first incendiary agent used for war purposes was the so-called “Greek fire”, which was applied from the seventh century until the end of the Middle Ages. Its importance was supreme for the Byzantine Empire, helping to repel the attacks directed against Constantinople by the Arabs and the Russians between the years 671 to 678 of our era, but it was also of vital importance to repel attacks of the crusaders in the XII century. Although it is considered the direct predecessor of NAPALM, it may not be real that it was the first weapon of this class.
The interpretation of some Assyrian reliefs shows that in the ninth century BC. incendiaries were used, especially during settlement sieges; torches, lighted resins and lighted oil pots were thrown at the aggressor troops. Herodotus mentions that the Persians used arrows whose tip was smeared with pitch lit during the capture of Athens, around 480 BC. The Peloponnesian War records the use of incendiary weapons against wooden walls in 429 a. C. The catapult made it possible to throw burning materials against specific targets at the sieges of Syracuse (413 BC) and Rhodes (304 BC). By that time (Alexander the Great already dead) they began to develop the incendiary missiles and the mixtures difficult to control. For example, Aeneas mentions (360 BC) that pine needles, sulfur, pitch and resin or incense were used, which produced a fire that was not quenched with water but with vinegar. History is full of events and battles fought in the midst of fire. The incendiary mixtures were improving as the scientific knowledge was increasing on time. The discovery of oil generated new possibilities in these aspects, because it allowed to defend stone walls by setting them on fire with materials that adhered to any solid. It is said that Alexander the Great once found a lake of naphtha that flared up as soon as a flame approached it. The material of the lake was distributed along a whole street and when a flame approached one end, immediately the fire spread to the opposite side. To extinguish such fires, it was necessary to use enormous quantities of water or soil, mud, vinegar or alum, among other materials. It should be noted that the current vinegar is not much more effective than plain water, but it is believed that in the classification of vinegar made by ancient authors such as Plutarco, mixtures and sauces made with vinegar and salt were included; in fact, Pliny mentions that the Gauls and the Germans extinguished the ignited wood using salt water from the sea. During the colonization of North America, American Indians used lighted arrows to set fire to the facilities of white pioneers. In Europe, the men of King Charles of Sweden, in 1701, burned straw to produce a smoke screen covering the activities of the aforementioned army, mainly when crossing the Dvina River. An incendiary agent is a chemical or a mixture of chemicals that produces a combustion reaction and releases a large amount of heat continuously. The oxygen necessary to maintain combustion can be obtained from the atmosphere or it can be part of the incendiary agent, which gives characteristics of autonomy to the corresponding weapon. The heat of combustion of an incendiary agent must be high enough to ignite or damage the selected target, with a speed that does not allow rapid dissipation and, at the same time, facilitates the transfer of heat between the agent and the target.
The primary purpose of incendiary weapons is to cause damage to the enemy in their persons and property, mainly by means of heat or direct flame. It may be the case that weapons of high explosive power cause heat waves and even fires, but because the predominant effects and the intention of their use are focused on the explosive and fragmentation effects, we will not address their use and characteristics. Some incendiary agents are poisons “per se”, while some others produce toxic or asphyxiating effects when burning. The incendiary agents can be of an intensive or dispersive type; the intensive ones are destined to materials and constructions that are not very combustible, for which it is required that their combustion temperature is very high and that their flames form a compact mass. Within this type of agents we have the metallic ones (based on reactive metals) and the pyrotechnic ones (they contain their own source of oxygen). On the other hand, the dispersive agents are destined for easily combustible objectives or for living beings; these objectives do not require great intensity of fire and heat as the dispersion in large areas of small quantities of the incendiary in combustion is sufficient to cause damage. Here pyrophoric (substances that ignite spontaneously on contact with air) and those made with oils (such as Napalm) are highlighted, increasing their destructive power according to their adhesiveness, that is, their ability to stick to surfaces during the combustion, for which additives have been devised that improve their adhesive properties. Molotov street bombs (gasoline and oil in a fragile bottle with a rag on the mouth) are dispersive arsonists, which increase their adhesiveness if they are added sugar, for example. The sugar with the temperature begins to caramelize, sticking to the surfaces and takes some time to burn completely.
The incendiary weapons systems are composed of three main parts: the incendiary agent itself; ammunition to discharge and ignite the incendiary agent in the desired area, and a propulsion system that allows the ammunition to reach the established target. Current technology systems allow incendiary weapons to be launched by aircraft, artillery pieces, combat vehicles and even infantrymen.
For a Better Understanding of This Type of Weapons, We Can Classify Them As Follows:
Metal Incendiaries
This type of agent is made up of metals that react easily with atmospheric oxygen. The best known and most used is magnesium, not so much for its price as for its accessibility and its high reactivity. Very generally, to increase its performance as an incendiary, it is used in alloys, the best known being the so-called Elektron, which contains aluminum and small amounts of copper. It is also possible to heat it and react it with water, which generates hydrogen, which burns or explodes, making it difficult to control the fire. One way to further complicate the control of this kind of fires, is adding 20% of cadmium to an incendiary alloy, generating, as a combustion product, a gas that is twice as poisonous as hydrogen cyanide. In small bombs, whose weight ranges between 50 and 250 kg, it is very used against buildings of brick, stone, cement or metal, because the bombs have the capacity to penetrate across the roofs and explode inside the buildings, causing the inflammation of the goods contained in the targets. Looking for greater effectiveness, they are usually thrown in bunches of at least 100 units. Another metal used as an incendiary agent is zirconium, which has an additional property to those of magnesium: it produces sparks when hitting hard surfaces. Uranium is also a pyrophoric agent, which can be obtained for these purposes from the preparation of enriched uranium to be used as a nuclear fuel; Non-radioactive uranium is then used as an incendiary, for example, in aerial darts.
Pyrotechnique Incendiaries
This class of agents has the characteristic of containing its own source of oxygen, in such a way that an impoverished atmosphere does not hinder its combustion. The main agent of this classification, the termite, mixes aluminum powder and iron oxides. It is lit by a wick and burns with greater violence than magnesium and at a higher temperature; during combustion molten metallic iron is released, which contributes to the propagation of heat. It is worth mentioning that the termite was the most used incendiary agent during the First World War, and it still remains in use to this day.
The termite is usually modified to improve its characteristics, by adding some materials. Such is the case of thermate, which consists of thermite added with metallic aluminum, sulfur and barium nitrate. Other kinds of termatos include, in addition, carbonaceous materials that increase the total generation of heat. The thermats are widely used in hand grenades and aviation bombs whose use corresponds to that described for magnesium bombs.
Pyrophoric Incendiaries
These are materials that ignite spontaneously when they come in contact with the air. In dry air the beginning of the reaction it is difficult or delayed a little; for these specific cases a special wick is used. White phosphorus belongs to this classification, which is very common for burning very combustible materials. When it contacts the air, it explodes into flames and, due to the humidity, produces dense clouds of smoke. This last property causes it to be used, in addition to being an arsonist, to make signals or to spread smoke screens. Coupled with the above, it turns out that, once in flames, white phosphorus adheres strongly to surfaces and is extremely difficult to extinguish with water (and if it goes out, it self-ignites again once dry). All these properties make it difficult to control the fires started by this agent. To increase its efficiency, it is common to use plasticizers and flammable substances of high combustion temperature. A typical mixture of the latter class is composed of finely divided white phosphorus, suspended in a rubber and xylene gel. It is commonly used in aviation rockets, supporting ground operations. A single launcher can fire six rockets with a minimum caliber of 70 mm, and several of these rocket launchers can be attached to an aircraft. Another important pyrophoric is triethylaluminum, a liquid that burns on contact with air or water, sometimes with explosive violence. Polyisobutylene can be used as a thickening agent, which produces a plastic that is capable of causing severe epithelial burns and which is very difficult to extinguish. This is used in rockets that are fired from portable launchers. The most common rockets of this type, are projectiles of 66 mm of caliber that are fired with a launcher of four tubes resting on the shoulder; they have a weight of 1.5 kg, a range that varies from 200 m (with millimeter accuracy) to 750 m (with less accuracy) and a payload of 0.6 kg of thickened triethylaluminum. Upon impact, this load is spread over a radius of approximately 20 m.
Oil Based Incendiaries
Petroleum-derived hydrocarbons are an excellent raw material for incendiary agents: they are abundant, have a high heat of combustion and generate appreciable amounts of carbon monoxide, among other properties. However, those whose volatility allows them to light easily, such as gasoline, burn too quickly, so when thrown away they are consumed in a large flamboyant but ineffective flash. For this reason, gasoline is mixed with thickeners that help to significantly increase its destructive power: they make it more suitable for warlike uses depending on the modifications to its flow properties; their cohesiveness and adhesion properties are also altered in such a way that they adhere to the surfaces, the burning time is prolonged and the combustion temperature is increased. The most common additive was rubber, towards the beginning of the Second World War; however, rubber became a strategic raw material for the manufacture of tires, so it was imperative to find a substitute. The isobutyl polymethacrylate and the polymethyl methacrylate began to be used; shortly after it was seen that certain soaps were more advantageous than polymers (soaps are metal salts of fatty acids).
In 1942 it was discovered that an aluminum soap obtained from coconut acid, naphthenic acid and oleic acid, is a thickener of special qualities. This soap was given the name of Napalm (contraction of the words NAphtenate and PALMitate), a term that has been generalized to designate, in addition to the soap that gives rise to, all the types of thickened hydrocarbons that are used as incendiary agents. This soap easily absorbs moisture from the air and can be mixed with gasoline to obtain a gelatin that varies in its consistency, depending on the amount of soap used, from a very fluid liquid to an almost solid jelly. For portable flamethrowers, for example, a mixture of 30 liters of gasoline thickened with 1 kg of soap is used. For use in incendiary bombs, larger quantities of napalm soap are required to ensure that the fragments that emerge from the explosion that disperses them are not less than 100 g in weight. They are employed profusely in the so-called tactical incendiary bombs, for the support of terrestrial activities, either against military installations and vehicles or against population centers. These bombs consist of a thin walled container loaded with napalm (one of the most used versions is 400 liters capacity). When impacting the ground, the bomb disperses its content on an elliptical surface of approximately 120 m in length by 25 m in width; in this model the napalm is lit by a load of less than 1 kg of white phosphorus, which produces a huge fireball that slows down by just 5 seconds, but leaves the napalm burning for at least 5 minutes more. Since the described container takes the form of an auxiliary fuel tank, a single airplane can carry several of these bombs under the wings.
You can also use napalm in flamethrowers (which from the invention of napalm acquired a special tactical importance), of which there are two main types: the portable and the mechanical. The first, to be transported by a soldier in the back, consists of a napalm tank, another one of compressed air (or any other propellant) and a nozzle with a lighter. The most used model weighs about 25 kg, has capacity for 15 liters of napalm, a range of 50 m and a minimum duration of 8 seconds when it is fired in a single burst; of course, you can also shoot in shorter bursts. The mechanical flamethrower can be used as a main or auxiliary weapon mounted on a combat vehicle. Its capacity is usually 1,300 liters, its range is 200 m and its minimum duration is one minute.
The most recent investigations about this type of agents indicate that the possibility of adding napalm pyrophoric substances that assure re-ignition once it has been turned off is studied, as well as adding special compounds called metallic carbonyls to its formulation that increase its toxic action in closed spaces, simultaneously generating carbon monoxide and poisonous metallic aerosols.
Employment of Fire Agents
Basically, the use of incendiary weapons is directed towards military targets to immobilize transports; for the destruction of strategically important facilities; for the destruction of centers of food supply or of fields of culture, cattle raising, etc .; obviously to kill and, finally, even when these are not the only uses, to bring down the morale of a people at war. The instinctive fear of fire dates from its discovery by the man of the caverns. Therefore, the psychological effect of the use of incendiary weapons can be more devastating than the weapons themselves, because of the consequences generated by a wave of generalized panic that hinders and even makes impossible the survival and control procedures that could be applied. The fact that incendiary weapons are artifacts whose effects go beyond any humanitarian consideration in acts of war, led to the signature in 1980 of the Protocol on prohibitions or restrictions on the use of incendiary weapons, within the framework of the holding of the United Nations Conference on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May Be Deemed to Be Excessively Injurious or of Indiscriminate Effects, which took place from September 15 to October 10, 1980. It should be noted that publication by The UN report on napalm and other incendiary weapons was followed very large efforts to regulate such weapons. It is argued that certain incendiary weapons can have a very high specific military value, but it is also true that the wounds caused by them are appalling and extremely painful, difficult to deal with and often lead to death or permanent deformations and incapacities, without counting the serious psychological traumas that leave as a sequel in the victims. The aforementioned report concludes that the use of these weapons must be considered to cause unnecessary suffering. Therefore, there is a tendency towards a complete and absolute prohibition rather than a limited prohibition, which lends itself more to violation than to compliance with the norm. This has happened in different parts of the world: Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. It has come to the cynical extreme to say that bombs with white phosphorus are used not as incendiary weapons but as a method of night lighting! If this type of weapon is totally and absolutely banned, the road for its control and destruction is facilitated, that is, the road to disarmament is cleared and paving stones are laid to pave the avenue of peace. Hopefully we can see it soon, for the good of all humanity.
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2019.11.12 00:19 THRILLHOIAF [COMETS HARVEST] Utica Comets (9-4-0-0) vs. Syracuse Crunch (6-4-2-0)


Good afternoon Canucks Nation, on this fine Remembrance Day afternoon! Today we head over to Utica, New York, to watch the Comets take on division rival, the Syracuse Crunch.
The Comets recently ended their four-game losing streak, with a gutsy comeback effort against the Binghamton Devils. Today, they face off against a struggling Syracuse Crunch team who are coming off a shutout loss to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins. The last time these two teams met, the Comets dominated in a 6-2 rout.
Let's make this one quick so that we can get back to our Remembrance day festivities, er, dinner? Do people make Remembrance day dinners? Am I so out of touch?
Bailey (#95) Graovac (#44) MacEwen (#15)
Goldobin (#77) Hamilton (#36) Lind (#13)
Bancks (#34) Jasek (#9) Perron (#27)
Arseneau (#18) Taylor (#14) Stevenson (#26)
Juolevi (#48) Sautner (#6)
Brisebois (#55) Rafferty (#25)
LeBlanc (#3) Eliot (#52)
Michael DiPietro
Cull reusing the same lineup from Saturday's effort, with the exception being a switch to the starting center for the Graovac, MacEwen line. They swapped at some point during the game on Saturday. Glad to see it. Hopefully, the chemistry carries over into this Monday afternooner.
Di Pietro, with his third straight start today against Syracuse. He's been lights out this weekend, but this will likely be his first real litmus test as an AHL goalie to see if he can handle the starter workload.
Injury Report -- --
Jonah Gadjovich(upper-body) Reid Boucher (knee) Carter Camper (upper-body)
Healthy Scratches -- -- --
Josh Teves Richard Bachman Seamus Malone Dylan Blujus (family matter)

1st period

Comets in their Veterans Day Green Camo alternates

Score at the end of the First Period: 2-0 Crunch

Comets down by two, but they still have a lot of time to get something going in this one. Comets are throwing a lot of heat towards the net of Spencer Martin, but not enough from high-danger areas. Crunch having no problem boxing the Comets out to the outsides of the circles for shots-on-net. Comets are just so slow at capitalizing on space creation. A lot of wheeling around the offensive zone from the Comets forwards, but once they create space for their teammates, its as if time stops as they try to figure out what to do with it. The extra time allotted to plan their next move undoes all the effort put into creating space that would enable a quality scoring chance. Not sure if that's a chemistry thing or confidence thing, but oh boy, they need to speed it up in the offensive zone when they do these set-plays. Comets outshot 11-to-7 after twenty minutes of play.

2nd Period


The Score at the end of the 2nd period: 2-0 Crunch

Dreadfully boring period. Comets outshot the Crunch with, get this, seven shots, to the Crunch's four. And that's with the Comets getting two powerplay tries. Comets are just looking out of their depths when it comes to setting up meaningful offense. Most significant scoring chance came on that Jasek/Lind odd-man-rush. Otherwise, its floating shots from outside the circle or the point that get easily sticked/blocked aside by Crunch defenders. The Crunch' don't even have to do much to defend, as the Comets routinely put themselves in disadvantageous scoring positions with extra moves through the Crunch's zone.

3rd period


Final Score: 3-1 Syracuse Crunch



Period Team Goalscorer Primary assist helper type
1st Syracuse Boris Katchouk Cory Conacher Chris Mueller 5v5
1st Syracuse Chris Mueller Dennis Yan Cameron Gaunce PPG
3rd Utica Nikolay Goldobin Zack MacEwen Brogan Rafferty PPG
3rd Syracuse Boris Katchouk -- -- EN



Comets Three Stars

The Comets Trajectory?
Comets get a nice rest after this four-in-six stretch. They return Friday, November 15th, when they hit the road to face off (again) against the Syracuse Crunch. Hopefully, the four days of rest/practice time will do the team some wonders, as they need to figure some ish out.
As always, if you want to read up on this Comets Harvest or the 2018-19 Farmies editions, you can find them all at my Comets Harvest Blog here
If you want a more condensed version of Comets recaps, you can now find MORE of my writing at
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2019.11.09 01:47 greenteaapplepie69 beauty is the gateway to a relationship

its straight up faxx
studys have proven that within 3 seconds of seeing you, men already know whether or not they find you attractive.
During the speed-dating events, the single men and women each had three-minute interactions with partners, and decided whether they wanted to see that person again. Each person saw up to 25 different people of the opposite sex.
Guess how long it took people on average to determine whether they were attracted to the other person?
Three seconds.
but the most brutal pinkpill is the fact that it only takes a split second to 'fall in love'.

Three seconds, as it turns out, is actually a lot longer than what it takes to fall in love. According to a separate meta-analysis study by Syracuse University neurologist Stephanie Ortigue, it only takes one-fifth of a second to fall in love.

and yet another pinkpill:

Scientists have found that men who find women extremely attractive look into their eyes for an average of 8.2 seconds.
A man who lets his eyes linger on her for around four seconds is less interested, researchers found.

women look at men the same amount of time regardless of how attractive they are (mentioned in the study). this is because men are shallow, or biology or something.
I'm not saying that personality doesn't matter- but what i'm saying is that you have to meet a certain threshold to even be considered in the first place. femcels KNOW this because of how men instantly treat them vs their attractive peers/friends who are standing right next to them.
most of you here are beckies or stacylites so that doesn't really matter. however, beauty does still play a huge role in your dating options.

the second most important things are probably charm and aloofness. if you're subbed to FemaleDatingStrategy then you're probably familiar with this. Like don't be a desperate pickme, have other options, have goals, friends and other things to focus your life around that aren't men. idek if aloofness is the right word to use.
but being a pickme and desperate will attract fuckboys and make you less attractive even if you're already pretty.
charm = social skills, being a nice person, charisma, etc;
a lot of guys apparently like women who are kind and good listeners, i found a study about that and used it for my personality-maxxing post.

not sure if you guys want this or not, but i might make a post on here about lookism and dating strategy.
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2019.10.14 13:22 pinkminitriceratops BQ attempt at the Empire State Marathon

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
Primary 3:20 No
Reach 3:18 No
Back up 3:25 Yes
Extra goal BQ (3:30) with buffer Yes


Mile Time
1 7:29
2 7:38
3 7:35
4 7:35
5 7:36
6 7:36
7 7:33
8 7:40
9 7:33
10 7:38
11 7:36
12 7:31
13 7:35
14 7:30
15 7:38
16 7:39
17 7:32
18 7:24
19 7:34
20 7:42
21 7:42
22 7:40
23 7:53
24 7:54
25 8:10
26 8:03
a very long .2 3:21 (7:18 pace)
Finish time: 3:22:18


This was my first full Pfitz training cycle and I loved it. Followed 12/55, and for the most part had great workouts. Set 10k PRs on both my tune up races (43:09 and then 42:35), and was feeling confident coming into the race.
The taper didn't go great. This was a higher mileage taper than I'm used to, and I came down with a nasty cold one week out. In retrospect, I probably should have decreased the last two weeks of mileage more than I did.

The race course

This is a very small race, with fewer than 2000 runners across a full, a half, and a 10k. The full is the smallest, with only about 200 runners. The course is basically an out-and-back, with the bulk of the miles on a bike path around Onondaga Lake. Almost entirely flat, but lots of turns. Organization is decent, but they were a bit low on volunteers and had decreased the number of water stations at the last minute which was not great.


Got up at 5 for some peanut butter toast, then drove to Syracuse with my family (my husband was also running the marathon, and my dad did the 10k). The marathon started before the other races, so the start wasn't very crowded which was nice! Did a brief 5 minute slow jog as a warm up, although by the time I stood around for the (very slow) national anthem I think some of the benefits had warn off.


Race started out well. Went out a touch fast, but dialed it in quickly to my planned pace which felt very comfortable. I found a group of 3 other runners aiming for around 3:20 and stuck with them through about mile 10 when two of them started to fade. Stayed with the other runner through about mile 23.
I noticed within a few miles that my watch was already quite far off from the mile markers, most likely due to all the turns that I was not doing a great jog taking tangents on (the course has two way traffic including walkers and bicycles, so you have to stay to the right which makes tangents hard!). By mile 10 I gave up on the 3:18 goal, since I was about 30 seconds too slow for 3:20 despite my watch splits showing me closer to 3:18 pace. Lesson learned: work on running tangents better!
Around mile 10 I had my first major problem: I missed a poorly marked turn. Luckily I noticed after only about 50 feet, and was able to get back onto the course and only added about 0.1 extra miles.
The course heads up a gradual hill around 15. This was the first point where I started feeling the fatigue, but I kept telling myself that coming down the hill would feel great and barely slowed on the uphill. The 2nd turn around is just past mile 16, and then you head back down the small hill where I was able to pick up some speed and clocked my fastest split (mile 18, 7:24).
At this point, although my heart rate and breathing were still very controlled, my legs were really feeling the fatigue. I had missed one gel due to minor stomach upset, but I think my glycogen stores were hanging in and it was just general muscle fatigue in the legs. I was able to lie to myself that I really wasn't that tired for a bit longer.
Just before the mile 20 mark, I had my second major disaster: while trying to drink gatorade, I wasn't paying enough attention to my very tired feet and tripped and face planted. A friendly runner stopped to make sure I was ok and helped me get up. I had a scraped knee, which I didn't even let myself look at (thankfully it barely hurt!), a nasty scrape on my hands, and I realized later in the day that I had scratched the lenses of my prescription sunglasses.
Although the fall didn't do much damage, it really messed with my mental game. I was fairly sure I had tripped mainly due to fatigue, and the lies that I really wasn't so tired just weren't sticking afterwards. I had been speeding up before the fall. After, I managed to hang on to a barely slower pace for the next 3 miles, then really started falling off pace at mile 23. I knew I was close at that point, and kept trying to will myself to go faster, but I just couldn't get my legs to move. It didn't help that I knew the 3:20 goal was pretty much impossible at that point (and 3:25 well in the bag), and I just didn't have the will to push. Cardio was still feeling fantastic at the end, but the legs just wouldn't move, even knowing I was close to the finish.


I was very happy to get what should be a safe BQ (BQ-7:42), but a bit disappointed in not reaching 3:20. It was still a massive PR for me: previous PR was a 3:45 last May! My cardio system felt up to the task, but I need to work more on endurance and strength in my legs (as well as running tangents—I covered an extra quarter mile). I'm thinking more miles and more strength training next time! I probably won’t do another marathon before Boston 2021.
As a bonus, the race was so tiny that somehow I managed to come in as the 2nd female finisher! I had been in 4th at the 1st turn around, and 3rd at the second turn around. Not sure what happened to the other woman, I must have passed her after we merged with the half marathoners.
My husband successfully finished his first marathon and met his goal of sub-4 (3:56), and my dad had a good 10k although was disappointed to not place in his age group. My mom was a great sport and hung around the start/finish line for 5 hours!

Up next

I'm signed up for two November races to hopefully profit off residual marathon fitness: a half marathon in 4 weeks (probably aiming for about 1:34-1:35), and a Thanksgiving 5 mile race (aiming for 6:45 pace and hoping to take down a PR from 2002). After that, I'm taking the winter to focus on base building with no spring races planned. This has been my busiest racing season ever, and I’m ready to spend some time logging lots of easy miles.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2019.10.04 00:29 Pickup_your_nuts Today in History 04/10

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2019.09.21 17:25 JohnBuridan How to Read a Book for Understanding

How to Read a Book for Understanding:

in a World which Publishes as Though Every Book is for Entertainment
The Multiple Uses of the Book Medium
Books have been on the defensive since the first batch of Kindles sold out in 2007. Since then audiobooks and podcasts have exploded in popularity, and the internet not only provides millions of archived and public domain books ripe for download, but also creates opportunities for literary experiments and experiences which could not have happened otherwise. Text adventures, web serials, blogs on every subject under the sun - costs couldn’t be lower and opportunities to write have never been cheaper. Nonetheless the old codex format of pages between two covers still has much to recommend it. Traditional books are not obsolete, but I do believe we have forgotten how to approach books in particular amidst the information proliferation. And since we have forgotten how to approach books, publishers have stopped publishing books that are approachable. In the past dozen years, codex technology has not only failed to advance, but the knowledge of how to read and write a book has backslid.
One of the interesting things about physical books is their versatility. The form of a book lends itself to many different readings and interactions. For example, sometimes I read a book to quote mine or find an author’s opinion on a certain topic, other times to introduce myself to a new field, other times to read deeper in a field I’m already familiar with. Each of these goals means I will interact with the book in a different way. I can skim, flip through, read forward linearly, or even backwards - from a conclusion back towards the premises. I can single out tables and diagrams and read those, or jump right to the bibliography for a list of more works to read, or flip to the end-notes to discover a citation for some dubious claim. The Table of Contents should offer an outline of the book in miniature and a short study of the contents, should prime me for the meat of the work coming later. And, of course, the thickness of the sections provides quick intuitive information about how much I am missing when I skip around. The physical interaction encourages active reading and the static pages of the book allow the user to choose a reading style which fits best with his/her purpose. Today, in fact, I even read an index to get a handle on what the core vocabulary I need to master is. If I get lost in a sea of terms, I can refer to the index again to help guide me to the light. Okay that’s a big laundry list of things, but I will revisit and explain more fully in a moment.
Now admittedly, a digital book is better for quote mining and is equivalent to a physical book in a variety of ways, and superior to it in a variety of others. One trade-off of the digital book, is it is harder to remember where in a work a particular argument was laid out or curious diagram printed. But the lightweight portable nature of the digital might offset those costs, if you would never engage with the work or have it on hand when needed otherwise, more power to the medium. There are trade-offs both ways, and I am not trying to convince anyone that physical books are better in every circumstance. Instead I am trying to recover a sense of what the medium of the book has to offer in a world of other options, so that readers can decide what medium aligns best with their goals.

How to Read a Book for Understanding in a World which Publishes as Though Every Book is for Entertainment

The principal problem, as I see it, is not the internet or audiobooks or the unwashed masses not appreciating the aesthetics of books, but the problem is how to read a book for understanding in a world which publishes as though every book is for entertainment. It may not be obvious that I am indicating any real problem, but I think I can demonstrate the issue with a simple test and some comparisons. Pick up a book that will challenge you, that you want to learn something from, the type of book you would read to develop a deeper understanding. Tell me what can you learn about a given book in 20 minutes? And how would that book be formatted if it were designed to maximize the knowledge gained in 20 minutes of interaction?
The title should be informative enough to let you know the subject matter. Honestly, The Elephant in the Brain: Hidden Motives in Everyday Life may not be the greatest title, but at least it tells you that this work concerns psychology or neurology and “something no one is thinking or speaking about” with practical applications for life - not bad for just a simple title. It would be a shame if it were misleading.
The Table of Contents should then outline the structure of the argument of the book. Mortimer Adler provides an excellent synopsis of the table of contents in his highly recommended How to Read a Book:
Study the Table of Contents to obtain a general sense of the book’s structure; use it as you would a road map before taking a trip. It is astonishing how many people never even look at a book’s table of contents unless they wish to look something up in it. In fact, many authors spend a considerable amount of time in creating the table of contents, and it is sad to think their efforts are often wasted.
It used to be a common practice especially in expository works, but sometimes even in novels and poems, to write very full tables of contents, with the chapters or parts broken down into many subtitles indicative of the topics covered… Such summaries are no longer common although sometimes you do come across an analytical table of contents. One reason for the decline of the practice may be that people are less likely to read the table of contents than they once were. Also, publishers have come to feel that a less revealing table of contents is more seductive than a completely frank an open one. Readers, they feel, will be attracted to books with more or less mysterious chapter titles—they will want to read the book to find out what the chapters are about. Even so, a table of contents can be valuable, and you should read it carefully before going on to the rest of the book.
I have been following Adler’s advice faithfully for years, and it has helped me learn more and retain more from my reading, as well as help me quickly go back and benefit more fully from having my memory jogged.
Perhaps at this point we are at minute 2 - 4 of our 20 minute tour of the book-to-be-understood. Now we read the preface, where the subject, general scope, and purpose are laid out. Read this quickly or even skim it if it is especially long. I find reading the first and last sentences of paragraphs to be a fast way to find the paragraphs which are crucial to me.
We are at minute 12-15 now. Flip through the book and sample some paragraphs or even a few consecutive pages to get a flavor the work, its density, its style, the challenges, and sensibility you will have to develop to appreciate it.
In the last few minutes, go for the total spoiler and read the final pages. Adler recommends that if there is an Epilogue, go to the pages right before the Epilogue. Usually an author cannot stop himself from summarizing what he believes to be the big takeaways at the end of the work. In any case, it is good to see where you are going to end up at the end so that the unity of the work can become clearer.
With that we come to the end of our 20 minutes and we should know a lot about our book. We should now know clearly the topic, the scope, and the basic skeleton of the work (think “head, shoulders, knees and toes” not “clavicle, acromion, coracoid”), the flavor of the text, and where the author wishes to take us. To some people, this might be a foreign and unromantic way to read, but it is rather a very involved and dedicated way to read. Yes, it is superficial. That’s sort of the point. To achieve this superficial overview required effort and attention, not merely glazed eyes scrolling over the pages. And the ultimate goal is an intimate knowledge of the book. Sometimes, even this superficial reading of a book, disabuses the reader of the notion that the book in question is worthy of deep reading. Perhaps the book contains only one core insight and several hundred poorly told anecdotes (On Grand Strategy likely qualifies). Sometimes a superficial reading reveals a superficial book.
I remember in high school, we read at least one Shakespeare play a year. I wanted to like them, because I liked being challenged and I like language. My teacher recommended I read a summary of every play before reading it. So I purchased Shakespeare A to Z and read the summary of every Shakespeare play before I read the text. Then before each scene I would reread that scene’s overview from Shakespeare A to Z. I noticed my comprehension went up when reading the actual text, and Shakespeare became more and more enjoyable, until one day I could comprehend large swathes of unseen Elizabethan writing without need of a summary. This is an example of climbing a ladder of challenge toward understanding.
One impediment to developing a deeper understanding and keeping clear memories of a work are the abysmal tables of contents produced today. Like Adler, I have noticed a seriously sad state in TOCs.
For example, the TOC for Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction goes as such*:*
When I compare Tetlock’s TOC to my copy of Aristotle’s Politics… call me a clock -- I am ticked about this TOC. Tetlock’s TOC is not useless, but it is a far cry from Adler’s ideal of a useful road map. In Tetlock’s defense, I’m sure this was an editorial decision—all popular science books are written this way now. Furthermore, while there were subheadings to each of Superforecasting’s chapters, they were not included in the TOC. I imagine this was not Tetlock’s fault. I don’t know, but my guess is that clean, minimal TOCs of exactly one page are publishers’ choice right now.
With this Table of Contents, I can tell you Chapter 1 is about Tetlock’s position. Chapter 2 is about uncertainty… no, wait, it’s about experts and his previous book Expert Political Judgement. Chapter 3 is how a scoring system works. You get the idea, but the problem with this, is that each of these chapters actually contains far more than I can quickly recall from seeing the chapter title. The subsections of each chapter would help immensely.
Benjamin Jowett’s TOC for Aristotle’s Politics stretches an immense eleven pages. Here’s the table of contents of just a part of Book 5. (For those who don’t know, in most editions of ancient works ‘Book’ is used in a way we might use Chapter, and chapters are just a few pages.)
Chapters 5—12. Revolutions in particular States, and how revolutions may be avoided.
  1. (a) In Democracies revolutions may arise from a persecution of the rich; or when a demagogue becomes a general, or when politicians compete for the favor of the mob.
  2. (b) In Oligarchies the people may rebel against oppression; ambitious oligarchs may conspire, or appeal to the people, or set up a tyrant. Oligarchies are seldom destroyed except by the feuds of their own members; unless they employ a mercenary captain who may become a tyrant.
  3. (c) In Aristocracies and Polities the injustice of the ruling class may lead to revolution, but less often in Polities. Aristocracies may also be ruined by an underprivileged class, or an ambitious man of talent. Aristocracies tend to become Oligarchies. Also they are liable to gradual dissolution; which is true of Polities as well.
  4. The best precautions against sedition are these: to avoid illegality and frauds upon the unprivileged; to maintain good feeling between rulers and ruled; to watch destructive agencies; to alter property qualifications from time to time; to let no individual or class become too powerful; not to let magistracies to be a source of gain; to beware of class-oppression.
Okay. Now this might be a bit excessive, but it is both useful before reading the work, and as a reference while in the weeds to see where the current section is going. A quick bird’s eye review of the table of contents gives the reader a context for understanding, for example, Aristotle describes Hiero of Syracuse use of secret police in Chapter 11. The TOC for 5.11 tells us that “Tyranny may rely on the traditional expedients of demoralizing and dividing its subjects” and here Hiero is an example one such tyrant, who kept his adversaries from coordinating by keeping them in fear. Astute readers easily see then how this example fits into the larger work of Book V, and even the larger vision of Politics.
Besides terse chapter titles with no subheaders, another problem one runs across in TOCs are totally coy titles. As one friend told me, “Often, even after I've read a modern nonfiction book, I can't recall what a given chapter is about from the table of contents because they all have titles like ‘The Mouse and the Octopus’ or ‘How to Play Cribbage in a Boiler Room’.” I didn’t ask, but I think he had Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder in mind:
I appreciate that Antifragile has all of its subheadings included in the TOC. Some of them are quite useful, and I remember some of the sections therein quite well. Why do I remember some of these sections quite well, but not others? I suspect that the common cause, besides the punchiness of the writing which sometimes sticks, is their descriptive quality. Some of these subheadings, however, I just have no idea about. What was “France is Messier Than You Think” about? I vaguely recall the phrase “protesting as a national sport”. (In fact, I only remember the protesting as national sport thing, because I went to look up the book or article he was referencing and couldn’t access it.) Despite a less than perfect score on the table of contents, Taleb has the redeeming quality of plainly stating the thesis of his book at the beginning and again at the end in two different formats--verbal and mathematical. That he does this clearly improves an otherwise droll book sevenfold. A clear thesis provides a framework to his soup of spiteful words, amusing descriptions, and insightful lessons.
Douglas Hofstadter, known for his tyrannical control over each aspect in the production of his books, provides a very pleasant six page Overview immediately after the two page Table of Contents in Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid. For those who have read it they will know, GEB is not really a book with a thesis, it’s an experimental work. The Overview, I think, makes that clear.
Take my word for it, though, most authors are not Douglas Hofstadter and will not try to maximize the information available to the reader for the purpose of the learning journey. So what can we do given the state of TOCs? Because most publishers prefer mystique, and the general public is willing to endure nearly useless Tables of Contents, one has an opportunity to engage with the book deeply and create your own Table of Contents at the beginning of the book on the blank page and in all that white space publisher left for you. Maybe something like this for Chapter 3 of Superforecasting:
3. Keeping Score
Ballmer’s Forecast on the iPhone – imprecise predictions can’t be assessed
a. “A Holocaust…Will Occur”
Predictions about Chernenko’s successor – hindsight bias rife among experts
b. Judging Judgments
Imprecise phrases like “very likely” and “serious possibility” – Sherman Kent’s Solution to numericize language – it was never adopted – The wrong-side-of-maybe fallacy – what calibration means -- overconfidence and underconfidence – Brier Scores
c. Meaning of The Math
Brier Score Meaning depends on the Difficulty of Predictions
d. Expert Political Judgement
EPJ Program to assess expert predictions 5- 10 years out
e. And The Results…
Ideologues did worse – hedgehog and fox distinction – prototypical hedgehog Larry Kudlow and his recession denial – Foxes are more boring than hedgehogs
f. Dragonfly Eye
Sir Francis Galton and The Wisdom of Crowds – why crowds work – foxes simulate a crowd – Richard Thaler’s Guess the Number Game – using different perspectives yields more accurate guesses – Seeing poker through the perspective of the opponent – the dichotomy is a simplification, a mere model
Obviously, you can’t make a new table of contents off of the 20 minute fling we discussed earlier. You need to have read the work at least once. But if you do choose to make your own Table of Contents after you have read the book, then you are probably well on your way to a deep understanding of its material. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. We should talk about the first full reading of a work.
Through your first reading of a difficult text it makes sense to keep a brisk pace. Your goal should be to read all the parts you can understand *at your current level of knowledge.* Even though the work may be in your native language officially, if it is the type of work which is challenging you, then you need to read it as though it is a foreign language. Look for the key repeated terms and don’t worry if you do not understand something. Don’t slow down to work out the math section which is above your level, or to look up that arcane word which has something to do with naval batteries; read everything that is in the 75% comprehensible range and above. Slow down a bit when you have to, but avoid getting bogged down. This second reading, though still superficial, should provoke you to ask all the questions you need answered to make total sense of the text next time around. At this point you can go back and build your personal table of contents and then either embark on a closer, analytical reading to make sense of the work, or do whatever it is you need to do with the text.
Perhaps the most common way for a reader to take control of a text is through note-taking. Note-taking a swamp of preferences and methods. Ideally each person uses a method which fits their context. What type of notes a reader takes should depend upon the reader’s expertise in the field AND on their purpose. This is why interactive learning platforms are so hard to create. Learners have disparate purposes and come in to a topic with different holes in their knowledge and understanding. For these same reasons, it is nonsense to say that there is a right or wrong way of taking notes in the abstract. Furthermore, some scream sacrilege about writing in books, others feel it is essential to making the book their own possession. Some prefer typing for its speed, others love baroque note-taking systems, like the Cornell method. Despite the diversity of methods and the idiosyncrasies of users, it is worth surveying five purposes of note taking and methods for going about it, so that readers can choose the method which suits their purpose best.
  1. Structural notes outline the sequence of topics covered by the work. This can be done in the margin or in a notebook. One can make a “key word outline” or key phrases. Seeing the structure should facilitate understanding the purpose of the arguments and descriptions.
  2. Substantial notes summarize the key arguments, descriptions, and examples in order. For this, one would want to identify important sentences or sections. Rewrite them, highlight them, or indicate them with a vertical line in the margin. The examples, descriptions, and specific arguments put flesh on the airy concepts and add meat to the otherwise bony structure.
  3. Conceptual notes paraphrase several takeaway ideas from the work in your own words. These are probably not written in the work itself but in a separate document.
  4. Critical notes include your emotional and intellectual responses to the key sections, core arguments, and general ideas of the work. This really should be done last. Of course, our temptation as intelligent readers is to prejudge based on what we already know. Understanding the author on his own terms is an essential goal. I have no fleshed out strategy for balancing the competing need to be both a discerning reader and a lenient judge (at least at first). More ideas welcome.
  5. Dialectical notes cross-reference passages from the work with similar or contradictory passages from other works you have read and even can cross reference previous ideas from the book in question. These notes are crucial when overviewing a broad topic and seeking to understand the shape of a wider conversation and not merely one author’s voice in it.

Note taking, I think, for most people is an annoying exercise. It requires much attention and effort and crucially takes longer than reading. Paradoxically, patience with note-taking takes time to develop, especially because it takes a long time to bear fruit. A decent rule of thumb is that the more invested a person is in mastery, the more time will be spent note-taking. While the conscientious may go overboard for fear of missing something, most need only assess to what extent they are reading for enjoyment, and then what type of notes to take becomes clear.
Marking enjoyable sentences, difficult passages, crucial arguments, and genuine insights is something one can do even when reading mostly for pleasure. Fun notes offer a sense of completion and something to show for your time.

How the Uses of Books Should Inform the Writing of Books

Books lend themselves well to use by people of all levels of expertise, from professionals to novices to dilettantes. A professional who is clued in to the larger conversation can mine through a book quickly and discover the interesting and unique insights, a novice can read slowly and digest each element of the work making notes and outlines and summaries, the dilettante can sample and read superficially, reading for pleasure sometimes and at others for a deep understanding. No group is slowed down by interspersed flashcards or interactive elements, which may be useful for some, but for others superfluous. As a medium, standard books offer significant optionality to readers, a freedom to choose when to slow down, speed up, when to stop to take notes, when to skip a section. These decisions can be be made quickly, easily, and sometimes even subconsciously. While audiobooks whisk listeners onwards for hours, books progress only at the rate of your processing. Studies on eye movement reveal the advantage of a medium which does not assume the manner in which a reader will engage with the information. Assuming we are not vetting readers for expertise, book design should offer accessibility to both professional and novice readers though they read differently. Experts navigate across the page differently and chunk information more efficiently. Despite these differences, a difficult book still should offer a gateway into a subject for the novice (learnability) and seamless navigation for the expert (discoverability).
I have formulated a few ideas explaining what publishers already do and what they should do to improve the medium further. Some of these ideas transfer to long form online articles as well, and if I put together a website this year I am now on the hook to practice what I preach, otherwise you have permission to harangue me with strongly worded emails.
Authorship 101 says that a book needs a definite and discoverable structure. We’ve already talked about this with tables of contents. However, it is important to remember as well, that reading even a detailed skeleton of a work is not the work itself. If a work is all skeleton, then there will be too much room for abstract misinterpretation or the evaporation of the ideas into meaningless platitudes; there needs to be some meat, specific arguments and examples and anecdotes. However, the ratio needs to be right. Too much meat and we rightly call it fat.
Books require cues which remind readers of their location within the conceptual territory of the work. The chapter titles and or section titles restated at the top of the page, page numbers in the bottom, or even paragraph numbers at the beginning of paragraphs (which make citing nonfiction way more convenient across platforms. This is one of the pleasant things about ancient classical works for example, Republic 514a always refers to the allegory of the cave paragraph in Plato.) these all serve to contextualize the page. Footnotes give the reader assurances while reading, and can help readers generate further inquiries quickly. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fate of Human Societies lacks footnotes and has such lackluster citations in the endnotes that I found myself growing more and more suspicious of the narratives as I read.
The Landmark History Series does everything in its power to make old historical works accessible to novice readers of classical history as well as experts. Here is the explanation of the method from the series editor, consider this whole block as though it were bold and italicized. It's that worthy of emphasis:
Text features in Landmark editions are designed to assist the reader
including side notes which are found on the outside page margin at
the beginning of the chapters into which the ancient text was divided
long ago by Alexandrian scholars. Normally, the first two lines of the
side note display the book and chapter number and the date (if known
or applicable). The third line shows the location of where the action
takes place (or in some cases, a topical title). Finally, there is a
summary description of the contents of the chapter. Each chapter
contains section numbers in square brackets, such as [2] to
mark the divisions into which scholars have traditionally divided the
text for ease of search, analysis, and discussion. Running heads are
placed on the top of each page of the book which at a glance provide
date and place and a brief summary of the action of the first complete
chapter on the page. Footnotes not only refer place-names in the text
to nearby maps, as mentioned above, but they may serve to connect
certain points in the text to other relevant sections, or to the work of
other ancient writers and poets. They also cite particular paragraphs in
the Introduction or in one or more of the appendices where the reader
will find discussion of the topics or events footnoted. On occasion, they
provide background information that does not appear in any of the
appendices. They may also point out and briefly describe some of the
major scholarly controversies over interpretation, translation, or
corruption of the text. A few explanatory footnotes are quite long and
detailed, but they contain important information which could not be
further condensed. Footnotes and map data are repeated throughout
the work to assist those who will read only selections from it, or whose
reading of the text is discontinuous.
The result of this editorial care is a historical series which is deeply informative. Twenty minutes with any book in this series always lends itself to progress in understanding. And this should be our goal when putting together written works - to make our medium serve as many readers as possible.
Other innovations can and should be developed, especially for presenting long essays online. Gwern’s long essays are probably the best I have seen formatting wise. Wikipedia is acceptable. The New Yorker’s website does a poor job providing a sense of place to the reader. Audiobooks are necessarily abysmal (frequently Audible does not even include the subsections or chapter titles in their navigation pane). But when it comes to the physical book the Landmark Series is the best I know.

Realist History in one beautiful volume
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2019.08.03 22:11 jud34 Divide et Impera 1.2.5 and Alexander Campaign Released!

Divide et Impera 1.2.5 Released!
--> Download Thread <--
After months of work and lots of great feedback from the community, we are proud to present the latest major update for Divide et Impera! This release includes multiple major overhauls for various factions, visual updates for hundreds of older units to bring them up to speed with newer assets, a new playable faction, new campaign features and an entirely new scenario submod - Alexander!
This update is save compatible. Both parts of the standalone have been updated! The Steam version will be updated as well.
Patch Notes (Preview Video)
New Scenario Submod Campaign - Alexander! (Download Thread)
Cimbri Overhaul & Playable Faction (Preview)
Ardiaei Overhaul (Preview)
Medewi Overhaul (Preview)
Sparta & Pergamon Visual Overhaul (Preview)
Miscellaneous Unit Changes
New Faction Traits
Added Resource
New Special Capital
Population System Changes
Battle Changes/Fixes
Balancing Changes/Fixes
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2019.06.14 17:53 TerrysApplianceSvc I started an appliance repair business after retiring from 30 years in it. Any interest in hearing about how I automated daily operations?

Title should be IT not it.
So here goes . . .
If this is too "rambling" I apologize in advance.
I do think there's a place for this type of thing though because most posts I run into online are just complete nonsense about how to be a millionaire with no work.
The Website
The first thing I did was build a website because I needed to jump-start my customer base and Google is the place to do it.
I used WordPress for the website because it's really quick and easy to get started and there are a ton of free templates (themes) available so you can find pretty much whatever you like without needing to pay for design work. There's nothing wrong with paying for design work, but I had only saved up about 6 months cash from my previous employer and was being very careful to not burn any that wasn't absolutely necessary.
It's hosted at because they have an extremely solid infrastructure and it's not too expensive. Also when you rent an instance, you get dedicated "everything." I don't share my bandwidth or CPU with any other customer, which keeps my site both fast and predictable. I also don't have to worry about hackers that broke though from another website on the same host because there aren't any other websites.
The site is:
NB: Since I'm local and Reddit is international, I don't think anybody will mind me posting the link, since it doesn't actually get me anything if you're more than 30 minutes outside of Syracuse NY.
Why it looks boring
If you look at the site, you'll note that it's plain-looking. This is intentional because it's primary purpose is to take service calls from mobile devices, not look pretty. "Pretty" is distracting on a small screen, increases load time and gives the customer too many things to think about. Every page the user has to read and every button or link they click is a chance to wander off somewhere else and not come back, so I put the sign-up form right there on the home-page.
A little web log analysis early on found that more than 3/4 of my users were mobile, so the site is built from the ground up for mobile. It still looks nice on desktop, but was really built for "mobile first".
The site gets a 100 in Google Page Speed, which makes Google happy, but more importantly means that the site pops up immediately on a phone, even in a bad reception area. It also resizes property so it's easy to use on both a giant Samsung Galaxy and a tiny 5 year HTC.
Note that while this is a bit of a humble brag, I really can't emphasize enough that users want reassurance and an easy way to get the stuff fixed. I've beaten the hell out of the website for months to arrive at this. I don't ask a single question that isn't actually needed to handle their call, and have stolen shamelessly from from extremely successful websites for the order of operations, for what they see and when.
The form fields are laid out based on what the customer wants, not what I want.
It works great for me, but my stuff is all done on the back end. From the public view, it asks only what it needs to setup the call, and asks the questions in the order that the customer is thinking of them.
The first thing I do is tell them what days are available, so right off the bat they know they don't need to wait a week for someone to show up. A customer with a freezer full of thawing burgers wants to know "how fast can someone be here".
Putting a date right up on the top of the page that's generally "Today" or "Tomorrow" puts them at ease.
Also, I actually use the words "Today" and "Tomorrow" because a lot of people don't actually know the date and I want to eliminate any unnecessary thinking. This isn't an insult to the customers. Many people really aren't sure what the current date is, and if they have to go off and look, many won't make it back, which costs me money in lost calls.
Then I ask "what's broken and what day and time would you like me to fix it ?"
The "time" thing is is huge.
Nobody gives exact appointments. Everybody else in the area will say "morning" or "afternoon." I give actual times.
I also realize that people have jobs and can't just take off because the refrigerator is broken, so I offer late calls which lets people get service without taking vacation time. This ends up being way less than 10% of my calls, and I don't mind doing it, but the customers really love having the option even if they don't take it.
Next down the page is "what's broken" It's an unlimited size field because some people want to write a lot, and it's always annoying when a computer cuts off a human because "too many characters" so I don't do it. Want to write "refrigerator dead" that's fine! Want to write a novel about everything you did and checked? That's fine too!
Computers should make life easy for humans. Not the other way around.
The very last thing is "name and address" and a "schedule your service call" button. It doesn't look too exciting from the outside. But this is when the magic starts. 8-)
Now for the chewy nougat-y center! 8-)
First, all this functionality was added over time because I saw a need. It wasn't an "all at once" thing.
When the user clicks "OK" . . .
No more drives across town to find an address that doesn't exist
  • I validate the address against the USPS address database using web API (free for low usage) to make sure that it's both valid and a physical address with a house on it.
This came about because over the last few months I had started getting bad addresses on the website.
They weren't specific enough, for example: "Smith St" with no house number, or "8 Smith St." when the house numbers started at 100.
In a few cases, the city was listed as Syracuse even though it was actually 50+ miles away, because the homeowner couldn't get anybody to come out and thought I wouldn't notice.
If the address isn't a valid, deliverable single family home or duplex, where the address is real and the city and zipcode all match, they get a message to call to setup the appointment.
No more surprise drives off into the Finger Lakes
Once the data gets past this point, I know that at the very least, it's a place that it's possible to drive to.
  • Next is the Google Maps API. This is also free for low usage.
I had been using the Great Circle calculation to see how far away the calls were. This gives you the straight line distance. Unfortunately, I had started to get calls that were "only 17 miles away" but because of geography were an hour drive each way. Using the Google Maps API I get the actual drive time and reject calls that are more than 15 miles or 25 minutes away.
Keeping a tight service area is a huge business advantage. Driving is doubly expensive because it costs more than $0.50/mile just to drive, and drive time isn't billable. Also, driving way out somewhere means I also have to drive back, so it's actually double.
Keeping a small service area means I don't get quite as many calls, but the calls I get are clearly good business.
This is another case where data = money.
Once the call gets past the USPS database and Google's route check, it's "valid enough"
This is where things really start to happen.
  • The website tells the customer what the diagnostic fee is, explains that they owe it regardless of whether or not they want to fix the appliance, and tells them to click the "agree" button if they're OK with it. If they don't click, no harm, no foul.
  • If they do click OK, it adds it to my call database, along with the information collected on the form and marks off the time-slots as unavailable on the website and in my schedule.
  • Creates a google calendar event that contains the map address and links for "call started", "call ended" and a few others, which makes it show up on the calendar on my phone
  • Creates a new customer in InvoiceNinja (my invoicing software) - free if you host it yourself or cheap if IN hosts it.
  • Pre-loads the invoice with the customer information and service call charges from the web form
  • Texts me that I have a new call
When it's time to drive to the call, I open my calendar, tap the map link, and the nav system in my RAV4 navigates me to the call.
Other misc. items.
  • I take cash, check, credit cards, google pay and apple pay and use "Paypal Here" for the last 4. They're absolutely flawless and their rates are 100% predictable, and I get paid immediately. For all the horror stories about Paypal, if you process an actual chip card, in person, at the customer's home and get a signature, they never give me any trouble at all. I've never had a more friction-less banking arrangement.
Upcoming changes:
  • I'm just finishing the code to show people time-slots based on the drive time from the last call. I have been leaving a bunch of slack, but I can improve profits by knowing the actual drive time and tightening up the interval between calls as appropriate to the drive time.
  • I capture the call start and end times on the phone, but don't currently use this for billing. I plan on making the "end time" button calculate the labor charges and add it to the bill.
I'm probably leaving out a bunch of stuff. If you have any questions, speak up!
PS. A couple of people have asked about making this available somehow.
I'm happy to help other small businesses that don't directly compete with me, but it will take a bit of thought on how to do this. Right now, the software is setup for single user, and it's not really in a form that I could package and send to people.
The post is really about how automation can help your business.
If you know any developers, none of this is really difficult. The hardest part was in locating the various resources and figuring out how to integrate them into the workflow.
If anybody wants a hand with any specific integrations, I'm happy to help.
I neglected to mention why I wanted all this technology.
It's because without it, I would need to hire someone to answer the phones, take the service calls and call me to confirm each one.
This costs money, loses efficiency, and disconnects the customer from the a aolable time slot data, making it much more frustrating for the customer and gives a bigger chance of losing the job.
With all this technology, the customer gets direct access to my calendar, can pick the exact day and time they want, and get immediate confirmation that they have the appointment they want and that I will be there.
This is a huge competitive advantage since most of the other places either have people answering the phones that really can't tell the customer anything, or they use an answering machine.
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2019.06.07 16:30 goblue10 2019 Wiki Project - Liberty

The wiki for Liberty has been updated, and can be permanently viewed at /CFB/wiki/liberty. Here are some new highlights:

2019 Preview

In 2018, the Liberty Flames made their FBS debut as an independent, and posted a decent 6-6 record under long time head coach Turner Gill. However, his immediate retirement at the end of 2018 opened the door for Hugh Freeze to take to the sidelines. The former Ole Miss Head Coach and massage parlor enthusiast arrives not without scandal, but seems to fit the Flames' needs with his recruiting ability and evangelical overtones. In 2019, Liberty looks for its first winning season in the FBS.
Along with Freeze came new co-OCs Maurice Harris, a long time assistant of Freeze, and Kent Austin, who dabbled as an ineffective head coach at Cornell and in the CFL. What does a Hugh Freeze offense and CFL style football have in common? It’s all about the passing game. Expect to see the Flames stretch the field. Liberty returns a strong receiving core in star WR Antonio Gandy-Golden, DJ Stubbs, and Damian King. CJ Yarbrough, a 3* freshman and TE Johnny Huntley, a transfer from Colorado, could also be in the mix as reliable receiving options. Stephen Calvert returns at QB after posting a decent start last season, although struggling a bit in his last few games. If Calvert can connect on more of his passes, the Flames' aerial attack should be strong and efficient. Liberty returns all five members of last season's solid O-line. Veterans Frankie Hickson and Peytton Pickett add speed to the running game, and RS freshman RB Frank Boyd could have an explosive season on the ground as well after performing well in the spring. Anticipate the Flames putting up a Hugh Freeze-ian number of points on their opponents this coming season.
The Flames severely lacked a competent defense last season, allowing 40+ points seven times. Now Liberty will operate under new management, including lauded FCS DC Scott Symons. Accompanying Symons are new D-line and cornerbacks coaches from Symons' previous stint at West Georgia University. Despite their credentials, the Flames may struggle to find talented players. At the end of 2018, Liberty lost DE Juwan Wells and DT Tolen Avery. Three JUCO tackles will join the team, two of which are 3* players. Like last season, Liberty will task DE Jessie Lemonier with leading a struggling line and middle LB Solomon Ajayi with cleaning up D-line messes. The Flames return both safeties Elijah Benton and Isaac Steele along with corner Bejour Wilson. Star recruit Tayvion Land and a few JUCO corners will strengthen the team as well. If the new coaching staff can find a way to stop the run, or at least hamper the run, this will prove a marked improvement from the 2018 season.
Liberty opens its season with a tough Syracuse game and ends with four of its last five games on the road. For the second year in a row, the Flames will play New Mexico State twice. With the new coaching staff, Liberty should improve on offense and looks to be competitive, even with a difficult schedule. If the defense holds its own, Liberty may be bowl eligible. The Hugh Freeze experiment seems to make sense. Was the jump to FBS worth it? According to Liberty, only God knows.

2018 Season

Record: 6-6
Coach: Turner Gill
2018 Roster
Key Players: Stephen Calvert, Soloman Ajayi, Antonio Gandy-Golden
Date Opponent Location Time TV Score
09/01/18 Old Dominion Old Dominion Lynchburg, VA 6:00 pm ESPN3 W 52-10
09/08/18 @ Army Army West Point, NY 12:00 pm CBSSN L 38-14
09/22/18 North Texas North Texas Lynchburg, VA 6:00 pm ESPN3 L 47-7
09/29/18 @ New Mexico New Mexico Albequerque, NM 6:00 pm W 52-43
10/06/18 @ New Mexico State New Mexico State Las Cruces, NM 8:00 pm Aggie Vision L 49-41
10/13/18 Troy Troy Lynchburg, VA 2:00 pm ESPN3 W 22-16
10/20/18 Idaho State Idaho State Lynchburg, VA 2:00 pm ESPN3 W 48-41
11/03/18 @ UMass UMass Hadley, MA 3:30 pm ELVN L 62-59 (3 OT)
11/10/18 @ Virginia Virginia Charlottesville, VA 3:00 pm ACCRSN L 45-24
11/17/18 @ Auburn Auburn Auburn, AL 4:00 pm SECN Alternate L 53-0
11/24/18 New Mexico State New Mexico State Lynchburg, VA 2:00 pm ESPN3 W 28-21
12/01/18 Norfolk State Norfolk State Lynchburg, VA 2:00 pm ESPN3 W 52-17
And now for the open-ended interview! This year we're going to talk about Gameday experience, and anyone is welcome to answer these questions in the comments.
  1. What is the best place to eat at during game day?
  2. What is the best place to drink at during game day?
  3. Where is the best place to take a photo on campus/around the stadium?
  4. What landmark(s) do people need to visit when seeing your school?
  5. What traditions are of utmost importance during game day?
  6. If someone were to visit your campus during one rivalry game, what game should it be and why does it make your team's atmosphere amplified?
  7. What random trivia fact do most people not know about your school?
  8. Where are the best places to park around your team's stadium on gameday?
  9. What chants or cheers should visiting fans be familiar with at your school?
  10. How long is the daily gameday experience at your school? Are there major events or experiences before/afterward to keep in mind?
The top contributions from this thread may be awarded with the vaunted /CFB Contributor Award flair! Quality material from this thread will be compiled by our /CFB Wiki Editors and will be accessible to view.
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